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  1. Those ship are sailing to nowhere with passengers from the same country. That can't happen here.
  2. I read here that he doesn't want the cruise lines to make vaccines mandatory in order to board a cruise ship. He was also the one who kept cruise ships with an outbreak from coming into port to disembark passengers last year. This one of the reasons that the CDC wants a plan should this happen again. Chances are if all passengers and crew aren't vaccinated it could happen again. Anyone who is willing to get on a cruise ship full of unvaccinated passengers better be prepared for the worse.
  3. Never mind that. All you have to do is walk down a block in your own neighborhood and everyone who has a ring doorbell is recording you as you pass by.
  4. There isn't any incentive for cruise lines to bring ships here either. They should keep the ships in Europe where sailings are happening. Desantis is just making things worse for Florida with his lawsuit and his anti vaccine position. He and the Senators should be working with the cruise lines figuring out a game plan and building quarantine facilities as per the CDC guidelines should there be a covid outbreak on a cruise ship. It seems to me they have more to gain from the cruise industry than any other state in the country.
  5. Probably was the cruise lines. Can you imagine the set back with the CDC if a covid case breaks out and the ship is denied entry.
  6. I have friends still trying with both the state website and drug stores. It's getting better but now 16 and over are eligible so there is still a back up.
  7. Your July cruise being canceled has all to do with the CDC and not the state of New Jersey.
  8. You have to be kidding. I would be very concerned if this was their top priority.
  9. Cruises aren’t even happening from US ports period. Until we see a start up I can’t imagine that NY and NJ Governor’s can even entertain the idea at this time. We are still at limited capacity and even though people are willing to get the vaccine they are still having trouble getting an appointment. I work for one of the chain Drug Stores and every day people complain how they still can’t get an appointment. One person who was getting the vaccine told someone she spent all day refreshing the page until an appointment popped up
  10. I think 2nd quarter 2022 is a bit over the top but I don't see sailings from NY NJ happening in 2021 seeing how things are progressing or not progressing. I won't feel confident until cruises from Florida start up. NY and NJ aren't in any rush and I feel like it's not even a thought. Canada is closed so no New England itineraries. It isn't even worth it for the cruise lines to come.
  11. Maybe but it doesn't seem to stop people from booking so why should they change.
  12. I don't know how many times I have read on Cruise Critic that someone is allergic to hand sanitizer. Probably the same people who hoarded it during the pandemic.
  13. Encouraged... as in we will look the other way.
  14. Enforced? Does Princess do that now?
  15. That's the bottom line for me too. I don't mind being tracked but the idea that we may still have to be quarantined even after being vaccinated, well I'm not willing to pay for that experience.
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