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Durban: Top Spot for 2020 Visit??!!


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From Travel and Leisure magazine yesterday, they had this headline: “50 Best Places to Travel in 2020” with spotlighted attention as a top option for: Durban.  T+L rates these top areas as "must-visit vacation destinations, and with something to suit every interest — food, shopping, culture, history, and nature."


Here are some of the story highlights:   "Despite a thriving food scene and tropical beaches, Durban has always lurked in the shadows of Cape Town and Johannesburg. But with the unveiling of Durban’s new seaside promenade, part of a $2.5 billion development designed to rejuvenate the waterfront area, the city is becoming South Africa’s next cultural and coastal getaway to watch. Dubbed the ‘Golden Mile’, the shiny 3.7 mile strip, which is an ongoing development over the next 15 years, will flaunt glistening buildings with apartments, shops, a hotel, and public hangout spaces, plus a hotly anticipated new cruise terminal, which began construction in late 2019 and is set to open in 2021. Beyond the shiny waterfront, the city’s food scene, which is rooted in South Asian cuisine due to the substantial Indian community, thrives. Street food dishes are a must: look for bunny chow (a hollowed out bread loaf filled with curry) at CaneCutters and lemony pieces of chicken and slap chips (fries doused in vinegar) from Afro’s Chicken. Another key stop: A trip to the newly relocated African Art Centre for clay pots and beaded baskets." 


Glad that we enjoyed Durban in 2016 and gained a small sampling of these various sights in South Africa.  Might post later more details and pictures for what we did in and around Durban during that trip.  Or, you can check below my live/blog for what we saw and did along the South Africa coast.  


Full story at:



THANKS!  Enjoy!  Terry in Ohio


AFRICA?!!?: Fun, interesting visuals, plus travel details from this early 2016 live/blog. At 47,865 views. Featuring Cape Town, South Africa’s coast, Mozambique, Victoria Falls/Zambia and Botswana's famed Okavango Delta. 


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We left the Natal South coast 23 years ago to move to Australia, and will be going back in April to join a cruise out of Durban. Cant wait to see how things have changed in those years


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6 hours ago, EssG said:

We left the Natal South coast 23 years ago to move to Australia, and will be going back in April to join a cruise out of Durban. Cant wait to see how things have changed in those years


Appreciate these above great comments and follow-up. I hope that after your April visit back to Durban that you do a posting here on the CC Boards about your impressions, insights, tips, suggestions, etc.  


Below are a few of my visuals from what we did near, around and in Durban in early 2016.  More visuals and details are on the full live/blog that is linked in the original posting.  


THANKS!  Enjoy!  Terry in Ohio



From late 2018, see “Holy Lands, Egypt, Jordan, Oman, Dubai, Greece, etc.”, with many visuals, details and ideas for the historic and scenic Middle East. Now at 16,770 views.  Connect at:



As we headed about 90 minutes northwest of Durban, our first stop was at the Nelson Mandela Capture Site. This history dates back to 1962 and started the “process” for his trial, conviction and starting his 27 years in prison. But that was BEFORE his release, starting his “Long Walk to Freedom” and then becoming South Africa’s first President under its new rules for democracy. A new museum is being built there. The second picture shows that uniquely-designed sculpture placed here. From most angles, it just looks like various rods rising in the air. BUT, when seen from the right location, this crafting reveals a striking and very creative visual image of Nelson Mandela. There were a number of high schoolers visiting at this site and several asked me to take their picture. My second picture shows that result at this very moving and significant site for South African history.:

(Open your screen/viewer wider to see these pictures larger/better!)




Our next highlight from the “Midland Meandor” region was to visit and tour the Ardmore Pottery that relies upon Zulu design, style and traditions using more modern techniques for firing and finishing. You can see the results from this hand-crafting and how the hand-painting work that is done by these artists. Amazing!!:







We had lunch at the Caversham Mill in this traditional “English-countryside” region of South Africa that has such rolling hills and natural beauty. Here was the view from our dining table towards the water fall, old bridge, etc. We had a great lunch and discussions with our guide-driver, China Jafta. He grew up and still lives in one of the historic townships of Dubran. This township was were Gandhi lived and practiced law. Many other community leaders have come from that township and his insights about life and the future for South Africa were very helpful and interesting to us.:



When we returned to Durban, here is one of the overviews of the main town, including their new stadium that was built for hosting part of the 2010 World Cup Championships. We were very impressed with Durban, its growth and development, its energy and options.:


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Below are a few more of my visuals from our 2016 visit to Durban and nearby.  More on the full live/blog that was linked in the original posting.  


THANKS!  Enjoy!  Terry in Ohio


Sydney to NZ/Auckland Adventure, live/blog 2014 sampling/details with many exciting visuals and key highlights.  On page 23, post #571, see a complete index for all of the pictures, postings.  Now at 226,621 views.



Here are a few highlights from our touring around Durban. This includes its large and impressive City hall. Second is an example of its long and significant beaches in the town that are a part of its “resort” attraction to visitors. Third, Durban has lots and lots of markets, many run by its large and significant Asian-Indian population who first came here to work the sugar cane fields. This visual shows just one of the many shops there.:

(Open your screen/viewer wider to see these pictures larger/better!)







Durban has the largest harbor/shipping operation in all of South Africa. Below is just one example of that busy activity there. Second is view of their main city skyline from the top deck of our Silver Cloud ship before doing our sail-away.:





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18 hours ago, geri said:

The information in these posts have been extremely helpful.  Thank You!


Super appreciate these above very nice comments and the kind follow-ups from Geri and EssG.  We will be heading "down under" near to Australia and EssG in just three week.  Our destination will be for doing New Zealand's North Island more in-depth after our first there in 2014.  Plus, then will be an exploring of many exotic South Pacific islands on the Oceania Regatta.  See the graphic below. Will do a live/blog on the Oceania CC Board for this upcoming trip.  Any tips, suggestions and secrets for exploring in these areas?  Below is a link to our late summer 2019 adventure in western Canada, Alaska, etc. 


THANKS!  Enjoy!  Terry in Ohio


Recently completed Calgary, Jasper/Banff National Parks, Western Canada Rocky Mountaineer rail adventure, Vancouver, sailing up to Alaska, post-cruise excursion to Denali, etc.  Lots of visuals and details from our first visits to these scenic areas!!  That live/blog is at: 



Or, you could simply do a quick Google search with these terms: 

Live Terry/Ohio Muse Alaska


Below is a graphic for our trip coming up soon in February 2020.  Need to escape the Midwest winter cold!!  Sunshine can be fun and refreshing??!!:

(Open your screen/viewer wider to see these pictures larger/better!)


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