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  1. Wish I had accepted the invite🙁 Just others commenting about the ceremony and the photos of Iona have put me in the mood for cruising.Whilst in Devon we saw several cruise ships including Arcadia off the Torbay and Teignmouth coast. Looking forward to our cruise in September though like others I am tempted to book a mini cruise for July or August
  2. So pleased to see you back posting and that you now have a cruise to look forward to.Sorry to hear you haven't been well.Take care .We just need Harry and Selbourne to post and with Iona arriving today it will have really cheered people up
  3. Wonderful to see you posting again Andy.I do hope that you and Michelle are well.
  4. We have been to see our daughter and grandsons locally today which has been nice.Supposed to be going to Southport next week to keep an eye on my Mum whilst my sister and her family are away.However Formby (where my Mum lives) was on BBC news last night as its one of the areas to have seen a steep rise in the Indian varient of covid in the last few weeks.My Mum now doesn't want us to come incase we take it back to Chesterfield! Trying to weigh up whether it is better for us to stay put and Mum not to have to worry or go (to help me not to worry about Mum)but have Mum fretting whilst we are the
  5. I hope that is the case when I try and download the NHS App (Our surgery uses systemonline) I had real difficulty getting my passport photo approved when I applied for a new passport last year.Hubbys photo was accepted straight away (trust him to be photogenic!)Even though my photo was taken at the same time/same background it kept being rejected .Successfully submitted one the following day to find that one that had been rejected too at a later stage.Thought I would have to get a medical note to explain the dark circles etc!!
  6. Thank you for being a 'jabber'.Enjoy that bottle of fizz
  7. We have done similar for the PI s in Southampton and even today I have noticed that a pi that we have booked for June in Kendal has been reduced in price so will cancel and re book
  8. Enjoy Saundersfoot- a lovely part of the world.Hopefully you will have less rain than we have had during our week in Devon ( We have still had an enjoyable time
  9. I don't take anything if it is provided as it means less to pack/unpack etc.I still take the kitchen sink, mainly dresses,shoes and handbags but hate unpacking so if something is in the cabin, I use it and quite like The White Company toiletries provided
  10. Fantastic news,It must be a huge relief to you.Enjoy the Cava and hope your 2nd jab goes well tomorrow.
  11. Thank you.We visited Torquay (and Babbacombe) a couple of years ago.We are staying at an apartment in Totnes that my sister and her husband stayed in last week and they say it is lovely.I am just looking forward to seeing the sea!!Hope to go to Dartmouth and Kingswear again and perhaps Salcombe
  12. I have printed off the section showing each vaccination
  13. I hope everyone who has fallen recently continues to improve and those who have had 2nd jabs have no side effects.My hubby has volunteered to help direct people at the Vaccination centre (our local theatre) and during his first shift today he saw 3 people faint all quite big men!!A couple of them said they were feeling faint first but another just fell on the floor from his chair without warning! Won't be on the CC boards much next week as we are travelling to Devon tomorrow for a weeks holiday!Hoping to see a cruise ship or 2 if they are venturing out to the Torbay area.
  14. Hope you sleep well and no headache in the morning.
  15. Another virtual hug from me (sorry if it sets you off again-but as they say 'better out than in')Take Care x
  16. Really sorry to hear of your fall Jane.I do hope you haven't broken anything.Take Care
  17. If the cruise was cancelled by P and O you would be able to get a refund rather than FCC if you don't want them.
  18. My late Mother in Laws excuse for speeding on Motorways was :I have to keep up with the traffic! She never got caught on a motorway but did get caught speeding on a country lane.I haven't driven for a number of years because of medical reasons and my hubby is one of those (probably) annoying people who if anything drives too slowly and has never gone over the limit let alone got a ticket in his nearly 50 years of driving!
  19. Thank you.Do you have to have cruised with Saga previously to buy the pre registration? We want to try Saga but the deposit of 15% is putting us off and I don't want to book anything too soon for the beginning of next year in case Covid restrictions are still around.I don't mind having to book Princess excursions or only be able to eat with my hubby on our October cruise (I eat with him most days of the year!)but wouldn't want to do that on a longer or more expensive cruise.Add to that the fact I have had a few health problems in the past year, the fact my mother is terminally ill and I have a
  20. We are interested in some of the Saga cruises but the ones we want are very expensive.One in particular to ports on the Black Sea in May 2022 is over £9000 for about 30 nights!!We may end up booking the January 2022 cruise to The Canaries but the price keeps increasing.However the amount we saved by not cruising last year and earlier this year means we may bite the bullet and book
  21. Hopefully HSBC will be the same as they use Aviva
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