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  1. ann141

    Why so long waiting for excusions?

    Also for Caribbean cruises I expect the excursions are ready to book whether sailing in October or March as they will probably arrange packages with the companies for the whole season
  2. ann141

    Spain, Portugal and France in late October?

    Have you thought about a fly cruise on Oceana from Malta?
  3. ann141

    Price Reduction

    Interesting.Thank you 🙂
  4. ann141

    Price Reduction

    Are you hinting that if we specifically phone the concierge dept (rather than the normal customer services number) we might have more chance of an upgrade for a reasonable price than paying the difference at the time the cruise was booked?Or is that just my wishful thinking!?
  5. ann141

    Limelight Club

    Thats what I thought.We had booked to see Gareth Gates before our cruise hoping we would be allocated good seats but although they were closer to the front than the previous time we had booked they were right by a pillar!
  6. ann141

    Limelight Club

    Usually I wouldn t bother to book in advance but when we saw Gareth Gates earlier this year he was sold out every night.I agree about some of the tables being in an awkward place.Is it possible to ask for a particular table? We have been twice and have always been allocated a table
  7. ann141

    Atmosphere on board

    One reason we usually have insides on Aurora and Arcadia but a Balcony on Britannia!
  8. ann141

    will the price drop

    P and O are standardizing Meet ups now because they have become so popular so the date, time and Meeting place will be in the Horizon paper.Alternatively(or as well I think because P and O will advertise one) it is possible to arrange an informal meet up on the roll call.
  9. ann141

    will the price drop

    No more cruises before Christmas but not long to wait until January! Perhaps see you at the Meet up?
  10. ann141

    will the price drop

    We are also on the April cruise on Aurora and booked as soon as prices were released.Often the cruises that have the biggest increase are those with 'different' or interesting itineraries e.g I think the April cruise is the only one(apart from one in October)where you can visit Malta without flying.Traditionally cruises in November and December (apart from Christmas) drop in price and there are a lot of cruises to the Caribbean so those cruises tend to drop in price too.However, nowadays P and O tend to drop prices a lot earlier than they used to so there are fewer last minute bargains
  11. ann141

    will the price drop

    It is hard to tell but one way I try and gauge if there are a lot of unsold cabins is to do a dummy run on the grade of cabin you are interested in as well as perhaps the grade either side.If you can t select a particular cabin because it says 'Guarantee only' it usually means there are not many cabins of that grade left.However I think sometimes P and O will state 'Guarantee only on the lowest grade e'g HF or PF so they can slot people in at a later date so I usually look at the other cabins.If most grades say guarantee only the ship is likely to be nearly full but if most grades show a choice of 6 or 7 cabins, there are usuallyquite a few left.I think it also depends how important it is to go on a particular ship on a particular date.If your friend definately wants t o sail on Britannia on a certain date he may be best booking it fairly soon though possibly waiting until Black Friday-23 November.(P and O don t usually have special offers but some TA's do
  12. Thank you for your replies.Useful to know 🙂
  13. Do you know the cost of the Red Hook ferry? Is it possible(or quicker) to get to the World Trade Centre Memorial by underground?
  14. ann141

    Roaring 20's night on QM2?

    Thanks for your replies.Useful to know and plan- not going until November 2019
  15. ann141

    Roaring 20's night on QM2?

    Black/white night seems fairly easy to dress for and may be able to get something for the 20s night but what proportion of ladies wear a red or gold dress at the Cunarder ball?