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  1. From Travelmarket Report "On Friday, the government of Canada announced that all people traveling between provinces via air, train, and cruise ship will soon be required to be vaccinated against COVID-19. “Vaccination is the most effective tool to reduce the risk of COVID-19 for Canadians and to protect broader public health,” Canada’s Treasury Board said in a statement announcing the news. “This includes all commercial air travelers, passengers on interprovincial trains, and passengers on large marine vessels with overnight accommodations, such as cruise ships.” The plan to implement the mandate has not yet been revealed, but the requirement will likely take effect within the next few months, possibly as soon as the fall and no later than the end of October, according to Canada’s Treasury Department."
  2. We're sailing out of Miami in concierge class next Februrary. For those of you who have done so, what was your experience with Regent's pre-cruise hotel package?
  3. Keep in mind the early train may have heavy fog. Also, I believe the ship tours may stay together so individually booked trips may be in less crowded coaches.
  4. The big question for cruising is what countries will be letting Americans in. Ships are sailing in Europe now that cannot take US citizens. We booked for June 2021 but don't know how much before then (or even June) we'll be able to sail. And assume many of those cabins listed as not available aren't booked but being held empty. The lower number of passengers on the ships may make the less crowding in restaurants and public areas a nice change.
  5. We had already cancelled our June cruise last week.
  6. One thing that I don't see mentioned much is several of the S3 cabins connect to an inside cabin. This is very handy if you are traveling with family and don't want the expense of adjoining suite or balcony cabins. I had an S2 on the Inaugural Voyage but when researching cabins was led to believe those using the adjoining inside cabin, while not necessary getting all the perks, are allowed to use Luminea, The Retreat and Retreat Sun Deck so as not to split up families.
  7. CEO Lisa Lutoff-Perlo received the Eleanor Roosevelt Vall-Kill medal in Hyde Park, NY over the weekend. This was the 19th year the medal has been awarded. Lutoff-Perlo was given the medal as a "Gender Barriers Disruptor/Equality and Diversity Promoter" for her work to increase the number of women in leadership positions on Celebrity ships and her work in other organizations. Her award was presented by Captain Kate McCue. Among others receiving medals were Chelsea Clinton and Zainab Salbi, a TV host and founder of Women for Women International. Prior recipients include Helen Hayes, Ed Asner, Christopher Reeve and Queen Noor of Jordan. Read the story here: https://www.poughkeepsiejournal.com/story/news/local/2019/10/13/hillary-clinton-presents-eleanor-roosevelt-val-kill-medal-chelsea-clinton/3928019002/
  8. We are on Millenium next year in a Sky Suite. My wife has a lot of trouble with a tub so is considering changing to a handicapped S2 for the shower. The last time we had a handicapped cabin was on HAL and water from the shower went all over the bathroom. Is it like this on Celebrity. Also, what other changes would be in the suite? She's concerned about funky closets and bathroom fixtures. She's not in a wheelchair, just can't climb into a tub.
  9. We were on Labadee with "X" suite class which is a private beach. Much different from rest of the island.
  10. As Celebrity has now gone to classes, the Sky Suite is a Suite because it falls into that class, giving you the suite perks and access to "suite only" areas of the ship, not because it is so much larger than other cabins.
  11. In our past Celebrity cruises my wife considered a caviar spread one of her big treats. She was introduced to caviar on Regent and now wants it every time we sail. The cruises were the only place she could ever get it. On our EDGE Inaugural cruise we inquired in several restaurants, including Luminea, and were told no place on Celebrity ships has caviar any longer. I cannot understand how a premium cruise line such as "X" can do away with such a luxury feature.
  12. As we don't usually do shore excursions, I went to the tender deck after the rush and didn't have to wait long. The EDGE tenders are easier to board and more comfortable than other ships'. I did see that, in one port, those with ship's excursions went to another boarding area and used local tenders, probably because they are much larger boats and speed things up. If you want coffee or tea in you room you can arrange for room service the night before. There's no charge but you may want to tip the server a buck or two. We bring thermal mugs so I can run to the buffet if I want. We also normally have a drink package so can get coffee at Cafe' Al Bacio.
  13. On Regent an 11-night Med cruise on Explorer (their newest ship) is $60,499 for a Regent Suite, the top category. However, Regent's suite is 3,026 sf with 2 balconies totaling 1,417 sf. Celebrity's Iconic Suite is 1,892 sf with a 689 sf balcony. While both suites get a lot of perks and super service, Regent has some really special benefits. Business class air. Hotel stay before cruise. Free spa treatments in the suite. Free private port tours with car, driver and guide. The Regent Master Suite is approximately the same size as the Iconic Suite and goes for $24,099 with free air and hotel. I've sailed multiple times on Celebrity, Cunard and Regent. Having a suite on the first two is a little different experience as you have special restaurants, lounges and decks, making you feel (and this is always controversial on these boards) somewhat "special". On Regent everyone is treated the same in common areas and it's hard to tell who's in the least expensive cabin or the top suite. Regent does give the luxury of not having to be concerned about the cost of drinks (except super-expensive liquor), gratuities (nobody will accept one), the cost of specialty restaurants (you need a reservation, internet or paying for basic shore excursions. Celebrity is more fun, Cunard is more elegant but Regent is a better deal.
  14. The Retreat Lounge continues the Michael's Club custom of free drinks. Not all suite passengers have a beverage package. For example, we were on the 3-night EDGE preview cruise and, because it was so short, suites did not get the usual perks, including the premium beverage package. We stayed on board for the 7-night inaugural cruise and the usual perks were in effect. I gather "X" does not want to extend free drinks to a regular bar, even one on a suites-only deck. On a normal cruise everyone there will probably have the beverage card.
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