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  1. YTTV records everything on every channel they carry. When you add a show to your library it's simply creating a link to the show they've already recorded or will record in the future. So there's nothing to delete. But there's also no storage capacity to worry about. So forget about deleting anything. All you can do is add or remove shows and movies from your library. You can mark individual shows, or entire seasons, as being watched. I often use my smartphone to mark individual shows as being watched. I've found it easiest to use Safari on my Mac to mark entire seasons as being watched. I did a bit of marking seasons as being watched in our first few months of YTTV, but haven't done so lately. BTW, your YTTV watch history is recorded right along with your other Google stuff. You can log in to your Google account to check your history settings. If you've never changed them they're most likely fine. Some new YTTV users see problems with their YTTV history because they've gone in to their Google account and changed the defaults. For example, some users don't want Google recording the things they search for and they've gone in and changed the defaults. Then they have trouble with YTTV not working the way they expect.
  2. One of the strange things about YTTV is some changes are better made on a certain device, some changes can only be made on a certain device. For example, it's much easier to create a custom channel grid on a computer using a web browser. It's much easier to mark shows in the library as watched on a smartphone (works okay in a web browser too). I'm kind of obsessive with the New Shows in the library. YTTV is great at recording everything, I spend a few minutes each morning and evening clearing the library of things we've already seen.
  3. Bring up the screen with Library, Home and Live. Right arrow to the right, just past search, to your account options. Then Switch Account, then Add Account. I don't think there's a limit on accounts, as long as everyone lives in the same household. Having multiple accounts is one of the main reasons we switched to YouTube TV. My adult son lives here and wanted his own DVR. Xfinity does not allow a household to separate recordings within a household. My wife and I haven't found a need for separate accounts yet, but I can see where it would help.
  4. Bob is right, touch the "square" in the bottom right to go full screen. To change back just turn the phone to vertical. I like that when in vertical mode you see your four recent channels on the bottom. Makes it easy to channel surf and avoid commercials. I sometimes just want to listen to a news channel and discovered that when in full screen mode you can swipe down from the top to stop the video (you'll see a gray box). To get the video back just tap the screen a little above the "pause" control. For audio only I wish they'd let you turn the screen off, but it stops the audio. When I listen to audiobooks, with the Audible app, you can darken the screen and the audio continues to play.
  5. You'll see the name of the show that is playing (live or taped) at top of the screen. Press the UP button until it's highlighted and then press the OK (or SELECT) button...I don't know what remote you're using. On the Apple TV remote it's UP and then the center (OK) button.
  6. Same here...Activity Streams stopped working Nov 6 during the afternoon.
  7. That's great! Yeah, the lowered floor on the Braun and VMI conversion vans can be a problem. I'd suggest using the Braun site to find your local dealer. Call 'em up and ask if they'd be willing to bring one by your house to give the driveway a test. I'd think they would be willing to do that.
  8. The Braun vans are low to the ground, since the floor has been lowered by ten inches. A few years ago we were considering taking the Toyota Sienna on the Amtrak "Auto Train" to Florida. We were worried the van's exhaust pipe would be damaged during the train loading process. Amtrak said the minimum ground clearance was 4 inches, the van's exhaust pipe has just three inches ground clearance. We always take it slow and easy over speed bumps. Other than ground clearance, the Braun vans are wonderful and solve a lot of problems for wheelchair users. Looking at the picture you posted, I believe the Braun van would handle that just fine. It looks like the same angle our driveway has and it's never been an issue here.
  9. Perhaps you know this, but Braun makes conversion vans that allow one to drive a powered wheelchair right up and in to the van. The wheelchair is then secured to the floor either via hold-down straps or an automatic device that locks on to the wheelchair frame. My son is on his second Braun van. The first was a Chrysler, the current one is a Toyota Sienna. Braun has a nice web site showing the possibilities. There is at least one other company that makes wheelchair conversion vans, VMI.
  10. Ah, makes sense. I was already seeing the full filters menu...so no need to display Show Filters. Thanks.
  11. Just to wrap this up, my custom activity stream now seems to be working fine. Only thing I changed was the time period. I'll try Chrome (instead of Safari) later to see if the Show Filters option appears. Also took the opportunity to change my Cruise Critic user name from Paul from Maryland to DeltaOne.
  12. Could be. I rarely post in these threads. Seems like that shouldn't matter, I just want the stream to show me new activity since my last log on...and 99.9% of the time it does that. But once in a while...something messes up.
  13. I don't see Show Filters. Here's what I see (I'm on a Mac using Safari):
  14. Just now I couldn't find Show Filters. I'll check again....or maybe you'll send info. I did get the missing thread back by increasing the Time Period setting. I changed it from four to 26 weeks. But that shouldn't have made a difference because both of the "missing" threads I've been talking about had new content in just the last day or two.
  15. Gotcha. One of the two is showing up now. I'll watch for the missing one to come back.
  16. I don't use Content I Posted. And the two missing threads are still there...I looked them up manually.
  17. Yes. "My Activity Stream" is simply the name I used for the custom stream. It's worked well ever since the conversion to this software. But recently it's been dropping a thread or two. The first thread to drop seemed to be fixed by logging out and back in. And a recently added thread showed up at first but was gone the next day.
  18. I use an Activity to follow threads, then "go to first unread post". I've been following one thread that has disappeared from my Activity stream. I've removed and re-entered it, I've logged out, deleted cookies and logged back in. Nothing seems to work. The thread does show up in Manage My Followed Content. I'm using a Mac and Safari. Any advice?
  19. You're right, Colin is good at a lot of different things. It's fun watching him teach sailing skills to new crew members. I just finished a few videos from their time in Guatemala where they fixed the hull damage. After purchasing the boat they fixed just enough of the hull damage to make the boat seaworthy. Some time later, in Guatemala, they took the boat out of the water and fixed all of the hull damage. They were figuring it out as they went, and there was a lot of damage. That, and the heat, really kicked their butts. Colin was getting low on cash during this time. A friend offered him a temporary chief engineer job on a $30 million dollar super yacht. So Colin took a month or two off and worked on the super yacht. Then went back to repairing the hull damage. He did one video on the super yacht, it was interesting!
  20. Me too. Saw your mention of it a few days ago. I've started at the oldest video and am working my way towards the newest. Apparently Colin does one per week, so I'll eventually catch up. I agree, I love the videos that show the boat being repaired. It's fascinating. Last weekend Colin did a live-stream video. I watched that, and he did mention the Project Runway show tonight.
  21. Of course. I should have been clearer, I was talking about just general office work...email, spreadsheets, that kind of stuff.
  22. Agreed. Too many people choose a laptop and laptops are expensive. And they used to be slower than a desktop model...though that has changed since the introduction of Apple silicon. At a former job my boss would let new employees decide if they wanted a laptop or iMac. I always thought this was crazy. We were the IT professionals, we should be deciding what is the best tool for their job. Especially since the decision had a big impact on budgets. I'd always try to talk new employees in to an iMac and iPad. Bigger screen, better performance with the iMac. And better portability with the iPad (lighter, better battery life). Best of both worlds. Some took my advice, some didn't. Those that didn't wanted to use the company's computer as their personal computer at home...so that's what they chose.
  23. Our Bosch dishwasher failed about a year in to the pandemic. Would have bought another but the wait time was too long. Ended up with a Jenn Aire dishwasher and it's quiet too. Has a light on the front so you know what it is doing. Blue for wash cycle, red for drying and white when done. The Jenn Aire we have now (see above) is the same. Not as easy to load. I've gotten used to it, but I know what you mean about trying to load it. The old Bosch, and this new Jenn Aire, take 3 to 3.5 hours to finish. Seems like a long time. Overall it's not an issue, as long as it's finished by the next morning I'm happy. The Jenn Aire does have a 1 hour cycle, but they say it uses more water and electricity than the other cycles.
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