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  1. Carnival Magic has 4 and 5 day cruises out of Port Canaveral during August and September. Carnival Sunrise has the same out of Miami.
  2. I couldn't log on all afternoon and evening yesterday, but this morning, I was able to log on and complete the survey.
  3. worked for me.. I can see an $10 OBC, and that my Stockholder credit is not there yet.. thanks Moviela
  4. Here is her latest photo from the Carnival web site:
  5. Carnival and others have stops in Bimini in their 2021 summer sailings from Florida. Any news indicating if they will be using the new cruise port described in the link?
  6. The selfish will stay away from the first cruises, as their concerns are all about themselves and their comfort and enjoyment, while the rest will be generous pathfinders who don't mind taking one for the team.
  7. Not me.. with the extended balcony, everyone in the balconies above you can see into your balcony.. no privacy at all.. I once got a free upgrade on Crown Princess from a balcony to a mini-suite, and after that, I specifically asked for no upgrades on that class of ship.
  8. The only way to not find covid on cruise ships is to stop testing. They don't test people leaving the supermarket near your house, so no covid is reported in there. Vaccinated or not, there will be cases found when testing is done no matter where. Have a look at this article from Wikipedia about the 1918 Spanish flu epidemic. It ended without vaccinations. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spanish_flu Two new cases of covid being reported isn't worth talking about. If you aren't vaccinated or haven't already had covid and don't need to be vaccinated, and are sti
  9. I haven't received mine, and I will be very disappointed if it turns out that Royal Caribbean just used the volunteer signup system and all of us in a negotiation scheme to show the government that there were 100,000+ volunteers signed up when Royal had no intention of using any of the signups as actual volunteers. Has anyone who signed up to volunteer for the test cruise received an invitation from Royal Caribbean to be a part of the test cruise? Some time ago, I started a roll call for the cruise. It is at: Roll Call for Volunteer Test Cruise and it has no p
  10. I never sailed with NCL, but am Elite with Princess. My reason for choosing Princess over NCL comes down to the ability to choose exact flights with Princess Air, but having to just take what you get with NCL Air. Maybe this has changed, if so, let me know.
  11. Yet you both probably go to the supermarket every day with a mix of anti-vaxers and anti-maskers all around you. Your decision not to cruise is much appreciated.. that makes more room for real cruisers now as the posers show their colors. By now, most everyone in the US has been exposed to covid. You either had no symptoms, mild symptoms, bad symptoms or died. A covid outbreak on a cruise ship is different now than a year ago. It hardly makes a difference now if you disembark more covid cases into Florida. The only way to not have covid on board is not to test for it, just like Walmart a
  12. The Governor is just enforcing Florida State law. Your complaint should be with the Florida Legislature, not the Governor. Asking him to not enforce the law is like asking the government agents on the southern border not to enforce Federal law. Once lawbreaking by government becomes common, what's the purpose of laws?
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