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  1. I just got money from march 28 cruise. I requested it on March 13 and filed a dispute 45 days later. RC countered that they had given me my refund when in fact they had refunded my cruise planner items. After I verified this with cc they went back to RC. After more than 90 days they asked for more.time. Finally the credit card made temporary credit final. So glad to be done with the constant phone calls.
  2. Royal Caribbean cancelled my March 28 cruise on March 13. I requested a refund and was told it would take 30 days. When I didn't receive credit I filed a dispute with my credit card. First they said they had issued credit but that was for cruise planner purchases. Now they responded back that they need more time. Not sure if they are punishing me for filing a dispute after hearing others being refunded for May cruises. Anyone else having trouble with their dispute?
  3. Still waiting for March 29 refund. Did a credit card dispute and Royal Caribbean keeps replying to them that they credited me but it was only cruise planner items that I had cancelled. No word from RC to me at all since notice of their cancelling my cruise.
  4. Vision of the seas out of San Juan. Just getting sad we missed it. So hard planning a great trip and not going.
  5. So bummed. Royal cancelled my March 29 cruise March 14 and still waiting for refund. After 45 days I disputed the charge with credit card. One for the deposit and one for final payment. Heard back a week ago that Royal claims they refunded the deposit. Turns out they were confused because the credit was for cruise planner purchases. Back to the beginning with the deposit. Today I received an email from credit card that Royal claims they refunded final payment. Again this was credit for cruise planner purchases. This is getting crazy. Why are some people receiving credit and not others. Makes
  6. Glad to see someone received a refund. I was afraid rc had stopped issuing refunds. I had instituted a dispute as I am at 77 days. I have two claims, one for deposit and one for final payment. RC responded that they had issued credit. I pointed out that only credit received was for cruise planner purchased. My bank matched this credit with purchases and is now going back to RC. Will this ever end.
  7. I wish I had an answer for this too. My March 29 cruise cancelled March 13. Still no money or word. My T A keeps getting the standard 30 day reply.
  8. Spoke to my travel agent today. She has spoken to Royal Caribbean a few days ago on behalf of her clients. We will all be getting our money back in 30 days. She gets this answer every time she calls. So crazy to be reading everyone here getting refunds. Happy for them but my cruise for March 29 is still waiting. Dispute with RC credit card almost a month ago has no update.
  9. Help me understand the interesting part. Lots of information.
  10. Has anyone had luck with their dispute and if so how long did it take to finalize.
  11. Not sure what you mean by that. I'm not saying anything is wrong with my TA. She is a personal friend. I was just curious why some get emails from RC and some don't. Yeesh. Tough crowd. I have put through a dispute and waiting to hear. If I get a refund I'll post it otherwise I'll keep my comments to myself.
  12. I'm wondering why some get the email and others don't. Did you book direct or with a TA.
  13. I haven't even received an apology email, not that it means anything.
  14. This is very disappointing. Last weekend there was a rush of refunds but little for March sailings. Now everything seems dried up again.
  15. Spoke to my TA today and she checked our refund and was told we would probably get it in two weeks. Wish I could figure this out. We responded to the email notifying us that our March 28 cruise was cancelled on March 14. I have filed a dispute before seeing the flurry of refunds this weekend. Hopefully we will see something soon.
  16. I cancelled March 14. Wonder how they decide who to refund first .
  17. My credit card statement has a reference number for each charge
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