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  1. Are there porters available at the Manhattan terminal, and if so, do they have access to a Customs & Immigration express lane? Sent from my iPad using Forums
  2. I have found my people, LOL! I tend to plan trips as far out as two years (I have four cruises currently booked, including a cruise booked for Jan. 2020 along with a summer trip that year to Germany). So I have lots of time to research. I think I'm driven partly by FOMO, but I like to find the best excursions, etc. for me (I generally travel solo). Like most of you, I create a cruise planning document: the first pages are a table with my itinerary, booking confirmations, street addresses, "need to know" for each port and reservation, etc. The rest of the pages are for copying and pasting relevant information and helpful tips about the ship and the ports. I cull these from trip reviews on Cruise Critic, Trip Advisor, etc. I create a pared-down version for my trip, and upload this and other important docs to the cloud. I have a folder dedicated to each trip in my email, for filing away all correspondence. I also have a folder in Chrome for saving links to websites as I'm researching. I also started using envelopes for my excursions for my Alaska cruise last year: one envelope for each excursion with notes jotted on the outside, and any important tickets, etc. inside, along with the tip. I bring the envelope with me off the ship. Pre-planning the tip amount saves me from having to think about it at the end of the tour - I pull out the envelope and it's all ready to go! I bring a plastic folder with printouts of whatever I need, as well (ship maps, city maps, etc.). For me, planning is a big part of my enjoyment!!
  3. Are there porters available in the terminal as you exit? In some ports, there is a much shorter line through Customs for porter-assisted debarkation. For me, it's worth the tip to save time.
  4. I've made a reservation for this show on my October cruise. I'm not a beer drinker - can anyone tell me if they offer hard cider as a substitute?
  5. I did a B2B on the Gem in 2010, and I remember on the first week, I'd sometimes have a hard time deciding what to eat in the main dining room because there were so many choices (no, I don't order two entrees because I don't like to waste food). But then I thought - "hey, I can try that dish next week!" But the menu did not repeat the next week, much to my disappointment. I don't always care for the entrees offered, and am thankful that I can always preview the menu and dine elsewhere if I don't care for the menu that evening. I've never gotten bored with the offerings, though. I did a 12-day cruise (with Carnival) in 2005 and I do remember feeling a general fatigue with the whole dining room routine, though. There was a stronger push to dress well for dinner, and then we'd sit through the multiple courses. It's a delight and a novelty for a few days, but after the first week or so, I longed for something different. Lucky for me, my aunt and uncle were on the same cruise, and I broke away from my friends to join them for dinner in the buffet one night. After cruising with NCL, I went back to a Disney ship (I work for Disney and can get discounts) and felt very restricted: "you will eat at this time, with these people, in this restaurant, with this menu." I understand why Disney does what they do, but I much prefer the Freestyle approach.
  6. I am boarding this Friday! So excited! Sent from my iPad using Forums
  7. Thanks, I have been reading it! Sent from my iPad using Forums
  8. Hucifer, I'm enjoying your posts! I'm also a solo traveler -- I've been on 17 cruises, and about 10 of those have been solo trips. I'll be cruising with RCI for the first time next week, on the Navigator of the Seas (to Labadee and the ABC islands). I'm 54 but look more like I'm in my 30s, LOL!! Looking forward to your next installment!
  9. Flatbush, I tried lobster once, and it wasn’t too bad, but I could not get past the sensation that I was consuming a giant insect. Definitely not for me, LOL! Sent from my iPad using Forums
  10. For my Alaska cruise, I purchased a Charles River brand waterproof rain jacket. It is vented and kept me nice and dry. Another important consideration is footwear – if you can find water-resistant shoes, bring them. In any case, bring at least two pairs of walking shoes in case one gets wet. You also might want to consider some quick-dry pants for those really rainy days. The last thing you want to get stuck in is wet jeans that take forever to dry! I would also carry a waterproof backpack with some sort of fleece layer such as a sweatshirt or hoodie for layering. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  11. After walking the walls around the city in Dubrovnik, check out the Buza bar - it’s on a terraced area on the cliff just outside the city wall. You literally walk through a hole in the wall to get to it. It’s very casual, with lovely outdoor seating overlooking the sea. It’s just a great chill place to hang out. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  12. I have lived in Orlando all my life, and we’ve had pulled pork here for many, many years. If you’re in town looking for good barbecue, I heartily recommend 4 Rivers Smokehouse. They have multiple locations in Central Florida. Their brisket is amazing, and their pulled pork is quite wonderful as well! Sent from my iPad using Forums
  13. I’m on the same ship and itinerary for the January 5 sailing. Really enjoying your review, thanks! Sent from my iPad using Forums
  14. Did you fly to and from your departure port? You can pick up a lot of germs on an airplane! I always take Airborne a few days before I fly, and I also use saline spray (and sometimes saline gel) to keep my nasal passages moist. The air in an airplane is very dry and recirculated, and dry nasal passages are simply an invitation for germs to intrude. Also, clean surfaces such as your tray table and armrests with an antibacterial wipe. Do the same thing in your stateroom aboard the ship. Wash your hands frequently, especially after using handrails on the stairs. Wishing you healthy future travels! Sent from my iPad using Forums
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