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  1. It wasn't at all. He was serious and then proceeded to poll the audience on their lobster eating habits at home. I assure he was QUITE serious that NCL was doing us all a favor but not serving us lobster. Guess you had to be there.
  2. Not at all....I almost asked why there was cod all over the ship......
  3. On the Pearl a few weeks ago the Food and Beverage person told us the reason they don't serve lobster anymore is "they prefer to leave it in the sea where it belongs" and "other cruise lines serving 4 ounce rubbery tails are doing a disservice and they refuse to compromise". He also took a poll of the audience to see who eats lobster at home and used that as a point to say people don't eat it at home, they don't need it here. The whole thing was funny.
  4. We all have our own opinions and experience. So happy you had a great cruise. We just didn't happen to have the same experience. Happy Sailing.
  5. Yeah, I had that smell as well in addition to a filthy room. I walked into it first day with a large brown wet stain on the carpet that the steward attempted to put the stool over to hide, mirrors had hand prints on it all over, sheets were stained in 3 places, couch was stained. Had to deal with them replacing a square of carpet 3 days into the trip as well as re-cleaning everything before we embarked. They never dealt with the couch. Shower door fell off the track. And that was all just the tip of the iceberg with the trip.
  6. I am so sorry for everyone that is experiencing delays/cancellations. It's awful but as someone who just got off the Pearl on June 22 I can say you may be better off. We had a terrible experience with NCL and won't ever be cruising with them again. So many of the crew members we encountered just had such an attitude that they couldn't care less, it will be interesting to see how they deal with this!
  7. If you get continental breakfast in the morning will they bring you a pitcher of ice water with it?
  8. I love Nationwide Luxury Cruise plans. Just used "cancel for any reason" a few weeks ago and they paid promptly and with a very easy process. I would never buy insurance from the cruise line as part of what you are protecting yourself from is them 🙂
  9. One other big space saver on prescriptions and OTC meds. Use pill bags (EZY Dose Disposable Pill Pouches). Look on Amazon for them or any drugstore. NOW-there are places/people/reports that you must have all meds in original packaging. I have been using pill bags for decades and have never encountered this. Some people take a picture of the original bottles with them that use these. Another solution if you are worried about original packaging...switch to a pharmacy that offers "Pill Pack"--Amazon and CVS do. I am sure there are others. This way all your pills (OTC and prescription that you take daily) come in little pouches that are pharmacy labeled. Then you can choose how you want to pack all the extras like imodium and cough meds.
  10. Absolutely on the luggage! The right pieces are everything!! My fave carryon is Genius Pack G4. It's not great for international though as it is 1 3/4" over in depth for Icelandair but it does still fit in the slider so try at your own risk. You can get it at Container Store with a coupon so don't pay online pricing. For packing cubes I have everything from eBags to Eagle Creek, Amazon Basics and Compass Rose. Depends on what I am trying to fit and how. Toiletry bags you can try the ebags pack it flat or the Emme (I love this one). The Ebags Motherlodes are all also great for checking. We have biggest and the next size down for combining and checking as a family. You do have to be extremely careful with weight on those. Those big bags can carry way more than 50 pounds.
  11. If you need sweaters try Merino Wool ones like the JCrew Tippi - reduces a ton of bulk and keeps you warm. Lots of other brands like Uniqlo. Lululemon has a whole line of travel friendly clothes like On the Fly, same with Athleta. Buy things that pull double duty-my bathing suit cover up is my airplane wrap (Scott E Vest Lucille). A lot of being able to pack lightly is making the investment in travel easy clothes. I am NOT saying to buy all "travel clothes"--that would not be fashionable but there are a TON of fashionable things out there that travel/pack really well. Start investing in those when you shop. Oh and everyone with the sandals in the MDR if you want an alternative (don't think you need one though) try foldable ballet flats. Tieks are great for not slipping on the ship but if you don't get those definitely scuff up the bottoms with sand paper so you don't go sliding around the deck.
  12. I'm doing a 14 day Europe itinerary with just an international carry on. Get something like Style App for your phone to plan your outfits so that everything mixes and matches. Use cubes. Decant toiletries (most of the time you don't even use a full travel size--practice at home what you need). There are websites that teach you how to create capsule wardrobes for any itinerary/any trip. I do plan to take advantage of the $20 bag special to have some laundry done at least once on the trip. It REALLY isn't that hard if you plan things with the right materials and build a true travel capsule wardrobe. Google Travel Fashion Girl for lots of tips. Getting down to a carry on or at least significantly changing your packing makes life so much easier!
  13. Try looking into the site Travel Fashion Girl. Everything you need to know to go carry on, including toiletries. There is a website and facebook group. The group is very helpful for this type of stuff. 🙂
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