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  1. PhoenixCruiser

    Bringing the grandchildren

    Our two year old great neice had a passport for our family cruise last August.
  2. PhoenixCruiser

    Interested in a Live report?

    Yes! I think people are reading just maybe not posting.
  3. Really enjoying your review and pictures! Did you answer what type of camera you use? If you did, sorry for the repeat.
  4. PhoenixCruiser

    How's Serenade?

    The suites were renovated during the 2017 dry dock and look fantastic. We have not been able to determine if the JSs and other cabins have been updated.
  5. PhoenixCruiser

    Serenade - View from Specialty Restaurants?

    That is an excellent price! Can't help with the view, but we had a table for two on the port side in Chops.
  6. Interesting, thanks for this, it helps me plan our meals! My husband is allergic to shellfish so I was actually ruling this restaurant out. Really enjoyed your review MrFun, thanks 🙂
  7. Enjoying your review! Your pictures are the perfect size for me as well. Thanks
  8. Same here! Our cruise leaves three weeks from yesterday and we will be spending a lot of time in Playmakers, especially during the football games. Thanks again Twangster
  9. PhoenixCruiser


    With the app it was just so convenient to quickly check the threads and post. Now you have to wait for the page to load and God forbid you accidently click on a wrong link when using a tablet or phone. It is just too time consuming and not user friendly. When using a laptop users can easily see the benefits of the changes.
  10. PhoenixCruiser

    Summit or HAL

    Thank you so much for the suite details! We just upgraded our Summit cruise to a Sky Suite ⚓😀
  11. PhoenixCruiser

    How long should a drink package refund take?

    Mine took about three weeks, not sure why
  12. PhoenixCruiser

    Deployment 2020-21 booking season begins

    Last year on the Serenade we were in a grand suite after the dry-dock and they were all updated - does anyone know if they have since updated the JSs and regular balcony cabins?
  13. PhoenixCruiser

    2020-2021 roll outs?

    If only there was a long detailed thread regarding 2020-21 deployments 😅
  14. The grilled cheese actually looks really good.
  15. PhoenixCruiser

    Luggage direct to airport

    You also need to determine if your airline participates.