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  1. I take several evening bags to match my outfits and when packing put the matching jewelry etc inside the bag before putting in the suitcase.One evening bag is very small so only fits my cruise card, hankie and lipstick so my hubby takes my glasses and carries them in his trouser pocket!
  2. We never put our name or cabin number on the envelope but hand it to the cabin steward or waiter directly.
  3. ann141

    Book club

    I asked a similar question on another forum and if you look on a site called 'Complete Cruise Solution' you should find it.I'm like you in that I would like to have the book before the cruise to perhaps start reading it or to at least to find out if its a book I am likely to enjoy
  4. We have a similar problem as we go away on the evening of 14th and are away when bookings open.None of the itineraries are jumping out at me though.I wish P and O would visit new ports as it means we are increasingly looking at other cruise lines for new places to visit
  5. I think it varies and most times we have booked on release prices have not increasedfor a day or two.However when we booked our cruise on Arcadia next October prices rose at 10 15am on the morning bookings opened to all apart from higher tiers.I can t remember how much they rose by
  6. I've noticed that recently if one member of the table asks for a portion of chips, several bowls are brought out and often if someone asks for ice cream with their dessert, everyone else gets extra ice cream as well
  7. I have heard that they have been taken to a sports arena and that blankets are being handed out(presumably for them to sleep there?).Soup was offered at first but ran out so just biscuits etc at moment.Red Cross as well as Police there so medical needs are being looked after.Hopefully it will be calm in the morning for them to return to Azura.We were ashore for 4 hours in April in Citiveticia(sorry about spelling!!)unable to get back onboard Aurora but that was during the day and we were advised to go back into the town to get some lunch(OBC was added to our account afterwards)so that wasn t too bad but it must be much more of a problem overnight
  8. Most OBC given at the time of booking a cruise can t be transferred to a new cruise but its worth checking in case some can ,because if it can its worth transferring rather than just cancelling.You are normally charged the £100 admin fee unless you provide a good reason why you cannot take a cruise(I,m keeping fingers crossed to hear whether they will accept my reason for cancelling or transferring a cruise we have booked in May next year.)
  9. As I mentioned earlier, Princess have a policy(not widely advertised )that if you book a cruise and the price subsequently falls, you are able (only once) to ask for a price match to the reduced price at a cost of £100.(Some people have said the £100 is per cabin, others per person so I'm not sure which)
  10. Not always.I booked a Princess Cruise on Black Friday a couple of years ago for the following year and the price increased and never dropped again and if you like a drink or two it may be more advantageous to wait to see if drinks are included.Its all about supply and demand.There is a Princess cruise for next year that I am considering and the price has dropped by several thousand over the last couple of months.Once more people have been tempted by the low price, the cost will rise.However for the British Isles cruise 8 weeks before the cruise was the cheapest, but that was mainly for inside cabins.
  11. Princess usually have some good offers on Black Friday
  12. Apparently if you book a Princess cruise and then there is a price drop you can ask Princess to match the price at the cost of £100.You can only do it once before balance is due.
  13. I had mine today too but not sailing until November.Had to pay but worth it after having had flu earlier this year.Hubby will have his next week at drs as his will be free
  14. There were no kettles in the cabins on Crown Princess in June, I think because the Crown was cruising round GB for the summer there were mainly non Brits onboard so they don t expect a kettle in the cabin.When we cruised on Emerald Princess a couple of years previously there were kettles but the majority of cruisers were British.
  15. I've just received an email too.I presume it will be sent out to all who have future bookings made via Thomas Cook, whatever the date of the cruise
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