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  1. Long story short the new cruise generation prefer an amusement park on board experience and carnival foods over itineraries and a luxury on board experience. There are other lines out there that offer better food and a more sophisticated ambiance. Different choices depending what I want to experience will always trump any loyalty programs offered by resorts and cruise lines.
  2. My son is getting married tomorrow. They want to take all of the family pictures at the beach. My wife's first reaction was is it going to be windy because the women are all going to have their hair done.
  3. He still has age against him unless he discovers the fountain of youth.
  4. Sorry to hear that. Glad you are recovering without complications.
  5. From here on out a balcony will be the only way I book once cruising resumes. It will be an ocean view. I won't even risk a Boardwalk or Central park balcony.
  6. As they should. If it were up to me I would start cruising in Florida for Florida residents only. The state is completely open and they can drive to port. They can be their own bubble. The rules on the ship will probably be worse than staying home.
  7. Oh!!! They want to in quarantine.
  8. Italy doesn't have to deal with the CDC or the PVSA.
  9. Trust me I know this first hand. I lost my job this year after 24 yrs of service from a company that had 140 stores and started up in 1889. Covid didn't take them down. It was the change in buying habits and other sources. The bigger they are the harder they fall. People are also finding different ways to vacation that aren't so complicated as cruising will be once it starts up.
  10. This is the reason I stick around. I have nothing booked but I'm waiting to read about what really happens on board.
  11. Since it would be capacity controlled at least it won't be many. They can sentence those who refuse to wear a mask while sitting by the pool to attend the show.
  12. This is so ridiculous. You have to wear a mask at the pool while reading a book but it's ok to huff and puff maskless as you are jogging around the track. How do they plan on enforcing social distancing in the pool? I'm not sailing anytime soon anyway but this is just stupid. What I would like to know is what are all of these passengers expecting to do on a cruise if all of these predictions turn out to be true? You many as well be quarantined if there are no buffets, closed ports of call, organized ship excursions if you make it to port, masks while sitting on deck, capacity, controlled venues and shops on board. I also wonder if masks would be required while sitting at the pool or at the beach on their private islands? I think the masks have been working here. we are at a 1.9 percent rate. The places in Brooklyn where there are spikes is all from a group that continues to hold large gatherings and don't wear masks. I'm sure the same is true for the rest of the country where some states still have a higher infection rate as it continues to spread. If we don't get this under control as a country nobody is sailing from here.
  13. Yes but not outside on the sun deck as long as social distancing was in place. It’s no different than eating in the MDR or drinking in a bar.
  14. Wrinkles around the mouth, puppet lines and stained dentures, not a pretty sight. Please put the masks back on
  15. The physician that my wife works for is in a high risk group, age, weight pre diabetic. He is overkill with the protective gear as he performs colonoscopies, endoscopies and other surgical procedures. He has been deathly afraid of becoming ill with covid. Would you believe this man wanted to volunteer for the trials. My wife talked him out of it. She said you are a brilliant doctor but you lack common sense. Look in the mirror you are practically wrapped in cellophane because you are so paranoid. Why on earth would you volunteer for a vaccine trial?
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