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  1. Don't mean to high-jack the thread, but what dining room on Glory does YTD? I know on our past Carnival cruises it was the mid-ship dining room only. The aft dining room was not available for YTD.
  2. Depending on the ship, if you have the Sports Bar, Red Frog Pub or Bar you'll have some draft beer options too like Miller Lite, Red Frog and Heineken. Different than PBR for sure, and nothing at all against PBR! Have a great cruise!
  3. Been on both, and slight advantage to the Breeze. On both sailings both ships were at/near capacity, but especially on sea days, Magic had a much more crowded feel to it in the public areas IMHO. Also, I would take sailing out of PC any day over Miami. In any case both are still two of the most favorite ships we had sailed on, and I would do both in a second. If I did sail Magic again, I would definitely get a balcony cabin to escape the masses on sea days. What ever you choose you can't lose!!
  4. Just a word of caution - Just off of the Magic with a full ship and internet access and/or speed was an issue. Sea Days relying on the ships Satellite internet were the worst!!! I had an impossible time accessing my business email and sending/receiving files on sea days. In fact, the last sea day I was not able to connect at all.
  5. Do you know if the Havana Bar serves up draft beer like Red Frog does? Thanks for your review!
  6. We just sailed out of Port Canaveral last month with FTTF. We arrived at the port parking garage at 10:10AM, parked in the outside lot adjacent to the parking garage and pulled our bags across the street directly to the porters (I could have dropped bags off first if we had wanted too - There were staff there when you entered to direct us and asked us what we'd prefer). If you don't see the sign right away for FTTF drop off, just ask and staff will direct you. We dropped our bags off at 10:30 with the porter at the FTTF bin (which is the closest to the terminal priority door entrance) and were on our way into the terminal. Once inside, we were directed to the correct FTTF/Priority check-in line. Within 15 minutes we had our sign and sail cards and were seated with the other FTTF passengers. We were told there were 250 FTTF passengers on this cruise (you will likely have less than that on Sunshine as it is smaller than Magic), but were were directed to seating that would allow them to manage who went on first when FTTF was called. Even though we dropped our bags off at 10:30AM there were about 60 FTTF passengers ahead of us, so obviously you could check your bags in a bit earlier if you wanted to and you'd be at the front of the FTTF passenger line as well. Once they called for FTTF, the staff in the terminal went to the individual sections of chairs where FTTF was seated and coordinated the march of FTTF passengers up the gangway. The end result, we were on the ship by 11:15, dropped our bags off in our cabin on the lido deck and were sitting for lunch in Cucina (complementary for lunch) by 11:30. Once we got done with lunch we went back to our cabin and had all of our bags by 1:15PM. We had FTTF once before (in Galveston), but Port Canaveral was so much easier (and Galveston was not difficult). Have fun and enjoy! Hope you post a review once you are back, as we are very excited to be sailing on Sunshine next year and I can't read enough about her!
  7. I wear a suit and tie (an Armani on our last cruise), and the rest of the family dresses up as well, including a suit and tie for DS (15 y.o.). For us, we enjoy it and it is a rare opportunity for nice family pictures in formal attire :). That said, to each his own and I am not bothered one bit by how others dress on elegant/formal night. It's their cruise too!
  8. Absolutely LOVE this review!!! The biggest problem with it is that I have 344 days before I board Sunshine so it's killing me to see all of these great pics and descriptions!!!! I had already requested a JiJi reservation for one of the evenings, and you review makes me even more excited to try it! Question for you on the BBQ you had on embarkation day. Do you know if they did the BBQ on sea days as well? The family enjoys the Cucina after we board on embarkation day, and it would be a tough sell to get them to agree to BBQ instead.. Thanks again for taking the time to put this together!!
  9. We were on this same cruise as well and had YTD. The MDR was our only real complaint for the entire trip and after really really slow experiences in the MDR the first two nights (as in 3-1/2 hours long) we opted to not go back again until the last night. The first two nights we went around 7pm. The last night we went right at 5:45pm and service was a bit better and we were out in two hours. Aside from the service, we thoroughly enjoyed everything we ate at any and all of the venues we chose! My experience with YTD on Carnival has always been inconsistent, so we are giving up on it. Our next cruise we chose assigned dining. If I have to pick to get there early anyways in order to get properly paced service, I figure might as well choose assigned dining
  10. Awesome! Thanks for posting! Gave an excellent visual that answered some questions. We hit this port next month on Magic. Thanks again!
  11. Awesome and very helpful review! We sail next month! Thanks a million for posting the FT's! On the HUB app, were you able to view the dining room menus thorough the app?
  12. Does anyone know if you can see the menus through the HUB app?
  13. Looks like they raised prices recently (was $15 last review I saw where it was mentioned). Two questions; First, once you paid were you limited to 90 minutes or is that just the amount of time your kids used it? Second, were you able to use your sign & sail card to pay or did you need cash? Thanks for the review! We appreciate your help in clarifying the above!
  14. I hadn't heard about this before. Did the staff at check-in tell you this was a new rule?
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