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  1. I agree with Dr65 -- word for word ----was worried about the size of veranda cabin but it was great and the shower just fine. Plenty of room for everything . We were probably on same cruise arl_nocaps
  2. On the insignia now, the food is very good but ..., not always thrilled with selections. We had great entertainment.. John Joseph a comedian was terrific. Place was packed and laughed so much. the cd Carson was good and did is own show which was a big hit. Group stuff so so. It is a good sailing
  3. When I booked my reservations I had to take a share table , no problem with dates and time. When I arrived at Toscana had a great table for 2. 😀 Not sure how that happened . This is on the Insignia .
  4. Insignia in the gulf of st Lawrence now, smooth sailing, weather good arrive Saguenay tomorrow 10 am 😀
  5. FYI seabourn quest going Montreal to Boston heading into storm when leaving Halifax . they pushed Halifax up a day to get going .
  6. In Halifax now, the calm before the storm beautiful and warm a little nerve wracking looking ahead to next few days
  7. Working very well on Insignia. One iPhone 8 no problem once you get started and remember to login every day. Arleen
  8. The port of Sydney was cancelled. Not a big deal. Now 2 sea days as they get to st Lawrence river and away from Atlantic. Escaped from Florida and it is following me.
  9. The Insignia Nyc to Montreal will be changing route and cancelled a port because hurricane will affect ship on Saturday. Happy they are doing this and getting to safer waters. arl_nocaps
  10. On board Indignia now Nestle pure life given when leaving ship— can bring to your cabin. Vero water tastes terrible to me and get Evian at dinner. Sometimes Crystal bottles both good so no problem arl_nocaps
  11. Sailaway from nyc the best I have experienced. So fast at pier onboard within 15 min. No problem on insignia with 2 carryon. All cabins ready 2;30 and checked bag waiting for us. arl_ nocaps
  12. On the insignia now. Agree with edmell about the tea. Not as elaborate as I have remembered. arl_nocaps
  13. On the Insignia now in Canada. Latest possibility of hurricane winds up here Saturday. Worried Yes! arl _nocaps
  14. what does everyone do with their carry on bags ? yes we check the big bag but have not had luck getting the smaller carry-on bags brought to our cabin until quite late which causes a little anxiety. so--do we just drag them around until our cabin is ready ? not sure what is best. insignia smaller --could be easier --any thoughts ?? arl_nocaps
  15. thanks --digging up sweaters --we will be cold
  16. we are staying at the bonaparte in old montreal and have a 10:15 flt. how is traffic early on a wed and what is best way to get to airport? uber or taxi - thanks for your advice arl_nocaps
  17. we are sailing on the insignia in 3 weeks and very nervous about this water situation. What happens when you do laundry ? will there be a problem bringing my own water on board? I guess I will be drinking more wine or soda at dinner --so much sugar - arl_nocaps
  18. i plan to go the jfk library while in boston for the day. i guess we would take uber -anyone know the distance or approx cost from the cruise terminal? arl_nocaps
  19. anyone have an idea of what the weather might be like in early september. what to wear ?? going nyc to montreal --
  20. i found it in chrome --but might clear too much and i would have to sign in to everything --not up to it thanks everyone --I redid my password and got it working - for now anyway
  21. LHT you are probably correct ---but --how to do that ??
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