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  1. hvsteve1

    Judging by the Edge photos so far...

    I have sailed more on Regent than any other single line. Our two most recent were on Cunard which has a similar "segregated" area for suites (and different levels based on suite class). One of the advantages of being in a suite on a larger, mass-market ship, is more specialty restaurants and bars. While Regent is luxury throughout and their MDR Compass Rose is equivalent to Luminea, there are really only two other specialty restaurants and a fewer bars. However the outdoor buffets are mind-blowing. But there is more to see and do on a Celebrity ship. We are on EDGE for the Dec. 6th and 9th cruises to see a new ship and the novelty of an Inaugural cruise. However, the prices are nuts! We are in a Sky Suite for the 3-night and a panoramic ocean view for the 7. We could book a similar cruise on S Class and get a Penthouse Suite for only a few thousand more than a Sky Suite on Edge. And the Sky Suites are half the price of EDGE. This will probably be our last EDGE Class cruise until the prices settle down, if they ever do.
  2. I have another question for those of you on-board. Do the suites feel smaller in person than they looked on the computer renderings? That's the impression I get from photos.
  3. I see a menu charging for drinks at the bar. Do they also charge inside? Why charge when any suite guest will normally have a premium beverage card? According to the "X" description of suites, the beverage card is not referred to as a "perk" but a "benefit". As for no bar in the lounge, at Michael's Club most people got their drinks from servers, anyway. I didn't get the impression most people preferred to sit at the bar.
  4. hvsteve1

    Edge in Port Everglades

    What's that about the bow?
  5. hvsteve1

    Will someone get on this Ship???

    I thought they placed the back end near the rail so they would not have to hire someone with a shovel.
  6. hvsteve1

    Back from TA, lessons learned

    I agree with HCAT on preferring the QM2. She is an Ocean Liner, unlike the others that are cruise ships. QM2 handles the rough seas much better than others. She also has massive interior spaces with the expectation most guests will spend most of the cruise inside. Decks were seldom usable due to cold and windy (and sometimes rainy) weather. And this was in June. The old photos of passengers lying on loungers with heavy clothing and covered in blankets was exactly the kind of things people did on this cruise. We also cruised on Queen Victoria in Europe and, though also Cunard, it was a different experience as she is a cruise ship with much tighter inside spaces. Though "X" crossings are a bargain price, my understanding is you get no perks which, after you add paying for all those things, makes it not that great a deal. Some of the luxury lines use the days at sea to make it a theme cruise, as does Cunard on some crossings.
  7. hvsteve1

    Edge Sky Suites - What's the Scoop?

    Drum table may become a base for a table. On another cruise I believe I recall a similar table becoming a base when room service was brought on a table top that nested on it.
  8. hvsteve1

    Edge Overpriced???

    What I think people ignore with EDGE pricing is this is an entirely new class of ship. There is almost nothing on this ship that appears to be recognizable from S Class. Four distinct main dining rooms, Eden, new specialty restaurants, the seemingly spectacular spa, etc. may justify a (somewhat) higher fare. As for suites, I don't think you could compare going down to deck five for Luminea, carved out of the MDR and the former pub that is Michael's Club with the new retreat where everything is in one prime section of the ship PLUS a sun deck. Yes, they are getting a premium for early cruises on a new ship, however look at how much extra you pay to cruise over Christmas due to the seasonal demand. We're on the Dec. 6 and Dec. 9 cruises and will have a chance to check out all these things and report back. If I'm wrong, I'll say so. As for the PVSA, foreign port stops in Ensinada for a West Coast Cruise where the ship makes it to San Diego in a few hours and Victoria, BC which is also a ferry ride from Seattle, show that it's not distance that counts. And it is a ridiculous, outdated law that costs millions of dollars to cruise lines (and passengers) and sometimes causes detours that nobody wants.
  9. If you think a waiter who keeps stopping by the table to ask if everything is OK is annoying, wait until you try to eat at Eden.🙄
  10. The current Martini Bar tends to be a crowded area. Where it is on EDGE gives people plenty of room to get their drinks and disburse.
  11. We can have a lot of fun thinking up four letter words to post on the stacks of future ships. 🤬
  12. hvsteve1

    Booking Magic Carpet

    This is only a guess, but the suites will have their own lounge in the new terminal. I would guess the Retreat concierge might have a desk there to get started on bookings.
  13. hvsteve1

    Is celebrity a must for alaska????+

    We did Alaska on Seven Seas Mariner and it was outstanding. Dress code isn't that bad. Try Cunard. We've done two Cunard cruises and needed to bring extra luggage.
  14. hvsteve1

    Shopping on the Edge Rolled Out!

    Members on both the 12/9 and 12/16 roll calls have designed EDGE merchandise available through on-line vendors. You might want to check it out and board with your EDGE duds.
  15. With four different MDRs my understanding is, if you want to try other than your assigned one, you can ask if the one you want has room. I would expect a lot of people would be in that kind of rotation plus those wanting to try all the new specialty restaurants, at least one of the four main dining rooms would have early availability on any given night.