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  1. We have booked an obstructed balcony with another cruise line and our confirmation just states Balcony, no mention of obstruction.However I have looked at the cabin we have been allocated and it IS an obstructed balcony.I don t mind because that is what we have paid for and expected but if you definitely don t want an obstructed cabin I think the best thing would either phone P and O and check or wait until you receive your allocated cabin and if it is obstructed ask if you can pay to upgrade.Of course you run the risk of not being able to upgrade if you are allocated a cabin close to the sailing date but the obstructed balcony cabins on Britannia aren t too bad.
  2. Thank you for all the replies.All useful to know
  3. Thank you.Thats a great help 🙂
  4. I think they are lanyards with sunflowers on them for those with hidden disabilities.You were able to pick up one from some Sainsbury branches earlier this year but not sure if they still have them
  5. Thank you- really useful to know.We are going in November this year on 19th but are staying on the ship as it goes to the Caribbean, back to New York and finally back to Southampton.It means we will see New York twice and hope to visit 9/11 museum first time and perhaps Central Park the second time.Have you any suggestions on the easiest way to visit it from Brooklyn? We visited New York briefly last year on a cruise and docked at Manhatten so saw some of the main sights then and also had the spectacular sail in! Hubby wants to go on QM2 for the iconic sail in so thats why we are going again so soon
  6. Thank you.Is it advisable to book tickets to the 9/11 museum in advance?
  7. Thank you.We particularly want to visit the 9/11 museum as we have been to New York (briefly) before but didn t manage to fit it in. As it was a 7'5 hour trip did it leave really early about 7am?
  8. For anyone who has previously cruised the translantic roundtrip, how much time do you actually get in New York by the time you,ve gone through immigration and is it best to do a Cunard trip? Can anyone give me an example of the trips for those returning to the ship on the same day?
  9. Thanks for your review.We had considered one of these new cabins but one of the staff on Aurora had told us that the view was non existant so we have opted for a large inside cabin which is a lot cheaper!
  10. I would suggest phoning P and O and asking how they could help him.Perhaps ask for priority boarding.Would he cope with childrens club? If so perhaps ask how they might cater for his special needs.Could he wear ear defenders at the Muster drill? If you were able to self disembark that might help as you wouldn t be hanging around.I have a grandson who is autistic and I have seen how different the needs can be with different children.If he manages to go to a mainstream school he may cope better than if, like my grandson he goes to a special needs school.Perhaps just take him on a 7 day cruise to see how it goes
  11. WE like both Britannia and Ventura but Britannia is our favourite P and O ship particularly because of the modern feel to her which you mention you liked.Ventura is lovely but rather tired .If you like to sit out on your balcony you may prefer Ventura as the balconies are larger(particularly those on C deck)We like the choice of entertainment on Britannia but tend to choose a cruise based on the Itinerary so our next couple of cruises are on Aurora and Arcadia
  12. We booked whilst onboard ship and it was someone from p and o who told us the price had increased at 10 15
  13. We booked a cruise to the Mediterranean for October 2020 on the day the cruises were first released and the price went up at 10 15am on the same day!!!
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