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  1. Not sure if it’s a cutback or a glitch but, the Extravaganza Lunch today on Reflection was a big disappointment. With the exception of the chocolate fountain line-up, a couple of fruit carvings and a couple extra cakes, it was just a plain old buffet. Not a single shrimp to be found.
  2. Fascinating thread. Wine is indeed subjective and the difference in one’s preference is sometimes more about style rather than “quality” or price. Case in point - being the selection in Blu. I haven’t the least interest in “big” (far to often meaning fruit and oak driven) cabs or oaky (As in Cal or Aus) chards. My preference leans toward old world wines where the fruit is less pronounced and the use of oak is far more judicious. Such wines are not to be found on Blu’s list but limited selections of such style we’re available at one or two other locations on the ship. (We’re presently on Reflec
  3. I’m not important enough to be on a first name basis with the Md, but I’ll try to remember to ask.
  4. Although we’ve only been to India once for a week to Goa, we spent 3 years in Riyadh, KSA, where there was a very large Indian expat community and many (although modest) very good Indian restaurants. Consequently, we’re pretty picky about Indian food and are generally quite happy with what we find on these Celebrity ships.
  5. I'll defer to the more experienced cruisers to answer this in reference to ports visited. I believe you are allowed to bring on a case at embarkation.
  6. Probably not what you're looking for but, I wonder if Club Soda would be included in Classic?
  7. On Reflection at present. The Somms in Blu have been very good - as well as very patient with my requests to source wines not on the appalling (IMO) Blu wine list.
  8. No, this is the Oceanview Cafe (the buffet). They make it fresh right in front of you - always 3 or 4 selections from which to choose. So far I’ve had Chicken Pesto, Spinach and Mushroom, Meat Lover’s, Margherita, BBQ chicken and Pepperoni.
  9. I agree with Bo. They’re very accommodating. Param asked us the next night if we wanted anything “extra” with our meal but I gratefully declined as I’m running woefully short of notches in my belt.
  10. I uploaded a pic of the closest camera they had to a DSLR on my thread a couple days ago. The rest were pocket and GoPro cams.
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