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  1. Start here, and scroll down to Day 5 if you are only interested in Bimini.: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2785688-carnival-magic-august-7-2021/page/3/
  2. I am on the same cruise and booked online without a travel agent. I received an email on 8/20/2021 directly from MSC with a .pdf attachment with my 19 pages of cruise documentation.
  3. Thanks for your quick reply.. much appreciated. That menu looks fine.. it's not really about the food in my case, I am mainly looking for a quiet table for two for dinner. Really any food will do, but I can see plenty of choices I like on that menu.
  4. I am a new Diamond, and would appreciated knowing how to collect the perk (free Tasting Menu Dinner for two, ) at the Steakhouse. First, what is the Tasting Menu? Second, do I buy the experience online before the cruise, and not be charged for it, or do I book it in person at the Steakhouse once I am on board? I would like to have a nice steak dinner for two on the only Gala Night on my upcoming cruise on Divina. Any info or tips would be appreciated.
  5. How hard is for someone who received the text to post the contents of it here.. this topic is just one big tease.... LOL
  6. Carnival Magic just left Bimini a few hours ago. As far as I could tell, everything was open. Please read my trip report at: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2785688-carnival-magic-august-7-2021 The report from Bimini is at the end of page 3, and includes 36 pictures and current information.
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    At Bimini, you can beat the tram to the end of the pier if you walk at a moderate pace, but it is a pretty long pier. Alternatively, you can ride the tram, and I think the first stop will be close to plenty of golf cart rentals. You can't walk the beach to get to Sue and Joy's. Their shop is a block or two off the beach and you would have to walk through private yards. I was just walking the sidewalk by the main road. It is a five minute walk from the pier to Sue and Joy's.
  8. vintagegarage


    If you haven't been following the trip reports form Carnival Magic, August 7, 2021, today we were in Bimini. The last page in the Roll Call topic has three dozen photos from Bimini today and information about Bimini. Please have a look at: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2785688-carnival-magic-august-7-2021 Page 2 has some information about embarkation and the first sea day. Page 3 covers Half Moon Cay, Nassau, and then Bimini at the end.
  9. We just passed the Mardi Gras 20 minutes ago as we left Port Canaveral on the Carnival Magic.. a lot of waving back and forth between the two ships, and a lot of horn blowing...
  10. I received the same email and got up early this morning to enter my information. I got as far as the choice of sailings screen and would have chosen Mariner of the Seas on August 11, but if all goes as planned, I should be on the Carnival Magic that day, in or around Bimini... drat. September 18, I should be on MSC Divina's first cruise that I have already booked, double drat! New Jersey is a bit far for me to drive.. tripple drat! .. I bailed out of the contest at that point and didn't complete my entry.
  11. I was going to ask who John H is, but i see by reading the thread that he is a poster on Facebook. I don't think I have ever seen a post from him on Cruise Critic. Are we now saying that we should go to Facebook for information instead of Cruise Critic? I don't get it.. If he's not on Cruise Critic, and least then why isn't his info on the Carnival Web site if his information is so important and "official"? I get updates by mail at least once a week directly from Carnival, and trust them for the Company facts and updates to policy more than a Facebook poster who doesn't even seem to have an official connection to Carnival.
  12. Now I have to admit that I was wrong when I said Carnival was better than Royal Caribbean. Now they both equally stink..
  13. "Do you think cruising will be paused again?" No
  14. Next time someone talks to John Heald, they should tell him to post his stories on Cruise Critic and also on the Carnival web site.. I'd never heard of him and wouldn't even know he existed without the reference on Cruise Critic.
  15. I don't understand why you think this is newsworthy enough to start a new topic on CC.. almost sounds like you are gleeful at the news with all the exclamation points.. Another post on CC that turns into a debate of Covid and vaccinations.. aren't there enough already?
  16. Rent a motor scooter across the street from the pier, and ride it from there, south along the west coast on Quintana Roo C-1, to the south end of the island on the beach road, have a beer at the bar on the south tip of the island, and then work up the east side of the island, still on Quintana Roo C-1, and finally across the middle of the island on Transversal de Cozumel (still Quinatana Roo C-1) back to the pier. A very enjoyable ride, and it is impossible to get lost as the loop is essentially one road. You will see many things that most people don't see when they visit Cozumel.
  17. Carnival Magic has 4 and 5 day cruises out of Port Canaveral during August and September. Carnival Sunrise has the same out of Miami.
  18. I couldn't log on all afternoon and evening yesterday, but this morning, I was able to log on and complete the survey.
  19. worked for me.. I can see an $10 OBC, and that my Stockholder credit is not there yet.. thanks Moviela
  20. Here is her latest photo from the Carnival web site:
  21. Carnival and others have stops in Bimini in their 2021 summer sailings from Florida. Any news indicating if they will be using the new cruise port described in the link?
  22. The selfish will stay away from the first cruises, as their concerns are all about themselves and their comfort and enjoyment, while the rest will be generous pathfinders who don't mind taking one for the team.
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