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  1. That is for the 10 and 5% off. You should be good for OBC. Dan
  2. right, you can see all of the available cabins, but if you see 250 cabins and 200 have been sold as royal picks, really there are only 50 cabins left, the 200 just haven't been assigned. Dan
  3. the "unsold" cabins could be the cabins where you let royal pick. One day you'll see 18% available, and then suddenly none are available. Dan
  4. got my assignment at 2 weeks, muster station at 45 days. Adding the set sail pass to apple wallet at 45 days, the number after the - was the cabin I eventually got assigned, so you could try that if you have an iphone. Open up the app, click on your account and click view set sail pass. there should be a button to add to apple wallet, from there you can see the number under the barcode. Dan
  5. It's pretty big and plenty of tables far from the casino. there are sliding doors that close between playmakers and the casino. Last year I didn't notice the smoke at all. Dan
  6. I would be surprised if it was because of the travel advisory since labadee is walled off from the rest of the island.
  7. I can try to remember to do this. What are the drinks? We are on the 3/16 sailing. Dan
  8. So our son plays baseball for alabama and his games are streamed on espn+/SEC+. Has anyone tried to stream games using the ship wi-fi service? We will be on Independence of the seas. How was the experience, was it worth it? Trying to decide if we'll get it Thanks Dan
  9. cruised a few times on st pats day, including navigator. Some drink specials, some decorations, but nothing crazy. some people will be wearing green and get into it. Dan
  10. Didn't like the paper straws on our cruise last year, so we're bringing some stainless steel straws this year to see if we like them better Steel Straws
  11. It's been a few years but I don't remember anything from that trip on Valentines day, maybe a few decorations put up, but nothing special. Maybe that has changed in the 5ish years since we went over Valentines Day. Dan
  12. Last two years I’ve noticed less chair issues than on our trips in previous years Dan
  13. Ok, really, why do you care?? I won't be booking a GTY probably in the future because I didn't like not knowing, but I really don't understand why you would care. It doesn't affect anyone on the ship at all, everyone that didn't pick a GTY, picked the cabin they wanted, those that did pick a GTY may not get the cabin that they want, or they may be able to exchange it for one they like better. That was the gamble, and I may win, I may lose. I'm ok with that, I really don't understand why anyone else would care. Dan
  14. I didn't book a GTY to game the system. I booked it because it was cheaper knowing full well that I could get a room that I didn't desire. If royal said I couldn't change rooms after assignment, I'd be fine with that. When I booked it, I didn't even know that I would be able to change rooms after assignment. But reading on here that I could if the room is assigned and another room I would like better is available, why wouldn't I try? Not sure its a scheme, or anything nefarious, just trying to have the best vacation I can at the lowest price. Dan
  15. So we've kind of been assigned our room. If I look at it, it still says GTY, but it's got the deck and muster station. And if I add it to my wallet on my iphone, it looks like we've been assigned our room. The room is fine, but I'd rather be lower and closer to the elevator. When I look at our cruise, I see other rooms I'd rather have. Do I need to wait until it's officially assigned before calling and asking for a change, or can they figure it out? Also, is it unofficially official, or is it likely that it will change again. I'm sure the room will be fine but if I can get closer
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