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  1. The Food in the MDR was on par with the other lines I sail on Celebrity and Princess. My only complaint is that the hamburgers which I like for lunch were terrible. They were soggy and had more filler than meat. They weren't any better coming off of the BBQ at Labadee. We only tried the buffet once for breakfast or to pick up some cheese to bring back to the room. Breakfast was better in the MDR than at the picked over buffet. Too much walking around and the line for the omelet station took too long. This was the first time in 30 yrs that we have used the MDR for breakfast all week.
  2. I didn't realize they added the age. It seems like they are rolling it out the same way they did when it was first offered. That makes the most sense since those are the people who would be due for the booster. I overheard the Pharmacist where I work explaining it to a patient who wanted it yesterday. I guess I didn't hear her include 65 and over. I just went for an antibody test today to see where I stand. My second dose was at the end of March. We are traveling to Florida mid Oct so I want to know where I stand. I was planning on getting the booster before we left but now I don't know if it will be available. My wife is able to get her booster because she works for a hospital.
  3. The FDA hasn’t approved booster shots for those who are not immune deficient or have underlying conditions so unless you lie the average person can’t get the booster shot in the US. That being said, the 14 day wait period only applies to the second dose. Anything extra is gravy. Now don’t be surprised if you have to explain this to a supervisor because the person checking you in is not sharp enough to figure it out and is only looking at the date of the third shot. I wouldn’t even bother ringing the cruise line because they never have a clue and even if the tell you the same thing I started you will not have proof.
  4. Anyone who is brave enough to book a cruise during these trying times needs to be flexible in all aspects from changing itineraries, changing ships, changing covid tests. Check in times are the least of the problems. Also where will you be that you won't have access to internet? There are plenty of hot spots around in hotels and in places like Panera and Starbucks. If you don't have access to internet how do you plan on receiving an email response from the CEO?
  5. How about using your smartphone to check in if you can't do it from home? I just hope the reason that they canceled your check in isn't because they canceled your cruise.
  6. These people must date back to the days of one or two suites on board a 500 passenger ship
  7. I have to say no matter what line I have traveled on, I have never had anyone from the guy polishing the handrails to the Captain not acknowledge me if we passed and made eye contact. Some people walk around with puss face and look unapproachable. I'm sure that was more likely the case especially if they are complaining about it. It also sounds like they were an entitled bunch.
  8. Your friend could have also received a full refund from RCI but the CSR aren't promoting it that way. You have to ask for a refund. I would call your TA or Celebrity to find out.
  9. In the long run it doesn't matter but you have been a CC member long enough to know that there are Captain, Cruise Director, and Entertainment groupies who will book a cruise based on who is on board. 9 times out of 10 I don't know who any of these people are until I run into them on the ship. The one time I might know before hand is if I read it on CC or join the roll call or FB group. It never made a difference on any of my sailings in the past 30 years.
  10. Maybe it has more to do with the ship. Those balcony rooms don't entice me and I think I would feel left out because I can't afford a suite.
  11. I hope not but if there is an increased passenger capacity they have to put the extra rooms some place. Some of these ships already look top heavy.
  12. That is a true loss and I can't believe that more aren't complaining about that. I guess more were affected by the WiFi change.
  13. You would be burning all of your free minutes faster under those conditions as well. Everyone knows that the wifi can be hit or miss on a cruise ship whether it's free or for a charge. Years ago I purchased Wifi on a Celebrity reposition cruise San Juan to Cape Liberty. Paid a ridiculous price for 90 minutes. I couldn't log in all week and the internet manager went into hiding. I would have pitched a ***** but because of a hole in the firewall we were able to text each other on board and family at home for free so I didn't bother. Texting worked out better for us than the email communication we would have to do.
  14. They send them to school and Daycare at home which is probably worse.
  15. I'm very surprised about the dress code not being enforced to some degree and I was under the impression that in Europe the passengers dressed more formally. I guess anything can be expected while sailing during the pandemic.
  16. You were correct in being suspicious. Those security questions are only used to access your login account information if you forget your password or user ID. However they could have been using the questions to verify that they were speaking to you and not just anyone who picked up the phone.
  17. Is the buffet open for dinner? I know on Royal Caribbean they are not serving dinner in the buffet. If you are forced to eat in the MDR you can't enforce a dress code if there isn't another alternative for dinner without an up charge?
  18. The irony is that many of these people are paying thousands for a 30 day cruises which amounts to $150 for unlimited fast speed wifi. However, these are the same people who are still communicating via email and checking in for flights through a website and not an App so the free slow minutes work for them. What they don't realize is that Princess is building for the future passengers who won't stand for old or nonexistent technology. I remember paying $150 for 90 slow minutes before I became platinum.
  19. My wife was shopping for a bag on Royal Caribbean. We had the unlimited internet package. She price compared what the ship was offering and what was on sale with a friends and family coupon at Macy's. It was cheaper at Macy's so she ordered it online while we were in the store on the ship. I did the same thing with a watch. I would purchase unlimited even if I had the free minutes available to me.
  20. Oh thanks I missed it in the paragraph that started with candles, incense which they listed twice.
  21. Those rules need to be updated to include household appliances. Over the years I have read threads on all of the boards I follow asking if they can bring irons, coffee makers and even a toaster.
  22. It's a cruiser mentality to leave you passport on the ship in your room safe. I certainly wouldn't leave it in a hotel room on a land trip. It's probably more of a pain to replace a lost or stolen Driver's Licence.
  23. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't Celebrity sailing 100% vaccinated? Meaning anyone who is eligible to get the vaccine 12 yrs old and up must be vaccinated. Also there are ports in the Caribbean who will not allow a ship to dock if it isn't 100% vaccinated. This is causing some issues for Royal Caribbean passengers who have children under 12 or children who would be turning 12 to close to the cruise start date to be vaccinated in time. There are mask rules and segregation of vaxxed and unvaxxed on Royal Caribbean.
  24. I will tell you not to book the cruise ship rainforest tour. It was described as a hike through the rainforest moderate activity level. The day before the excursion I was having an issue with my hip and a hike wasn't in the picture for me so I had to cancel. The rest of the family took the tour. When they came back they told me that I would have been able to handle it but be glad you didn't go. It was basically a bus ride up a hill with the driver describing every pant and leaf. The only walking involved was at the top of the hill. They let you out to walk around, admire the view and take pictures. My wife told me that my walk to CVS to purchase Advil was more of a challenge for me.
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