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  1. I volunteered by email with Carnival, Holland America, and Princess to be a tester, and through the Royal Caribbean web page seeking volunteers, and never heard anything from any of them. Has anyone who applied through the Royal Caribbean web page been contacted? I now doubt that "test cruises" will be happening, in spite of all the hype in the news. I have been packed and ready for my test cruise for 2 months now. Anyone booking a cruise now for any date in the future, must be nuts.. LOL
  2. I sent an email to my Princess Cruise Consultant yesterday, asking to be a volunteer. I live in Florida and am retired and can drive to any port in Florida, and be ready to board with about 5 hours advanced notice. My bag is packed and is in my car in case I get the call to show up. I'm ready now.. all I need is the call.
  3. Same for me.. I sent an email today asking to be in the pool of volunteers.. ready to go.. bag is packed and in the car.. I'm two hours from port as well.
  4. Roughly a month ago, I started the news topic "Carnival Liberty is underway this morning". I still follow the movements of Carnival Liberty every morning, but since the ship became and continues to be unavailable for booking for November departures on the Carnival web site, I have now also started following the movements of Mariner of the Seas. As of this morning, Mariner of the Seas is still available for booking for the November 2 embarkation from Port Canaveral on the Royal Caribbean web site. Both Carnival Liberty and Mariner of the Seas have been scheduled to leave from Port Canaveral
  5. Carnival Liberty is back at anchor this morning, but I just noticed on the Carnival Web site right now that I can no longer book a November cruise on Liberty, nor any of the other Carnival ships that as of yesterday were bookable out of Miami or Port Canaveral. I didn't see any announcement that Carnival has canceled the November cruises out of of the two Florida Ports. Maybe there will be more news later today.
  6. Carnival Liberty is making another exercising loop this morning.. still waiting to see her heading to Port Canaveral. https://www.cruisemapper.com/?imo=9278181
  7. Carnival Liberty made another exercising loop this morning, this time with a brief stop in Freeport.. a chance to pick up supplies, food, mail, and make crew changes.... https://www.cruisemapper.com/?imo=9278181
  8. As of this moment, Carnival hasn't canceled Conquest from Miami, and Liberty from Port Canaveral for November, so the answer to the question asked in the title of this thread is "no". I understand that the situation may change at any minute, and the November cruises may be canceled, but the title of the thread and the cancellations in the first post, while factually accurate, don't support the headline. Sort of like "fake news".. report the facts with an erroneous headline.
  9. Freedom, Sunshine, Ecstasy, Paradise exercising this morning. I was thinking that the ships that are exercising are the ones still scheduled for November departures, but now I see Carnival is just exercising the whole fleet that has been anchored in the Bahamas. It's my understanding that Paradise, for example, has already canceled fall and winter cruises from Tampa.
  10. Carnival Horizon (Miami, November 8 ) is either making an exercising loop this morning, or is heading to Miami. Cruisemapper shows the destination to be Miami.
  11. If there is a representative from the cruise line present on the call, I like to hear what might be considered inside information, rather than a sales pitch or information about future cruise destinations. Example questions I'd like to see asked are questions like, "What are the plans for getting the cruise staff back on the ships?" "Will they be picked up by ship at a central location in the Philippines or elsewhere, or will they be flown directly to the location of the next departure?" "When will the crew re-staffing begin or is it already underway?" I'd like to hear that from Carnival a
  12. Carnival Legend (Tampa, November) is making an exercising loop today, with a stop in Freeport mid-loop. Carnival Sensation (Mobile, Nov 5) is making another exercising loop this morning as well. Carnival Vista (Galveston, November) is also making a loop with a stop in Freeport mid-loop. Carnival Sunrise (Miami, November 2) is also making an exercising loop this morning.
  13. Because when I see the Liberty moving toward Cape Canaveral, I will book the November 2 or the next available cruise on it.
  14. Please see my post in the news section about Carnival ships now moving around at: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2760334-carnival-liberty-is-underway-this-morning/
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