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  1. I don't get these phone calls offering you a downgrade. Why don't they offer the party who wants to cruise the crappy balcony and deck? $300 isn't worth it, what a joke and I'd tell them that as well.
  2. The IC on the Coral is nothing to write home about that's for sure. As someone said, it's located right next to the casino and one can smell cigarette smoke coming from the casino. Out of all the Princess ships we have been on, the Coral IC IMHO isn't up to par with the other Princess ships. If you want coffee 24/7 go to HC on Lido.
  3. We've been on the Ruby 2-3 times - we're picky when it comes to ships. We know which ones we'll cruise on again and which ones we won't - not even for FREE! Ruby isn't one of them. I would not have chosen Lido deck for a cabin. We always get a Caribe deck cabin due to the larger balconies. You will be the one to make it a memorable time, not what someone who left their 2 cents worth on a message board. It will be your experience and no one else's. I take most reviews of a ship as only an opinion. I know there's a lot of nit picky cruisers who gripe just to be griping. We read a lot of their cry baby issues and the OP generally doesn't fair very well with the responses. Embarking is easy. Get to the port, get in line, get your S&S card, wait to board the ship. Debarking: Go to your designated debarkation area and wait to be released from the ship. Have your S&S card in hand as you will need it to get off the ship. Easy. You cannot tour the ship - only when you board for your cruise will you be allowed on the ship and not beforehand. It's going to be alright. Many of us are seasoned cruisers here, you will have a good time.
  4. Really? So, I take it you don't buy or use anything that's plastic. I bet you do use plastic and a lot of it.
  5. I don't want a pen or good notebook or a free drink. I get free drinks at the Captains party for elites/platinum/suites. I like the bag of goodies and so does my daughter. I've got pens up the wazoo, what good is a notebook to me? I've got the minibar, the bottles are plastic!
  6. OP said: "I have checked with the airlines and it has not been purchased. "
  7. This is what we do, and the company we book with already has it marked "no upgrades." We've never been keen on these so-called upgrades,. We made the mistake once and never again,. I tell them only upgrade would be to a penthouse suite and for free. Never got the call.....
  8. Yeah, it makes for a rough cruise when TSHTF and people act out. So many dangerous things on board, and it isn't a Leatherman.
  9. We've had some really sharp ones at the steak house,. We haven't been to the steak house on the last 2 cruises, so maybe they're cutting back (no pun intended). Wasn't there some guy who knifed a passenger to death recently on a Princess cruise, with a steak knife? DH and I laugh every time we eat at the steak house and we're given the knife. We kid around with the waiter about it. We bring wine openers, and that has a small knife and a corkscrew that could do some damage. And what about that ladder to the bunk bed that some guy bludgeoned his wife to death with on a Princess cruise? So many things that security overlooks.
  10. Princess sells something similar to what you have in their shops. I bought two of them for around $10.00. They sure do come in handy for a variety of things in the cabin. Used it a few times to get the bottle cap off of a bottle on the minibar. Also, I bring a pair of scissors with me and use it every cruise for something. Heck, you even get a real sharp steak knife in the Steak House, what harm could your tool be?
  11. People put stuff in the garbage that is illegal all the time = toxic stuff. I'm not trying to defend Princess or any other corporation that pollutes. I don't feel betrayed, nor do I want to "slap someone" as the OP I answered to stated. Will I still cruise Princess? Yes. Will I still purchase chemicals like Round-up? Yes. There isn't a big difference, we're all guilty of polluting.
  12. I don't feel as though I've been betrayed other than Princess raising the prices to pay for the fines. That's the betrayal. Face it, we all pollute every day. We consume, we throw stuff in the garbage, it's taken to the dump, we are continuous nonstop polluters. No different on a ship than being at home. /just saying
  13. Yeah, I know what you mean. There's certain areas I can't go to due to people smoking--casino for one. And how about those passengers that lick their fingers every where on the ship and spread noro to other passengers. There's plenty of hazardous things people do to make life miserable for others. You took it as if I was going to do it. I'm not two-years old, been cruising a long, long time.
  14. You will still have to pass through customs and you will be asked where are you returning from, and show your ticket. Highly unlikely any American will get away with it.
  15. The first day onboard, we request 2 carafes of hot water. We bring the Starbucks instant packets (get them at Costco). I also bring D'Vita cappuccino to mix in my coffee. We keep the carafes and in the morning I walk up to Lido and fill the two empty pots with hot water. I also grab 2 cups. The cups you get with room service are really small. Two sips and the coffee in the cup is gone. I might sneak a carafe hot pot on board, and have instant hot water without going to Lido. I'm tempted.
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