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  1. Do you know how much from the port to Maho is ? How much is it for the 3rd and 4th? Trying to decide is we want to go to a resort next to Maho
  2. Is this in St John Antigua ? I couldn’t find anything except for the chocolate museum in Antigua Guatemala
  3. did you have to wait a certain time to return back to the port? We are sailing with NCL and they have an excursion which would be convenient but I have 2 toddlers, I’m not sure they can withstand 4-5 hrs.
  4. We’ve been to Alaska twice with Holland America and it’s one of our favorite itineraries. We hope to do it again in the future! we will be on the NCL Sun later this year, can you tell me anything of the golf area? I saw it in some ship tour videos. Are there clubs there? did you have any difficulty booking speciality dining restaurants? I had heard that with everyone getting the free at sea promos, reservations were tough or at very odd hours. I know a benefit is that the Sun is a smaller pax ship.
  5. I will keep this in mind, but we’ll probably have to break out the tablets and screentime. Do you know if we could take any food “Togo” like the dessert if things take too long. I mean I guess I could wait until the server brings to our table and then we take the whole dish.
  6. With the free at sea promo, we will get 3 meals for our next cruise, is there a charge for kids ? My kids are 5 and 2. Or would they charge ala carte or is it possible to order from a free kids menu? They do like steak, so if we go to Cagneys I’m okay with buying 1 extra steak for them to share. we are traveling alone and the youngest can’t go to kids club so the kids will have to come with us.
  7. New to the free at sea promo, is the speciality dining # of meals per person for the first 2 guests? I am on a 12 day cruise in a balcony, so do I get 3 meals to split across 2 people or 6 meals for 2 people?
  8. Thank you for the photos! This helps visualize it more and if the sofa bed is by the balcony that’s better for us.
  9. Sorry if it was not clear, the kids would not be sleeping in the other room by themselves. We would each take 1 child in each room. but I am asking if 1 room would fit the pack n play and have space for the older one to sleep on the couch bed. It doesn’t look like there is any other place to put the pack and play other than between the couch and desk, but then we would have no access to the bathroom/door once he is sleeping. We are thinking 2 connecting rooms so we can still hang out in the other room or access the outside door when the youngest goes to bed. But if there is sufficient room for all of us in 1 room, it would be nice to save some money
  10. We are looking at a RCI cruise for next year and wondering if we need 2 rooms for our family of 4. Our 1 yo will sleep in a pack and play and the 3 (will be 4 at the time of cruise) will sleep on the couch bed. Is there even enough room in a balcony room on Anthem of the Seas? Last time we cruised with just the older one when she was 1 and we did an ocean view on NCL. We asked them to take out the extra furniture and waS able to fit the pack and play in without blocking the space to the bathroom. We are wondering if we need 2 connecting rooms. I had looked at a junior suite but the price was more than 2 balcony rooms and it didn’t seem like you get any more perks.
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