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  1. I was as frustrated as anybody, but I don't think it's fair to compare the shoreside administration to ship operations. I think that their safety procedures are likely as good as anybody's. And let's all hope that all of the lines have learned how to handle emergencies at sea, whether it's being struck by an iceberg or enduring a pandemic.
  2. Our refund that we requested on March 24 is nearly complete. The card on which we made the initial $200 deposit was compromised a couple of years ago and I am waiting for it to wend its way through the Barclaycard system. Most of the fare was refunded in early May (I've already forgotten the date) but they shorted us $608 and change - I had to call several times and spend an extra few hours of my life making them see the light. $408 (and change) posted on May 27 to the card we used to make final payment. Almost there, but at this point I think it's a Barclaycard issue, not Celebrity.
  3. We were scheduled to see Hamilton in July and got that email from Ticketmaster. But we got another email from a company called Broadway on Hollywood that said we'd get our money no later than June 2. We shall see. When we cancelled a concerge in March, Ticketmaster refunded the money in a couple of days, although they had said it would take 4-6 weeks. If it were me, I would cancel, but only you can make that decision. You don't have a way to get there at the moment, and Royal Caribbean have said that they are going to ease their ships back into service, not put them all in at once. So even if they do start sailing in August, it might not be your ship. I don't know if Cruise With Confidence applies to the UK, but in the US it would save your nonrefundable deposits until some time in 2022. There is way to see what is going on. A TA has access to the service history of a reservation and can see when a refund was processed. Yes, you are now at the back of the line with us. Our refund was rejected FOR INSUFFICIENT FUNDS on May 4 (May 11 cruise cancelled on March 24; refund requested that day). And nobody at Celebrity noticed that it had come back - I was checking the service history and saw it. So I got to spend over an hour on hold to get Resolutions involved in resubmitting the request, which was an incorrect amount, unless they are going to ask for another $608.00 tomorrow. The rep said that it would normally take 7-10 business days to resolve but was instructed to say allow 30-45. I was incoherent with annoyance yesterday. And, after two hours on hold for another reservation this morning, I'm not much better today. Oh, and the rep let it slip that there are a whopping four people processing refund requests. They apparently sent in reinforcement sin the last week or so. The incompetence is mind-boggling.
  4. Thanks for the clarification. That's a downside of booking with the line - I had a very expensive flight to Hawaii for which I didn't want to take a credit, so I waited out AA until they cancelled a week prior - under those circumstances I was entitled to (and promptly received) a full refund. I'm unclear how Celebrity are handling the nonrefundable tickets - they say to contact the carriers, but don't indicate whether they will also cancel the flight on the passenger's behalf. In most circumstances I would prefer to wait until the day of the flight to see if the airline blinks first.
  5. To what change of policy are you referring? Refundable air is refundable air, and the airlines can't change their policies on an already-booked ticket. The problem with booking nonrefundable air through Celebrity is that they will cancel the flight immediately (or their version of immediately). If the airline subsequently cancels the flight, then the airline must refund the airfare to those still holding tickets. But if Flights by Celebrity cancel the flight prematurely, then the passenger is out of luck. And your TA can't do anything to speed the process (which may not be what you mean). I think that Celebrity (and the other lines) need to send a followup communication at least apologizing for the delay and explaining what is taking so long. All commissions on cruises cancelled by the cruiseline or under the Cruise with Confidence program are protected - if the cruise is fully paid, the TA is fully paid. And if a client takes an FCC and rebooks, the TA gets a commission on that sailing as well. But I like to think that a client who gets a refund will rebook with me some time in the future, so the latter feature is really just smoke and mirrors to me. And, if your TA isn't simply passing your payment information along to the cruiseline, it's time to find a new one for the very reason you cited.
  6. What isn't covered is the cost of the cruise vacation - if your vacation is cancelled and a vendor refuses to refund your payment, or if you incur additional expenses trying to get home from an already-started vacation, then you won't get any reimubursement from your insurance, although you may find that they can help you get home by rebooking your flights. If you contract Covid 19, your travel insurance would kick in for medical care, evacuation, etc. To me, the biggest risk is still being stuck for an indefinite period of time on a ship that can't find a port and/or being quarantined for two weeks away from home, although home quarantine seems to have become the order of the day with Coral Princess passengers who disembarked in Florida earlier this month.
  7. If Celebrity cancelled the cruise, you are entitled to a full refund, even of the nonrefundable deposit. From the FAQs: If a full refund is preferred, we’re happy to process this request for your client. Should your client wish to decline the higher value 125% Future Cruise Credit and receive a lower value 100% refund of their cruise fare, please access the new “Cancellation Form” on CruisingPower.com under “Brand Programs & News”. We are waiting for a refund for our May 11 cruise, for which I submitted a refund request on March 24. The air has been removed from the booking, but somebody incorrectly applied a $75pp cancellation fee. And somehow the price of the cruise fare went up by $1100 on the latest invoice. So I spent an hour getting those adjusted. The rep told me to allow another 2-3 weeks for the refund to be sent out.
  8. One exception is the over 70 passenger who can’t find a doctor willing to certify his or her health. In that instance, the FCC s/he would receive for being denied boarding is transferable, at least for Royal Caribbean. If your screen name denotes the age of your birth, you would be on the transferee end of that transaction. 🙂 One reason I cancelled an upcoming cruise on Princess was that we are booked in a Window Suite - a lovely cabin, but with no access to the outside. I don’t think the cruise is going to sail (June 13 to Alaska) and Princess would not be my first choice in light of how many of their ships have had issues (and past cruises on a ship that just couldn’t get rid of Norovirus). But the clincher was the prospect of being stuck in that cabin with no fresh air for who knows how long.
  9. I received an email last night advising me of a balance due for our cancelled (by X) Millennium cruise on May 11, for which I requested a refund last week. It’s been paid in full since the day we booked it. The amount corresponds to nothing that I can figure. On Delta’s website (air booked with Flights by Celebrity), LAX-SEA has disappeared but YVR-LAX still shows up (it’s Delta operated by Westjet, so I assume there is a lag in the transmission). When I look at the breakdown, a new charge with a code I've never seen has appeared. I guess if they want to refund that to me, I can use it to pay for the Tylenol that I need trying to make sense of it all, lol.
  10. When I received the email notifying us that our cruise on Millennium had been cancelled, it stated that refunds would take 30 days. It doesn't seem that many people have given it that long. I did receive an email confirmation that simply repeated what I had put in, but only for 2 of the 3 refund requests. I believe that the system failed.
  11. We had no issue getting a refund from AA when they cancelled our nonrefundable flight to Hawaii this coming Thursday. If your TA booked directly with AA (not going through Choice Air), then one you will need to request the refund for the cancelled flight. Being a control freak, I would do it myself as follows: Go to aa.com and scroll down to the bottom, where you will see a link for refunds on the left. You will need the ticket number for each member of your party (not the reservation number; the actual ticket number, which your TA should have if you don't). During the process, if the system deems you eligible for a refund, it will still default to getting a voucher. If you'd rather have the refund, deselect that option and click the other one (I think it says "show me other options, but the only one is a refund). At that point the system offered me a 20% bonus to accept the voucher, but I forged on. The refund credited to my CC within 48 hours. Choice Air/Flights by Celebrity act as a travel agent when it comes to booking tickets. They are bound by the airlines' rules. It appears that, in the past, the airlines were willing to give refunds for nonrefundable Choice Air flights as a matter of good will and that now they are not. If the airline has cancelled your flight and it's operating within the United States, then you are absolutely entitled to a refund. If the flight is still operating, then most of the US airlines are offering a voucher and not charging the usual change fee. I would advise you to wait until your flight is actually cancelled - if you cancel it yourself, then you are stuck with a voucher. In the above example, our flight was no longer available to book online and the AA rep with whom I spoke initially insisted that it was still flying because it showed in my record. When I pushed back, she put my on hold and verified what I had told her, then cancelled the booking so I could apply for the refund.
  12. Will seasoned cruisers come back? I imagine so. Will new cruisers flock to the ships? That will take a lot longer; my crystal ball says years.
  13. I hope so. I've seen too many people do disgusting things to want to go to the buffet unless there is no other option (fortunately usually only happens when the ship is in port).
  14. I am assuming our 5/11 on Millennium will be cancelled. She embarks in Seattle, a hot spot, and disembarks in Vancouver, which doesn't want her. I'm holding out for the refund. He's not dead yet!
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