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  1. They can ramp up all they want. If a 14 day quarantine is required upon return by the state or country nobody is going anywhere. I had a job interview canceled this week because the interviewers would be required to qurantine for 14 day when they returned to their state. If states like Hawaii are requiring a 14 day qurantine upon arrival that won't help either. Also Many will be returning to work and probably won't be taking vacation right after start up. Travel is going to take a least a year to recover do to the economy. People have been running major companies from home so I bet business travel will suffer as well.
  2. If that was the case they were just delusional like some here on CC. However I don't think they were and I think it had more to due with all of the travel bans.
  3. If I win the lottery tomorrow the first place I want to go is Galapagos Islands. I have good chance of winning since cruising is locked down and all of the high end stores along 5th Ave are boarded up. No place to spend the money.
  4. After viewing Royal, NCL, Princess and Celebrity, I agree that Royal Caribbean has the worst transatlantic itineraries. Princess and Celebrity would be my go to cruise lines for Europe and for transatlantics as they seem to have better itineraries. NCL and Carnival aren't even a thought and I would look at HAL in comparison to Princess and Celebrity just to get an idea on price.
  5. I couldn't agree more. The desserts taste like wax on every cruise line. In the past I just ate it not to be wasteful but now I'm over it. The kids in the third world countries will still be starving whether I eat it or not. I eat the fruit and a salad and maybe some cheese.
  6. I am one of those who don't eat at WJ. I'm not one who has to try every item and I pretty much have my go to choices. I don't like the entire process of combing the area and walking station to station. If I could order from an App even if they didn't offer the entire buffet choices I would probably get food and carry it out to my lounge chair or balcony. No way would I be ordering from a fast food franchise. I won't even order at Johnny Rockets. My phone stays by my side since I purchase surf and stream plus it's my camera. If social distancing is going to be a requirement I will need to listen to music or play a game.
  7. Personally I love Apps. They have made life so much easier in the world of declining fast food employees. When I walk into a restaurant such as Panera Bread and I see a line I go right to the kiosk or order off of the app on my phone. Many times my food is prepared before the people who are standing in line waiting to order. I would welcome this in the buffet. I wouldn't have to stand in line behind someone deciding what they wanted to put on their plate or special order. I would love to just pick up my order and find a place to sit. I think this pandemic has actually forced people who wouldn't purchase online, use self checkout or order food from an App to get over their fears. My only issue is Royal Caribbean has the worst technology when it comes to the simplest things such as booking a cruise. I don't think they would be able to pull off a food service App.
  8. The Esplanade feels like an underground mall. At least Oasis has an open sky.
  9. I agree but I wonder how long those Millennium class ships will be around.
  10. Unfortunately windows and wrap around Promenade decks don't bring revenue . The closest I have seen to an outdoor venue on a new build is on Celebrity Edge which has the Magic Carpet. It's basically a glorified window washer's scaffold that hangs off of the side of the ship and is capable of moving up and down. It's very unsightly. I will say that I did enjoy the views in the adult in door pool and in Cafe Two70 on Anthem.
  11. That's it. my hair is blowing up with the humidity.
  12. Off topic but how far north do I have to drive to get a haircut? Is there a magic zip code upstate where a barber shop is open? I'm starting to look like Barry Gibb from the Saturday Night Fever album and it's not looking good. Thankfully I was in my 20's back then so at least I know how to comb my hair. I still look better than the millennials trying to rock a bun or sporting the Pebbles Flintstone look with a spout of hair on top of their head.
  13. I tried to find the number of cases in my zip code but all I could find was information on the county which is about 40,000
  14. Whatever it takes. We have so many essential workers commuting and the trains are starting to fill up again. Someone reported on the FaceBook Long Island Failroad page that on Friday the 3:30 train from Penn Station was packed because they reduced the train from 12 cars to 10. It was Memorial Day weekend of course people were leaving work early and probably was a slew of them headed for the Hamptons.
  15. hazence was probably referring to the zip code with the bubble around it.
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