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  1. Yes.Nice to see you are posting Dai.I always remember you helping me to post some photos online after our CC meet up when Captain Camby came along
  2. We are considering this cruise and for me on a translantic its important to have a balcony for somewhere to escape to! I am happy with an inside cabin on short cruises but when there are lots of sea days I like to be able to have somewhere to enjoy p and q occasionally.I have heard some people say they would prefer a standard cabin on C deck with its larger balconies than a deluxe cabin on D deck.We had a C deck cabin and having a large balcony part of which was sheltered was great.
  3. Princess seem to be doing the same.Supply and demand I suppose but it doesn't sound as though numbers will be a lot lower onboard % wise
  4. Have to confess that my hubby has a bow tie with flashing lights!
  5. Being a twin I am taking part in a study to see if people have antibodies (blood test)I have a weakened immune system so it will be reassuring if I find out that I have antibodies but may be a worry if I haven't!
  6. Thats why Sparrowhawks killing other birds is horrible but I can accept its necessary for them to survive.However cats just kill for the fun of it as far as I am aware so I.m another one who is not a cat lover- sorry to those who are
  7. Lovely sunny day here too.Just come back from a walk with a friend via a cafe where we sat outside drinking a latte.Saw several goldfinches and bluebells.
  8. ann141


    We are the same.We have had mainly inside cabins but several times have had a balcony and once a superior balcony.For us it depends partly on the price difference and if we are on a long translantic I would only want to book a balcony cabin but if a short cruise we are happy with an inside as we don't spend much time in the cabin.
  9. I know its not very good for the environment but as I hate ironing I dry most of my clothes in the tumble dryer!
  10. I can't see dates or specific prices.I would be willing to have an inside cabin for 3 or 4 nights(and a drink or two!) if the price was ok
  11. Apparently 'basic bevvies' are very basic and just include tea, coffee, juices and sodas🙁
  12. I think 'basic' drinks are included (don't know which are considered basic) and if under £500 for 3 or 4 nights I might consider it because the ship looks fantastic and it would be great to 'test' it out.Just have to persuade the hubby
  13. I could never understand why people would want to use the lauderette whilst on holiday.However after a 17 night cruise a few years ago our washing machine broke down on the first wash.Since then I use the ships launderette if on a cruise of longer than 14+ nights.
  14. I would love to try a cruise with Virgin but at that price and with no ports to visit I will probably give it a miss
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