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  1. its 4 or 5 beers I can't remember, this does not county towards the cheers package. they are sold separately
  2. if you're looking for Quantity over quality. Fosters. they are the oil cans 25oz. comes out to a little over 31 (12oz) beers
  3. I was going to say the same thing πŸ˜‚
  4. ive been on deck 8 on the pride a couple times, I've never had an issue with noise.
  5. you can "carry on" a bottle of wine or champagne per person per room over the age of 21 even with the cheers package. this is very convenient to have for when you're hanging out in your room or getting ready for dinner or if you have a balcony. you can enjoy a drink without having to walk to the bar and back. sometimes that can be far depending on where your room is at.
  6. thanks for a post I enjoyed reading this. i will be following it since ill be on a cruise for 2 weeks
  7. I'm curious what do other cruise lines give away for their higher tier guest? im still working on platinum not too far off now
  8. if you are parked in port yes they will charge you the local alcohol tax even if you have the cheers package. Florida Alcohol tax is 6%
  9. lmfao that's hilarious
  10. it should be. I believe all carnival ships are in sequence with the HUB app
  11. Anywhere you see Carnival Beverage staff you can order a drink. Remember though if there is a drink is a souvenir glass those aren't covered under the Cheers package because of the souvenir cup you can keep.
  12. omg this just made me very excited. ill be on the Horizon in February for 2 weeks
  13. Im in and out quick. not all of us go. just grab the cards and leave. never put my stuff down there. but hey that's just me
  14. The doors to the hallways might be closed I usually just walk in and grab my cards. I haven't done FTTF in a long time. for me personally it's not worth it. most of my excursions are scuba and the dive boats usually just pick us up from the ship. Ive never heard of anyone stealing cards and using them to purchase things. as someone else stated your picture pops up on the POS when they slide your S&S card. I always have a carry on so I pack an extra set of clothes ie board shorts and t shirt and sandals. Even with FTTF from what I've read and experienced it's hit or miss if your luggage gets to your room early or not
  15. are you talking about prepaid gratuities ?
  16. yeah I usually don't take naps...but im getting older so I might start lol
  17. ahhh gotcha...me personally id give it a shot for that price though
  18. ya im in the fb group as well. OO Petrovic OO
  19. awesome have you gone to the roll calls portion ?
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