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  1. Yes, its the sailing from Greenock to Liverpool that we have booked.The South Coast itinerary looks great but obviously a lot dearer.I would have preferred to have booked direct but when I phoned Tradewind they wouldn't match the price (nearly 20% cheaper ) because I think they had done a special deal with a particular TA to offer 7 cabins at the special price- hence deal of the day.We have a mid ship cabin on Marina deck which I think is the bottom deck (Photos suggest it is the Marina area at one end that you can swim or do water sports from)and I presume that as there are only outside cabin
  2. Great outfits! I persuaded my hubby to buy a red waistcoat in the Debenhams sales to go with his red bow tie for our next cruise.
  3. Thank you.I definitely won't be climbing the ropes etc!! There is a Spa and a pool so I shall spend my time relaxing 🙂
  4. Any suggestions how this may be possible.?I suppose the powers that be may feel that a title like'How are things with you'won't sell cruises.Perhaps if we change the title to something like 'Why not book a P and O cruise?' and make sure we add the word 'cruise' several times into each post (whether relevant or not!)it might make a difference(doubt it) I do think we have got to know and supported each other through the last year and it would make me more likely to book a P and O cruise if others on this thread had also booked.Perhaps even if the thread is moved those of us who have cruises book
  5. I have now got 2 seacations booked! Couldn't resist a 'Deal of the Day' offer to try a 4 night cruise on Golden Horizon( Tradewinds Voyages.)It will be very different to a P and O or Princess seacation as there are only 270 passengers and it is a ship with sails! Hubby used to sail when he was younger and with ports of call of Belfast and Portrush we couldn't resist!
  6. Thats brilliant! Thank you very much 🙂
  7. Thank you to everyone who has replied.Very helpful
  8. The Princess Soda Package states that Fountain Sodas, mocktails and smoothies are included.Do they offer Diet Coke (or Coke Zero)in pump form? I know cans aren't included. Does anyone have a list of soft drinks available
  9. duplicated in error
  10. I want to try a Saga cruise (not necessarily a World Cruise.. perhaps one day)but one thing that puts me off is the 15% deposit, because in the past we have either changed our minds when something better comes up or a wedding or similar has been arranged which we don't want to miss not to mention possible illness etc.At least P and O have a 5% deposit when their cruises are first released and even better Princess who have had a £50 deposit.
  11. Sorry to hear that you had such a bad day yesterday but glad that you are feeling better today.Hope Michelle ( Andy) is feeling better too.Take Care
  12. Sorry to hear that Michelle is unwell.Hope that she feels better soon
  13. Hope your hospital appointments go well Kalos and Graham.My routine GP telephone appointment last week seemed to result in a lot of 'forgets'.The GP recommended that I try a new medication and then forgot to add it to my repeat prescriptions! When I went to pick it up I had 'forgotten' to take my phone.The pharmacist asked for my phone number which I 'forgot'(I had to ask hubby to come in so he could look at his contact list!)The pharmacist wrote the number down on a piece of paper but 'forgot' to write down my name so I received a phone call later on from the pharmacy asking who was I ??
  14. Thank you.Its a really valuable job in helping stop the spread of covid. My hubby has just come in from volunteering as a Steward at our local vaccination centre and is feeling peeved as Joe Root captain of England cricket team came in whilst hubby was on his break!
  15. On a slightly more positive note Formby (in the North West) was one of the areas to see a spike in the Indian variant.Subsequently there was surge testing and vaccinations opened to anyone over the age of 18 (My niece aged 20 was vaccinated) and now numbers of cases have fallen 🙂 I am hoping that new areas where the Indian variant has been identified will adopt similar testing/increased vaccines to help stop the spread.It seems likely that in places like Bolton and Blackburn it had already spread before there was the chance to try to prevent it spreading.
  16. Personally I would choose Cunard if the Itinerary and prices were similar but I would happily opt for P and O if the itinerary was better and included more ports of call. I have done the translantic crossing on QM2 and on Aurora and Ventura and I think Cunard has more activities on sea days but as others have said, drinks etc are a lot dearer.You are also likely to have a more international mix of passengers aboard Cunard whereas I think the majority of P and O passengers will be British.Cunard only offers fixed dining whereas with P and O has a choice of fixed or Freedom.
  17. I think there is probably an error in the cost of that excursion.I seem to remember when it was first announced that we would have to take the ships excursions, P and O stated that they would reconsider the price of their excursions and put additional ones on so that the costs wouldn't be excessive.(I don't think that applies to the Princess seacation cruise that I am going on in September because their prices are very high but Princess excursions are usually higher than P and O overall
  18. I am pretty certain that no cruise companies that set sail from the UK would visit an Amber country (They would just change their itinerary ) but it may be a problem if you flew out to join a cruise that wasn't UK based
  19. As others have suggested Stratford or Leamington Spa are nice places to visit but if you want somewhere convenient ,though further north, we haver stayed at the Travelodge on the M6 at Knutsford) which was fine and Tatton Park is nice to visit. Also Oxford is nice but very pricey.
  20. Have a great time on the Isle of Wight. My late parents in law used to live near Yarmouth which is lovely and some friends who we met on a cruise live in Bembridge which is lovely
  21. I think what you say about the under 35's not wanting to get jabbed is true in part but the ones I know are keen to get jabbed partly to protect others and partly so they can go on holiday!
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