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  1. Maybe you should focus on the extra charge desserts - maybe better and that way you could use your OBC to tip...
  2. Well, if I "sent" the only person I know who would do that for me, I'm guessing the end to the day would be, shall we say, "less than perfect".
  3. They may be "included" but, don't forget to tip.
  4. Some of the paranoia expressed here surrounding the "risks" of contamination and so on from ice, spouts, buffet utensils etc. must make for an utterly miserable existence. I don't see how some of you could possibly enjoy your "vacation".
  5. I too object to making perfectly good drum and bass sound like that wretched steel drum racket. 😁
  6. I believe the OP is looking for prices... Add 20% to these prices and they're all set - easy peasy.
  7. Some lists in this thread which may be helpful...
  8. Doesn't belong in Blu (or any other dining venue) but I'd love to hear that in the Martini Bar or Sunset Bar.
  9. We all bear our own cross - I despise a capella and steel drums.
  10. My wife likes to tell the story of my instructions to the waiter at the aft buffet bar on Eclipse on a lazy, sea day: "Chandon Mimosa - please bring them until I ask you not to".
  11. It's a shame they can't play quite a bit of current alternative.
  12. Yep. Load up on a plate of pizza. Stop off at al Bacio for a glass of Port. Retire to the civility of your cabin. Perfect end to a perfect day.
  13. LOVE the Mast Grill burgers!
  14. Neither. I'm saying that it's likely nowhere near as "horrible" or "ear-splitting" as claimed. As a lover of a wide variety of music genres I'm more than familiar with folks that have zero tolerance for anything even vaguely different from or slightly louder than what they're used to. Intolerance and exaggeration are their specialties. (for the record, I'm 61 - my preference is "alternative/Indie" music but I do enjoy EDM as well)
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