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Pacific Sun Info to avoid wasting $$$$$


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Having recently returned from a 10 night cruise on pacific sun the following is some information most relevent to groups. We were a group of 10 over three cabins - all girls!!!


Take a power board there is only one single power point and not one in the bathroom, we had one with a long cord which could stretch into the bathroom for hair irons, curlers and dryers, you also want this to be able to charge things - phones, batteries etc.


The laundry only accepts $1 coins, it $1 per load of washing (30min) $1 per dryer (45mins) There are about 6 irons in there at no charge - the washing powder is that awful (brite) take some with you.


You CAN NOT buy lighters or matches on board and amongst the smokers they become like gold - ciggarettes are $5.50 a packet at all the bars.


basic spirit is $3

glass of wine $5

bottle of wine at dinner about $25

(They will keep it for you if you dont drink it all for the next night)


We took on quite a bit of alcohol there was no checking of this at all. We drank this in our rooms while getting ready as you can not get drinks brought to your cabin.


Room service is very cheap club sandwich about $4.00 and fries $3.00 with a $3.00 delivery charge.


Three girls got sick and spent a lot of time in the cabin, there are movies played 24hours 3 different ones a day, fairly late release - proof, crash etc.


Take some magazines they can not be bought on board its nice to flip through when you are not concentrating enough to read - we only had 2 or 3 and they were well read.


DO take formal clothes everyone really does dress up - but the themed nights are a bit naff except for the tropicana that was ok - but no need to take elaborate costumes.


Internet costs $15.00 for 60minutes, fairly good, like dial up connection speed.


The second sitting in dinner is better as the first one is way to early - Its more for families and more mature people.


On the way out they did not heck our level of duty free items at all - The perfume is not worth buying as is cheaper these days here, but makeup, smokes and alcohol is cheap.


Take some asprin and cough medicine, One girl needed some it can not be bought on board so you have to go to the doctor all up it cost her $200 - $55.00 for 30ml of cough syrup, take it just in case.


The small islands are really nice - Noumea is Not! If you are going to do a tour the action type ones are best, the city highlights etc is a rip off at $50.00, when you get off you can buy a ticket for the exact same one for $15.00 P&O try to make you think its very hard to get on ITS NOT - but it is worth booking the action ones early.


Take a small bag to use at night to hold your cruise card etc.


They are constantly taking your photo - the price of these range between $13.00 and $20.00 dont go mad first up wait owards the end and pick out the ones you like.


Thats all I can think of, but let me know if you want to know anything specific, cheers

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Hi MaxMoonie, Thanks for the info, I'm just checking through the posts to see if there is anything I've missed, got to go put some $1 coins aside.

Power board is in.

Just a couple of questions though, How were you off for coat hangers?

And the temperate in not only the cabins but in the restaurant and showroom, is it icy cold or just right? Bit hard that one I guess as each to his own taste, but just a thought.



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We just came back from the same 10 day cruise... All the above that maxmoonie said is right. Though if you are going to wash get to the laudrette at 7.45am to be the first otherwise you will be waiting for a free machine.

Coat hangers were plentiful in our cabin and I am sure if you asked for some they will get it for you.

As well as internet connection you can buy a phone card for $20 or $30 you have to have the right notes for this, and you can ring home etc from your room.

If you want to ring your room, you can from any phone on the ship, you just dial your floor number then your room number. So if you are on Upper Deck this is floor 6 and cabin number 126 so you dial 6126 or if you are cabin 48 you dial 6048. Great to know if you become separated or someone is sleeping in or to catch up with people you meet on board.

Breathless....(see my Marooned thread)

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maxmoonie and breathless4- thanks for you tips. Do you know if you want to do the Petite Train can you just get of ship and pay them? If so are Aust dollars ok? Glad you had a good time. sue

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