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  1. I'm so sorry all, I've just looked on the bottom of the emailed receipt - and there it is! Hope you enjoyed the pretty upside down pictures of the box! Panic Over! Jules x
  2. There is nothing on the box or inside which starts with BOOTS. It doesn't even say Boots on the outisde of the box it says "My Health Checked". There is a barcode on the bottom right hand side of the back of the box, covered by a sticker, but that doesn't start with "Boots" either. Here's the photos - the codes on the bottom left are the same on both boxes - HELP!
  3. We too have ordered ours from Boots and have them here, but we are a bit confused as to which number needs to be quoted on the Govt form is it: The order number from the email The barcode from the test tube The barcode from the back of the box which is actually covered by a white sticker - but which I can just about read Or any other number which might be lurking on the box Any ideas?
  4. Thanks all. Out boarding time for the Iona Maiden was 12.00 and our loyalty tier was correct. We'll report on 9th October at 11.45 as suggested. \good luck with the IT Silkworms.
  5. Many thanks Terrierjohn, I thought this was the case, but just didn't know if it still applied. So sorry that you won't be joining us onboard. Jules
  6. Hi Terri |We took a (dreadful) photo on our phone, emailed it to ourselves and saved it. Then if you click on browse, double click on the icon in the saved file, and it will automatically appear in the appropriate box and you can move the lines till its the required size. Taking the advice of someone on here, we have ordered our tests from Boots - the form-filling is tedious , took ages, and you have to upload a photo on that too, but got there in the end. £136 for two tests. Hope this helps.
  7. Just spent a happy couple of hours doing all our online stuff for our cruise on Britannia on 9th October, ticking off everything on the checklist they sent us today. Thought we have been Caribbean tier for some time, our first cruise in this tier was a fly cruise and we were almost the last to board, and then on Iona, we got a 12.00 noon testing/boarding time. This time, we thought we'd be able to take advantage of priority boarding and maybe the on-board lunch which we've never attended, but our boarding pass time says 14.00. Presuming that boarding opens at 12.00, are we allowed to jump the queue and arrive early as Caribbean tier used to, or under the new protocols, do we have to stick to our testing/boarding time? I'm not being grabby, I'd just like to know what to do.
  8. Sarah - we had and EA grade cabin on Deck 12 with an interconnecting door, and didn't hear a sound from our neighbours on that side - hopefully they can say the same! I can really see the appeal for families travelling together.
  9. Jean Bit late to reply but on the Iona Maiden, we passed a room, (can't remember which venue), where there were lots of passengers both maskless and singing! Sadly we didn't hear the performance or notice it in The Horizon, though, but there must have been one. Jules
  10. We parked in Triangle and walked to the terminal, dropped off our cases and then joined the queue for testing ...never even crossed our minds to use the drive through as we thought it was only for those using CPS.
  11. Have to say that with the exception of the buffet on the first evening where the choice was poor, we enjoyed every meal in every venue we visited, especially our embarkation lunch in the Olive Grove. We haven't been to The Beach House for years, and I know that there was not as much choice as before, but the food was good, (especially recommended the banana split). I didn't take a phone/camera with me to the dining rooms so don't have any photos of food or menus, but there was plenty of choice, something for everyone. We liked the Coral Restaurant so much that we made our first-ever lunchtime MDR visit during this cruise. On formal night in the MDR the folk on the table next to us sent their food back as "disgusting" - we loved it - just shows you can't please everyone!
  12. Jean We are booked on Britannia on 9th October, and whilst on Iona last week, I spoke to the Excursions Manager about these tours offering "free time in xxx" . We've paid for the cruise in full, but are still wondering about cancelling. She said that though she didn't have a crystal ball, she thought that this "time to roam on your own" would be changed to a refreshment stop or something similar - so we're still none the wiser. Jules
  13. Naomi Don't know if this helps but we are Caribbean Tier and our friends onboard are Ligurian. Their time at testing was 11.45am and ours was 12.00noon. They were onboard by 1pm and us about 10 minutes after. them.
  14. Yes, it did have an interconnecting door - and the handle stuck out! We didn't hear a peep from the cabin next door though, hope they didn't hear us either. And yes, it had a bed in the ceiling. In my opinion, the room, great for two, would be really cramped with four. Jules
  15. Sorry I didn't seem to take many photos of the room. We were in 12:529. It was 7 cabins aft of the midships lift
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