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  1. I agree. Let rich subsidize the the build. It didn’t cost me a dime on Labadee and unless they start charging for lounge chairs on Coco Cay I expect it to be the same experience.
  2. I still don’t have interest in Regal and Royal and have sailed on other lines that had a similar itinerary just to avoid them.
  3. Unless it’s something specific like jewelry or liquor, glancing at a bill for over charges isn’t going to flag a drink or two that wasn’t charged to your account, especially if you have a drink package.
  4. That is a real concern as these types of charges happen more times than not.
  5. I read this time and time again on all of the boards yet in 30 years I have only found one agency that offered a worthwhile OBC and it was only once and never repeated. I'm still looking for those reduced group bookings but at this point I stand a better chance of spotting a UFO, Big Foot or maybe even Elvis.
  6. This is not news. This has happened several times over 30 years of cruising on multiple cruise lines before they even had electronic billing. In June on Royal Caribbean I was charged for drinks and I had a drink package. They had no explanation for this. I checked my account via the room TV at 1:00am and immediately went down to guest services to have it corrected. There was no line at that time.
  7. You have a very valid point. However, what they will notice is that Princess doesn't provide a sofa like all of the other lines including the lines that get a bad rap here. I didn't think it mattered until I started sailing on Celebrity and Royal Caribbean. So first time Princess cruisers coming from the other major mass market company will be disappointed.
  8. Celebrity is switching the balcony furniture with uncomfortable chairs that don't recline and they don't provide footstools. Instead of picking a cruise line we now have to pick our poison. The staterooms on Princess are poorly designed. That closet takes up too much room and doesn't allow ample space for a chair and or table. They need to provide hospital trays so passengers who want room service can eat in bed. I found the basic balcony stateroom on Royal Caribbean Anthem of the Seas to be very comfortable both inside and on the balcony. I am learning to adjust to the new standards or lack of standards by jumping around to a line that will fit my needs. It helps if you are not roped in by the loyalty programs.
  9. Sorry I'm sure there are many good dedicated travel agents out there but if the OP isn't on top of their own booking how are they managing others? While Royal Caribbean should have emailed a notification even I know from following these boards that there is a lot they don't do properly. However they must have updated the cruise planner and you don't need a travel agent or Royal Caribbean to inform you of any changes. Also there are some here who have stayed on top of their own booking even though they booked through a TA. There are many out there who pay a start up fee to belong to a travel agent search engine company who primarily use the site for booking there own and maybe friends and family cruises. They use the commission as a built in discount and perhaps find a few clients along the way. Those are the ones to be made aware of because it's a hobby not a career.
  10. That was one of the reasons that I left Princess and tried other lines. However what I am finding out is that they are all the same when it comes to pricing. I also find that Princess pricing comes down closer to the sailing date but by that time I'm committed on another line. I now calculate the cost per day taking into consideration flying to port any drink packages or other amenities that are thrown in at the time. I thought I found a good deal for a Bermuda cruise on NCL. They were offering drinks, internet, specialty restaurants and money towards excursions. The catch was that you pay a service charge up front for the drink package and restaurants as a gratuity plus the regular daily gratuity for the rest of the staff. When all was said and done it would have been the most expensive cruise that I have ever booked. It just wasn't worth it. Celebrity and Royal Caribbean win over Princess because they have ships in the northeast and saving on flights is a large part of the expense. Everyone claims that Carnival and NCL are so inexpensive. Perhaps they are in Florida but out of NY they are just as expensive.
  11. And this is why I don't book through a Travel agent. Too many operating out of their garage as a hobby only to receive benefits for themselves.
  12. These $800- $1300 cabanas, are they in some special place that has some kind of attraction that the rest of the island doesn't have? What am I missing out on?
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