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  1. That would be more scary than the dog urination if the Captain didn't know about this incident. This ship sails our of N.J. N.Y. area. If this is an issue I can assure you that one of my people gave the Captain an ear full and then some.
  2. Sleep in the chair all night long. Be prepared to wake up wet when they start hosing off the deck at 4:00am.
  3. Rule of thumb for all cruise lines. Never book the week before drydock as they may start some interior renovations during the sailing or the week after completion because they may not be finished with interior improvements.
  4. I only thing I do as an extra precaution just to have the information is scan the passports and email the copies to myself and wife. As long as I have my phone or access to a computer I can retrieve them incase they are stolen.
  5. I also don't get how someone traveling any where doesn't carry any ID. If copies were accepted there wouldn't be so much red tape to obtain a passport or a state ID.
  6. And what room is he in? LOL...Just kidding but I received a Royal up bid and with my luck I would win that room.
  7. I think bleach is one of the prohibited items that will land you in the naughty room. But please feel free to bring the emotional support animal of your choice.
  8. I’m at 75 days out and I just received my First email from Royal Caribbean since I booked in April of 2018. Here is my Royal up offer. We are on the Anthem in a 4D unobstructed balcony on deck 6. The only one I would consider would be the Jr Suite.
  9. Having been a Native New Yorker I guess I should be ashamed to stay that I have never been to the Statue or Ellis Island. It has always been on my bucket list along with seeing a Broadway play. We probably won't be doing either one until we retire or move to Florida. DW refuses to travel the Manhattan on her day off. I try to tell her that she can stick it to the man (Long Island Rail Road) by traveling an extra day on her monthly ticket. Unfortunately that logic only works with the drink package. If you have time to visit NY you can ride the Staten Island ferry for free and pass Lady Liberty.
  10. Have a great trip. We will be on board in June. What itinerary are you on? We are on the 9 day itinerary. Do they have sales on bottles of liquor if so are the sale the beginning, middle or end of the cruise? Did they offer a discount on specialty restaurants? I am particularly interested in Wonderland. I haven't seen it discounted in the cruise planner yet. I know that this varies from sailing to sailing so even if you or someone else answers the question it could be different on my sailing.
  11. Since the cruise line travels to many different countries it is just easier for them the issue a blanket statement.
  12. I really think that the cruise lines encourage the 6 month renewal based on Airline rules. DW had an incident when booking a Lufthansa flight for the Physician she works for. He arrived at the airport and he was refused boarding because his past port only had 5 months left. Neither one of them knew about the rule and my wife asked me if I had heard about it. Of course I was in the loop and knew because of CC. She shouldn’t have been able to book the flights or check in with the passport information that she provided. This was set up with a reservation agent. If she booked it online it would probably have red flagged the passport experation date. Just take a birth certificate and your passport or State ID as the photo proof of identity.
  13. I will agree with you when it comes to Caribbean itineraries on Royal , NCL and Carnival. They are nothing but amusement parks and shopping malls at sea. Any thing that they provide on these ships can be done better on land. However there are other lines with smaller ships that travel to places that have more culture and history. I would not choose any of the mega ships to sail Asia, Africa , South America or Europe.
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