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  1. kapoho2

    VNP closure/Marylou

    I just read that the officials are hoping to reopen VNP on Sept. 22nd. Not sure how much will be open....but I am sure more info will be forthcoming.
  2. kapoho2

    Drinks on Us

    I would like to know what wines are included. I heard that this package included one red and one white wine...but does anyone know what brand, etc.?
  3. kapoho2

    Star drydock - what is planned?

    There is still a Spinnaker Lounge on the Star and the Dawn, but it is now just a dark hole with no windows. It is NOT an observation lounge anymore. It is merely a room (with no windows) where activities, Bingo, etc. takes place. Sad....but true :(
  4. kapoho2

    Cruising past the Kilauea Volcano

    As of a couple of days ago, the lava flow into the ocean has ceased flowing. I am not sure if there are any breakouts higher up on the slopes that can be viewed. However, this can always change as it has over the last few decades. If the lava is not flowing, many cruise lines do not head in that direction when leaving Hilo.
  5. kapoho2

    Do we need rain ponchos?

    Don't worry about the ponchos. I lived in Hilo for over 15 years and never needed anything like that. The rain showers are usually very brief and will have ended by the time you get your umbrella opened or your poncho on. And, a poncho would probably be too hot. Just enjoy the "liquid sunshine !!!!"
  6. We have had our itinerary changed on Hawaii cruises several times, but have always had a great time. Stuff happens :(
  7. one word....BATHTUB!!
  8. kapoho2

    General gas prices on the Islands?

    Costco does not always have the lowest price on the Big Island of Hawaii. Many times when we drive over to Costco from Hilo, we find that the price was lower in Hilo. But, it does vary from week to week and month to month. Strange that Hilo often has some of the lowest gas prices around, but we are not complaining ;);)
  9. kapoho2

    Huge Lava stream into the Ocean

    According to the local news this morning, now that everything has calmed down out at the flow, the lava hose has returned and is flowing stronger than ever!
  10. kapoho2

    Lava Hike vs. Boat Tour

    Another very large chunk of the sea cliff fell into the ocean on New Year's Eve. It's an unstable situation out there.
  11. kapoho2

    POA Seeing the lava

    I was down in the Kalapana area today and there is a large steam plume in the distance which means there is still some lava flowing into the ocean. Probably just not that incredible lava hose that was active last week. There should still be good viewing from the cruise ships.
  12. kapoho2

    Huge Lava stream into the Ocean

    I was down at the end of the road in Kalapana today and could see a large steam plume rising in the distance. This means that lava is still flowing into the ocean although the "hose" may be gone. I am sure there will still be something to see from the cruise ships. I also saw the video of the lava boat tour during the collapse. Close call for sure!!
  13. kapoho2

    Huge Lava stream into the Ocean

    Well, things change quickly with the volcano. Yesterday a large chunk of the sea cliff broke off and fell into the ocean. Details are still sketchy, but it has essentially shut off the spectacular lava "hose." Luckily, no one up on the lava flow or in the lava tour boat in the ocean was killed or hurt. I am sure more info will be in the news today.
  14. kapoho2

    Huge Lava stream into the Ocean

    The POA will cruise by this lava flow Tuesday evening after leaving Hilo. I am not sure how much can be seen from the ship, but I am sure you will see red glow and steam. Probably a good pair of binoculars would help.
  15. kapoho2

    Kona - Ocean Rider Sea Horse Farm

    Much of the expense of the seahorse farm tour is for admission. During the tour it is explained that most of the money goes to continuing research. I had no problem with that after being able to see and touch the adorable sea horses!