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  1. So either you have a fantastic memory or you went back and checked. And , yes it was me that asked you about RCI outlay for food. I’m assuming with the newer and bigger ships with more passengers and more restaurants they have some formula in place to determine their profit margin on food. I’m just curious how they go about determining what will sell and how much they can charge.
  2. Without going to a lot of work do you know offhand if RCL’s expenditure for food per passenger has gone up or down per the last quarterly report. I was not impressed with the monotony of the WJ . Obviously, the goal is to get passengers to eat in the premium restaurants. I’m sorry to see you end this review. No one can accuse you of not being thorough.
  3. There are quite a few native New Yorkers on Dani’s thread so you could ask there . On that bus ride to the Cloisters a woman with mental health issues became belligerent which frightened me so I took a cab back to my hotel. Another time , I and a man waited patiently for a bus that never came . He asked me do you want to share a cab uptown which was my Seinfeld moment ? Who hasn’t heard that line on that show? My friend was in NYC this past June and she walked 77 miles in 10 days and she is 80 yrs old .
  4. @harryfat1 In NYC , I took the bus because I was traveling alone , female, and it felt safer . I even took the bus to the Cloisters which is quite a distance. You see more on a bus versus being underground. There might be day passes available for both the subway and buses.
  5. @dani negreanu I hope your BFF Alex regains his strength and mobility with PT . He is surrounded by a good support group in you and his family.
  6. That would be helpful in having some data to present to them along with a complaint . Could always ask the sound mixer , also . Complain to guest services , CD , activities director and at meet the captain. Trip advisor, start a thread on here and f b Royal Caribbean and start a write in to Bayley . I once complained to his fb page and my problem was fixed the next week . Then there’s the cruise survey . How are you ? Any improvement ? Where are you staying in Oct …. LA , Long Beach or San Pedro ?
  7. @A&L_Ont Thanks for the photos ! I’m sure , Owen will take good care of the car and will drive responsibly. Just from experience, not that Owen needs to be instructed , who is to ride in the car and how many passengers. If you are planning on Gordon Ramsay in Miami , I believe that is where J &L ate before the WC . Pics on the f b page. @Ocean Boy I refused X-rays until the dentist had me sign a waiver and then told me he couldn’t treat me anymore without x-rays . Just protecting himself . And with the dental implant it was numerous scans . That was the first time a surgeon has called me at home to check up on me . Nice touch .
  8. It is hard to tell if they are selling you something that is iffy . This new dentist is now doing tooth implants in addition to laser treatments . The previous dentist did none of that . Is Owen enjoying his new car ?
  9. It was the second time that I’ve had this procedure. I’m way older than you are . Your gums are sore and slightly swollen depending on the how much work they have to do. She gave me instructions on how to brush my teeth , salt rinse and over the counter meds . The laser treatment I could smell burning flesh . It is nothing to stay away from , my friend had no discomfort at all. It is a hit on the wallet, though.
  10. Last Friday in fact . My dentist also sold his practice and the new guy’s hygienist told me I needed a deep cleaning. She scheduled two appointments. When, I showed up up I told her to do both sides of my mouth at once . She would have to check with my insurance. She did both at once and also laser treatment to kill bacteria. Don’t they have amoxicillin for that ? Nobody’s ever asked that , she replied. Upsell ?
  11. Exactly, I was just looking it up. My cousin took my mother and me there once . I must have bought too many because my mom gave me the look. If I were in Switzerland, I would try the many chocolate shops with their wonderful displays. I still remember decades later Dallmeyers in Munich . Germany makes great chocolates , too.
  12. The Wall Street Journal has an article in today’s paper about post-museum meals. It mentions the Bemelmans Bar at the Carlyle hotel. “ It’s a nice place to have a martini, listen to some music and talk to a friend “. If I’m remembering correctly it is where Woody Allen used to play the clarinet.
  13. I get it ! My friend’s husband drove his car into his neighbor’s bedroom and they referred to him as an elderly man on the news . I was offended because we are the same age. It’s all relative.
  14. @Sea Dog Greg , best wishes , tomorrow. I’m sure you are looking forward to being your pain free self , again .
  15. She is in Las Vegas ! I read , she landed in LA last night . Actually, I think private jets use Van Nuys airport. It’s a five hour drive to Las Vegas. I can’t believe she didn’t get a slot at LAS .
  16. Well , you are wrong! Our sad unlit Christmas tree is still up . It is now our resident large artificial houseplant 😄 . I ask my husband every weekend if he is going to take down the tree and he wants to keep it up another week.
  17. There’s the clutter that can be easily disposed of and then there’s the financial stuff that you don’t want your heirs to have to figure out. Hubby and I attended a seminar attended mostly by old folks on how to put together a family binder where it lists accounts , passwords , bills to be paid, who to notify when you you die , etc. First there was Marie Kondo and her does this bring me joy and now there’s the Swedish death cleaning . My friend told me she was into the death cleaning. I’m bringing my stuff with me so no need of that.
  18. Greg , I hope your team wins so you can go into surgery on the 14th with a smile on your face . And , I say this as a Californian .
  19. Well , don’t let it go to your head because there are a lot of nice people on here . I’ll never forget you coming to my defense years ago , so nice guy. I was also so shaken when you related what happened to your wife because the same thing happened to me however I had a better outcome. You are a compassionate person.
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