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  1. Cabs are really easy to rent both ways once you get off the tender, you will see them. RP is a popular place so if yiou do a shared taxi, it won't take long until you are off.
  2. I really hope so. One of my least favorite ports, and I for one have avoided any cruise that stops in either Nassau or Freeport. But that's just me.
  3. My wife had something very similar to this happen on our last cruise too. And my son (17 - well behaved and respectful), didn't want to go to the O2 club after the first night. Said it was weird with a number of kids not having the best intentions of what they were planning to go around and do. No big deal for him though, we are close and he really preferred hanging out with us anyways. Just not sure why it is okay with some parents to just let their kids create chaos. I know this is the minority of parents, so we just look past it.
  4. Thanks for the review and comments! We sail on Magic (again) next year, she was our favorite Carnival trip. On the behavior, I hope that was a one-off. My apology if I missed it, but what port did you sail in/out of? We just sailed out of NOLA earlier this month and saw a bit of the behavior you've described, but not much. We almost always see some of it, especially from un-supervised teens. But then again we have seen this on almost every cruise we have been on regardless of the cruise line, our worst being our last RC cruise, so again, I hope this was a one-off for all of us
  5. We always tip the baggage handlers well, and I always ask them to remember us with kindness when handling our bags after I do and we have received a few perks along the way when we have. On our cruise out of NOLA earlier this month, we tipped $25 for 3 larger bags. The porter at first directed us to park on levels 4-6, but after the tip told us to follow him and park on the lower levels reserved for employees. We did follow him, he removed a barricade for us and we were able get a great spot on level 3 right at the elevator that takes you down to the terminal. Not sure if you wo
  6. This is awesome!!!Thank you! We sail next summer and I am sure ours won't be exact, but this is a great reference point!
  7. Yes, we did feel a bit of vibration, but nothing that bothered us qt all. This was our second time in an aft cabin like this one, so we knew that going in. The only time I really even noticed it was when I would be sitting out on the balcony later in the evening when the ship was sailing at the top speed it would be sailing at, and even then, no big deal at all. On the dining room, on the first night when we were seated we simply asked for a table for just us. We weren't necessarily assigned to a table, but after the first night of being seated at the table we were, we just aske
  8. Debarkation As with embarkation, this was one of the easiest debarkation's we have had. With FTTF we were given the opportunity for priority debarkation and told to assemble by 8:15am in the Golden dining room mid-deck on the lobby deck. We arrived on time and found ample seating while we waited. Groups 1-5 were told to be in that area. After self-assist passengers from decks 1,2 and 6 were off, groups 1-5 were free to debark. The process was painless, we were off the ship by 8:35 and in our car by 8:50. We did not need them, but if you do, there are many p
  9. Oh, forgot to mention that Paradise Beach has a taco truck now. I didn't try it, but others around me that did raved about not only the food quality and taste but the value. I also forgot to mention the food we purchased from the restaurant here was exceptional and very reasonable in price. Also, the place was immaculate. We saw workers all around tending to it like a five star resort. All facilities, including bathrooms were very well sanitized and stocked.
  10. Port Day #3 – Cozumel What to say about Cozumel, so much to do or do as little as you want. So many options, and in my opinion a very safe Mexican port that I have had so much fun in over the year. For this trip, we opted to go to Paradise Beach. Paradise Beach is right next to the Mr Sancho’s all-inclusive and in my opinion, the two are becoming more like each other that as different as they used to be. Paradise Beach was always a great place if you have kids or as an adult an active distemper. Lots of fun water toys on a great beach, but unt
  11. Port Day #2 – Crand Caymen GC – The anti-Jamaica. What a great port day! We opted as usual to go out on our own. The ship arrived early, but we opted to wait until around 9AM to tender out. We got right on a tender and only had to wit about 10 minutes before heading to shore. For the day, we were headed up to Calico Jacks further up on 7 mile beach than several other stops. The cab was clean, the driver fantastic and straight up taking us where we wanted to go. Most people got off at the Royal Palms resort prior to us, but our taxi ride
  12. Great location and not your typical Hampton Inn. It's has higher floors, and if you get lucky, could have some great views of the city and maybe even the waterfront!
  13. Once at the beach, we enjoyed our time, but not to the extent we thought we might. We paid entry, rented three loungers and an umbrella for a total charge of $42. We thought it was worth it, and they placed the chairs where we asked and planted the umbrella for us. After a tip, the beach attendant was on his way, working hard. But even though we thought we picked a spot that would not be preferred by others, we found the beach attendant would purposely bring chairs and line them up in a row. So in the end, we had three inches of space on each end chair with our neighbors. You could see t
  14. First, I knew that when we were to exist the terminal area I needed to: Find the PRIVATE TAXI STAND Once finding a taxi, state where we wanted to go and AGREE ON THE COST Next MAKE IT CLEAR that we only wanted a ONE WAY NO RETURN fare agreement And lastly, we DID NOT WANT A TOUR and that we just wanted to be dropped off where we were going, and would figure 0out our return transportation aside from this transaction. Well, I did try to execute some of what I learned, but frankly encountered very dis-honest and conniving locals in the process.
  15. Port Day #1 – Montego Bay Ahhh Montego Bay……to put it into perspective, DW and I had our very first really nice vacation together at the Sandals All-Inclusive Montego Bay many years ago. We had a fantastic tip, but one thing that still stands out to me is that they did not want us to leave the complex for “security reasons” At first, I brushed this off thinking they just wanted us to stay there and continue to tip the servers, etc and buy non-exclusive things on their property, which if likely partially true. But at the time I was a competitive athlete, and wanted to go for
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