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  1. I am on this cruise in 6 weeks. We were not offered the airfare from our city so we booked by ourselves. Rooms in Amsterdam were pretty pricey from my search. I ended up booking at the Hilton Doubletree right next to Central Station which is also walkable to the pier for about $450. I used points, however, which I also used for airfare. Its a good location for sightseeing but we get in the day before at 4 pm. A lot of flights I looked at from the US arrive later in the afternoon like that so watch that when they say "day before". We could not have safely made a day of flight.
  2. Sorry to hijack but can anyone confirm this for the Pearl Balconys as well. And silly question? Are there mini fridges in the room to store cream?
  3. Disney won't have any issues accommodating the pediasure or pouches. As you googled the swim diapers will not be allowed and no diapers in the kids clubs but you CAN go on open days and stay with him. Those times will be in the daily planner (app). It's 2-3 times a cruise. One thing I would advise, get to all the shows earlier than you would expect (we go at least 45 mins prior). Sadly the few wheelchair viewing areas always seem to have someone in a scooter blocking them. The cast is great about trying to help special needs families enjoy everything so if you get somewhere and its blocked talk to them and they can sometimes provide an alternative. You will have your own table for dining unless you request a group table. The tables are really close together though (inches). There is so much entertainment at dinner to keep his attention...especially in Animators Palette. Perhaps call and request a rotational dining that has Animators for the most nights (AXYAXYA- didn't catch what ship you are on). But an iPad on low won't bother anyone. It is so loud in the restaurants.
  4. I did Pre-Maiden on Fantasy but it was invited media. Oddly this AM I just booked another Fantasy cruise for 2020 and asked about the dates on the new ships. She was hoping this summer release at least the Fall 2020 new ship itineraries would be announced.
  5. We booked La Cucina the first night. I have no idea if this was a good plan or not as this will be our first NCL. My reasoning is that we are flying from CO to Amsterdam and will be massively jet lagged. The carbs will likely be a good fit for getting something nice to eat and then crashing in our room to catch up. We have booked all the specialty rests over the 14 day cruise once.
  6. They are pretty smart. I would lose 25% which is just about the price adjustment 🙂 And looking at higher categories to try to upgrade (pay) into are still out of reach of my stomach and budget. Just hoping at this point it somehow helps with the bidding process (if what I want to go to is offered). This is a 14 day Brittish Isles
  7. I actually just had this happen. I booked through NCL direct. I am 101 days from sailing and my mini-suite price with all perks I received dropped $1000. I called m PCC and was given an OBC for about 1/4 of that. I had to make a choice as it was only offered once and I couldn't ask again. Sure enough, this am my price would have been $2400 cheaper. I need to stop looking as there is nothing I can do now and I don't need to sour my mood on my cruise. I was happy when I booked and need to stay that way. Although....I would love that $2400!
  8. My son is a full time chair user and we are even subject to being bumped due to last minute issues. On our last cruise (Disney) 3 days before sailing I got a call asking us to move to a much smaller HA cabin since we were a party of 3 and a party of 5 suddenly had a broken leg and wanted our room which holds 5.
  9. Thank you so much for explaining! I will watch for these for my next booking. I am within 100 days on the one I was hoping to use these for 🙂
  10. Can these be used to pay an on board account or are they only for new booking reservations?
  11. We cruised out of NYC in November and lost two of the seven days to cold/crappy weather. We still had a great time but I just wouldn't do that in winter again if being outside is your goal. The seas were also very rocky on the days going into and out of NYC.
  12. That's a great plan. Wish I had thought of it. We are going to Amsterdam early and bought airfare with points so I have no flexibility to change it now.
  13. Thank you all for the input. This will be our one and only chance to be in this area for many years so Paris is a must, even if only for a few hours. I think we have decided on the "on your own" and then using the batobus to get to the different places as quickly as possible. I've mapped out their route. I still need to call into shorex and see where they drop off. If it is Place de la Concorde this will probably be doable. That's awful Markanddonna about being delayed that much. That gives me serious pause.
  14. Thanks! I always forget about that part of the forums.
  15. Thank you for this opinion. I wish they said where they were dropping off. With the $50 stateroom credit per excursion the "on your own" options are actually a pretty good deal. This one because of the distance is quite a bit but probably worth it to me to make sure we don't miss the ship.
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