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  1. We too had a cruise to Alaska in May, and we cancelled. If we would have waited one more day, we would have been penalized $200. If you cancel, don't delay. We already got all of our money back.
  2. Do you still stand by that statement - 27 days later? First Brit dies from the coronavirus, he was aboard the Diamond Princess. Fear mongering? I cancelled our cruise to Alaska in May, I'm not willing to chance being sick again from the cruise crud. https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/coronavirus-cases-surge-across-europe-hong-kong-dog-tests-positive-live-updates?utm_campaign=&utm_content=ZeroHedge%3A+The+Durden+Dispatch&utm_medium=email&utm_source=zh_newsletter
  3. Did they find out where it came from? There's a lot of speculation going on.
  4. No, that wasn't the case. My sister knowing that we cruise a lot emailed me and told me about the quarantine on the ship and that their friends were onboard. This was before it hit the news. She emailed me asking for information on the ship, etc. The Diamond Princess was our first ever Princess cruise.
  5. I'm not sure how this happened, but my sister has friends on the Diamond Princess. She emailed me today and said that they were home now (in Texas), and getting ready for another travel vacation. How did that happen? I thought they weren't releasing anyone on the Diamond. I'm quite confused now.
  6. I read in another article by epidemiologists that they believe the corona came from pigs. We just don't know, there's Level 4 biolabs in many places and who knows what they've been mixing together. Did this virus get released from one of those Level 4 labs? Is the sequencing done on this virus? So many variables. WHO is on their way to China finally with the permission of the Chinese government. What took them so long to allow WHO to come? The CDC has been there for at least a couple of weeks now. Too little too late IMHO. I'm waiting for the final word as to how, what, when, and wher
  7. This is when I wish I understood the Chinese language. I'm seeing many videos on Twitter where people are crying, going ballistic because of the lockdown. Some are being dragged out of their homes, and some have never been seen again. Anyone caught reporting what is going on is arrested. It's not so much about the disease, it's about money and saving face. It's hurting the travel industry, restaurants, and people are hoarding. The news eventually gets out one way or another, news these days travels fast. You have to wade through common sense and fake news. It's all coming down to showi
  8. Apples and oranges. Maybe I should have said a carrier of a disease that they infect others but are not affected by it themselves.
  9. I don't believe that it is a Typhoid Mary type of virus. I'm no expert, but like SARs and other coronaviruses, it will have to run its course. This is why they are quarantining people to prevent the spread. I think it's too late to stop it. Don't click on the video below if dead bodies bother you.
  10. It's like sitting in jail or prison waiting for the grim reaper to show up. That's how I'm viewing this.
  11. A lot of what if's. Our President is asking that scientists look into seeing if this virus was a part of bio-warfare. https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/white-house-asks-scientists-investigate-origins-coronavirus/story?id=68807304
  12. "We're Totally In The Dark" - Japan Not Doing Enough To Contain Outbreak, 'Diamond Princess' Passengers Warn Summary: Virus death toll surpasses SARS (total: 813) New cases confirmed in UK, Spain, Singapore Passengers aboard 'Diamond Princess' warn authorities aren't doing enough to protect them - and others Officials in Shenzen say they won't block Foxxconn factory reopening
  13. I agree, people right now seem to be in a panic mode. BTW, I don't hate anyone, and don't make the mistake of watching out for yourself and loved ones with avoiding others as hating anyone. It's that evolutionary thing called "self-interest."
  14. But no vaccine for SARs. Corona has now killed more people in 29 days than it did with SARs in several months. Doesn't matter how "excellent" or "world class" you are, when you sandwich millions of people into a small area, eat exotic animals, do not practice good hygiene, stuff happens. SARs, MERs, Ebola, Noro, on and on. Then there's bio-warfare to mix in there.....
  15. In the Diamond Princess video above, people were touching the handrails and had no gloves on. Even with gloves on, you are still transferring the virus from point A to point B and so forth. Probably why they're still seeing people testing positive and some are still carriers but showing no signs of the infection - yet.
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