Sad event on Brilliance Oct 17th cruising...

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I thought someone would have posted this by now, but maybe I've just missed it. We had sad event on our 3rd night (I think) out of Barcelona on the Brilliance. We had left Livorno, Italy and at about 11:30 at night the captain came on to the speakers asking all passengers to gather at their assigned muster stations without lifeboats. A passenger had reported a large splash in the water and they weren't sure whether it was a person or an object. But they needed to account for all crew and passengers via a roll call basically. The ship was turned around and returned to the area where it happened. It took 2 hours at our muster stations before all passengers were accounted for. One employee was missing. Passengers were allowed back to their business, but the ship was going to stay and search the waters. The next morning we were told that the ship had stayed in the area all night and had been joined by other ships in the search for the missing crewmember. However, they were giving up the search and proceeding on. We skipped Mykonos and proceeded to Santorini with an extra sea day since we lost too much time on the search. Later in the cruise, the captain told us that they had found a note indicating the crewmembers intent to kill himself. Thru crewmembers, the story was that he had just joined the crew (his first cruise) and was working with his wife on board. It appears that there was a love triangle situation of some sort (stories varied depending on who you talked to). It was sad and provided a little weirdness to the otherwise great trip.
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I am sure this put a damper on the Cruise for all passengers and yourself. So sad that the crewmember felt hopeless and decided to take his own life.
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Sad, I had not heard of this story, but others with the same type of senerio.
Prayers to the family members.

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I was also on that ship as well. In fact I heard him go and the people about 5 rooms down saw him go. It is a very sad situatuions and although the stories differ a bit they all involve his wife cheating on him. As sad as this is it put a real sadness on the cruise for me as well. Pale in comparison to him jumping but in it's own right sad for me. I had been to Mykonos 33 years ago in the navy. I had always wanted to go back and see it again. I had told my wife of this island for years and it was just a dream to go back. Well when I had the chance I booked it so we could actually share this island and I could share my dream. Well when he jumped my dream ended and thus the chance to share that dream with my wife. Yes it was a great cruise and we still had fun. There is nothing I can do to change the events of that night. The only saving grace was santorini. It is a lot like Mykonos so she was able to get the idea of what she had missed. Unfortunately he is gone forever.