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  1. I bought one of those kits earlier this year with every intention of cleaning the oven.However when I looked closely (with my glasses on!) I decided to take advantage of an offer to have someone to professionally clean the oven and have vowed to regulary clean it before it gets in a really bad state in the future.I feel it was worth every penny!
  2. Happy Birthday Graham! I was humming the Beatles song all day, earlier in the year when I turned 64!
  3. We prefer to share a table with others and prefer the team quizzes to the individual so not sure if they will take place.However despite the changes we will probably cruise fairly soon after they re start because I love exploring new places.The biggest negative is that we may have to go on ship excursions rather than explore independantly but as I prefer not to fly, it is a case of cruising, rail holidays or UK holidays and we hope to do all 3 next year
  4. Have a lovely time.If I didn t have a fear of flying I would be on a plane to the Canary Islands too!
  5. Thank you for the recommendation for The Bahamas.I joined CC in 2014 after our 3rd cruise after a fellow cruiser told me about it.I have found The Ports of Call forum useful in planning and in the past have been part of Roll Calls but they don't seem as popular now as they were (at least not for P and O )Looking forward to cruising again when things get back to normal , though I realise things will change onboard 🙂
  6. Hello Tartanexile Hope you are keeping well .I am disappointed that our January 2021 cruise on Ventura has been cancelled but hope to use information from your blog (from your Ventura cruise)if we sail on Ventura next year.
  7. Someone from another group posted that all the trips had sold out for her future cruise which made me wonder if there will be enough places for everyone on trips if everyone wanted to get off the ship.I am not keen on organised excursions but would be annoyed if I couldn t get off at a port because there were no tours left
  8. Library on QM2 Limelight Club with Gareth Gates
  9. We also should have been on Arcadia now but wouldn t mind a caravan at Milford on Sea at the moment-its chilly up north! My mother in law used to live in Barton on Sea so know Milford fairly well- lovely part of the world. I like Arcadia but prefer Aurora particularly since Auroras refit She doesn t seem to have as many technical problems or overflowing loos etc as Arcadia
  10. There are 3 Princess cruises that we are interested in booking and the prices seem reasonable at the moment.Just have to hope they stay that way! I am hoping that when cruising properly resumes, that cruise lines will either offer some free excursions or reduced prices (as I think MSC have done) if we have to book an excursion in order to get off the ship.
  11. I notice that the cruise you are booked on is to Greenland.We are interested in that cruise but will probably wait until next year before deciding whether to book, though I'm sure the prices will shoot up once FCO advice changes
  12. Thank you.It is a lovely village.It seemed odd to see people in the video in shorts.When we were there a fortnight ago it was cold and windy!
  13. I am fairly sure I have unknown relatives as my great grandfather moved from Scotland to Lancashire to play professional football.He married my great grandmother who gave birth to my grandad.He then went back to Scotland.When my great grandmother heard that he had later died she tried to claim a widows pension to discover that someone else had put in a claim as well! I must try and delve into my mothers family history to see if anything interesting turns up!
  14. We were standing on the bridge in the photo 2 weeks ago as part of our holiday in Whitby
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