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  1. I am with you in hoping all goes well also. We are booked on the Countess for May 1.
  2. If you have to fly with a block, I would recommend your carry on, and no matter what anyone in line tells you, take it out, take the top off the box, and put it in its own tray through the scanner. Once I left it in my suitcase, I had a nice stack of TSA paperwork when I got home. No real hassle for me, but now I do carry them on board and have been thanked by the TSA for being pro-active and not giving the scanners a heart attack.
  3. The port fees and taxes are returned to the original form of payment.
  4. We have 1 cruise in Nov and 2 in Dec. And we also got the survey similar to the one you received.
  5. When the Brilliance is in Tampa they are only doing 5/5/4 night cruises, so a lot of things are scaled back. Amit and I did discuss whether he would be on the Brilliance for the last Scandinavia cruise and the TA. If all goes as planned - I believe he should be back for the TA. But things were in flux as Dionata who was to start his CL training had to leave unexpectedly. So time will tell if Amit's contract had to be extended and if he would be coming back as scheduled.
  6. Hi Sherri Just boarded the Brilliance today and Amit is back in the CL and Dionata Soares is still in the DL.
  7. Love this cruise. We did it last year on the Adventure and are booked on the Vision next year. Looking forward to your review. Love your pictures, they bring back many pleasant memories. We really enjoyed our time in Quebec City.
  8. On symphony - SL - Raul and Jackie in Suite Lounge. And Norman De Ocampo on DL for 2 weeks. (I talked with him this evening in the DL.)
  9. Jackie will be on board for the birthday cruise. I think she will be going home about 2 weeks later.
  10. On Symphony, Willie will be starting his vacation tomorrow, 9/21/2019. Raul will be moving to the Suite Lounge. I expect Jenny will be returning to the DL. Will check and confirm tomorrow, since we will be on for another week.
  11. I am currently on the Symphony of the Seas and "Name That Tune: The very est of the 80's is listed in todays compass. It is an afternoon event.
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