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  1. I use USAA's travel insurance vendor, Travel Insured. For my cruise canceled in March, I received a full refund. For an upcoming tour in November (cancelled by the vendor), they're just offering a credit of what I paid - only covered the deposit as final payment wasn't due until last week. Good for 3 years from the date of my initial purchase - Nov 19.
  2. Received my refund today for cancelled Queen Victoria crossing on 17 March. Refund requested 16 March. I've lost count of the days, but about 3 1/2 months. Sad that I won't be able to experience Cunard. I can drive to Ft. Lauderdale and prefer to cruise to or from there so this was a one off opportunity for us.
  3. My health insurance covers me overseas and I also have another policy that covers medical evacuation. So, I only need insurance to cover cancellation of a trip should I, my husband, or a close family member becomes ill or dies just before the trip and baggage loss (although in 40 years of traveling, have never lost anything). Do you know of any such policy? thank you in advance
  4. I used USAA/Travel Insured for a Cunard cruise scheduled on 17 March and a post cruise tour. Since I never used the insurance, I called and the full cost was refunded in 2 days. Still waiting on a refund from Cunard.
  5. We were on a segment of HAL's world cruise last year (Ft. Lauderdale to Sydney). No difference in service that I could tell (we received the pillow gifts on formal nights), but it seemed like fellow passengers that we met weren't interested in future conversations once they found out we were departing in Sydney - or maybe I was just being overly sensitive. That said, we weren't deterred and were booked on QVs segment from Ft. Lauderdale to Southampton in March (cancelled). We're considering segments on HAL and Cunard in the next year or two.
  6. How about more liberal cancellation policies? I was 4 days from departing for a transatlantic cruise on another line before the s**t hit the fan. Fortunately, I was finally able to cancel and the land tour we booked on the other end was cancelled as well. How many people would have cancelled their cruises starting in early March had there been no or minimal penalty? Had they been able to do so, I expect there would be far fewer passengers to worry about on the Zaandam. And, most of us have found out that travel insurance is worthless in situations like this.
  7. Thanks for the info. My travel agent did the cancellation so I have the email from her. I'll just have to trust that it's there. Now I see why people are so frustrated with Cunard's website. I'm in no rush to contact Cunard as it will take us awhile to decide on another cruise - just thought I'd check. Still working on my other cancellations - hoping that a UK tour group that I booked with for a tour in April will cancel.
  8. I'm trying to see if our future cruise credit has been recorded for our cruise and airfare on the cancelled 17 March Queen Victoria transatlantic. I can't find anywhere on Cunard's website to look for this. In the FAQ, Cunard posts this The Future Cruise Credit will be created in our system under your Unique Reference Numbers within 72 hours of canceling your booking. How can I find this? On the US site, I can find nothing at all. I've tried using our Booking Reference, but that no longer works. On the UK site, I see a place to establish an account with your Member Num
  9. Has anyone in the US received this email? I'm scheduled to depart on Queen Victoria next Tuesday - have received nothing and the US website doesn't have this info.
  10. Thanks for posting the info. I presume that we're on the same 17 March QV cruise. Not happy with Cunard - several friends booked with other lines for March/April cruises have received a 100% future cruise credit. It's not just the cruise - I have several weeks of touring scheduled once I get to Southampton. If what's happening in Italy spreads throughout Europe, we'll just have try to change our flights and come right back. I'd much rather postpone and do the full trip at a later date.
  11. Thanks to all for the information and tips - very helpful.
  12. Starting to pack for my Queen Victoria voyage departing Ft. Lauderdale on 17 March. I've checked the Cunard website but don't see anything about Internet packages - just that it's available. It looks like they charge by the minute - is that so or are there other packages? What are the costs? I'll just want to check in with family once every day or two. I also see that they charge for laundry detergent - can I use my own? I can throw in a few tabs if allowed. And, for those that have done this crossing from Florida to the Azores, what kind of weather is typical? I'm
  13. So happy to follow along with you. We join in Ft. Lauderdale for the transatlantic segment back to Southampton.
  14. Really enjoyed our trip to Liverpool a few years back. I would highly recommend the National Trust tour to John Lennon's and Paul McCartney's homes. You can view from the outside on your own, but the only way to visit inside is through this tour. The tour guides are excellent with a highly interesting insights. Having been a fan since the beginning, I was very moved. Not cheap, but to visit the rooms where John and Paul started composing was unforgettable. https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/beatles-childhood-homes
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