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  1. For comparison purposes, I can confirm that I am currently a volunteer in the over-70's cohort of the Oxford/AZ vaccine trial. I was jabbed initially back in August 2020 with the follow-up jab in September. We had monthly appointments thereafter with blood samples taken each time. So I am presuming that they will have been assessing antibody levels at each time point. After the visit in December the appointment schedule went to 3 months and I have a date in March 2021 for the next visit. All the above has now been somewhat complicated by the fact that I received my NHS letter durin
  2. Yes - after a minor hiccup our local hubs (Nottingham and Nottinghamshire) are back on stream offering jabs to the over-75's. Just booked myself and the other half in for Friday 29th. The Swiftqueue website has also automatically booked our appointments for the 2nd jab in April.
  3. I agree entirely. We have no way of knowing with any certainty how other countries record their death figures. There is also the accusation that some deaths in the UK have been attributed to COVID when other factors have been the primary cause. I don't disagree that we have a parlous situation here in the UK but scoring points or otherwise by drawing up league tables is not helpful
  4. The monitoring of antibody levels in the millions already vaccinated would be a huge undertaking but I wonder if there is a sub-set anywhere that is being monitored to check if there are any distinctions between those who have already had 2 doses and those on the extended 12 week schedule. An additional data point that will be crucial is to interrogate all who return a positive Covid test on whether they have been vaccinated and where they are on the time spectrum (ie 2 doses or 1 dose and waiting for the second). I'm sure it will be inbuilt somewhere but I don't know for certain
  5. Apology - folks. I will have to retract my earlier comment about how successful we seem to have been in the Nottingham area regarding the roll out of the vaccinations. It's been announced this evening that the start of the vaccination programme for the over-75's will have to be paused despite the Swiftqueue website only going live with the invitations on Wednesday. The target date to restart the programme is 28th January. It would appear that the stats are showing the Nottingham and Nottinghamshire has one of the worst success rates when it comes to completing the over-80's an
  6. Here in the Nottingham area we seem to be doing fairly well with 7 hubs around the county accessible through the Switfqueue web link. Until earlier this week all hubs were calling for the over-80's to register and book an appointment. It changed on Wednesday, I believe, and the hubs were requesting the over-75's to book appointments. I had a look yesterday morning and there were appointments available at several hubs for the over-75's including the one about 10 miles away (nearest to home). When I looked again last night there were no appointments showing anywhere. This m
  7. It was a slightly tongue-in-cheek comment but I suspect there may be a kernel of truth lurking in there somewhere
  8. Think that might be due to the stats reported today. The North East has done almost double the amount of over-80's than London or the East of England (78% vs 42%) Don't quote me on those figures but the general gist is there. Might be a case of where we see some "levelling down" to make sure that London and the South are not seen as being disadvantaged
  9. It's a thought, - but since they would both be routed through the same wifi router, they may have the same IP address and that could throw a wobbly with the booking system software. I may give it a try though and see what happens
  10. Well my potential dilemma has been resolved. The local hubs in our area are now open to vaccinate the over-75 group which includes my wife and myself. However I am a volunteer in the over 70 group for the Oxford AZ vaccine. Was dosed back in August/September last year. I contacted the trial organisers yesterday to check my status and had confirmation this morning that I received the placebo (a teenage meningitis vaccine). I can now go ahead and arrange our jabs. I was worried that if I had received the actual Oxford jab, there might be an issue with getting that fact registered on
  11. Yes I have been monitoring the Swiftqueue web link that deals with the vaccination hubs in my local area. Up until yesterday they were calling for all over 80's to register and book an appointment and there seemed to be quite a lot of availability at most of the centres when I clicked through to the status page for one of the centres nearest to me. The next stage in the process I believe was to register and then book an official appointment. I didn't go any further but I can see how some unscrupulous individuals might take advantage and register and book ahead of their turn. I'm no
  12. Yes I was in a similar situation with our 1st May cruise. Our TA had a date of 9th January for the balance payment. I contacted them with my concerns about P&O possibly cancelling the cruise and they agreed to relax the balance date until 27th January and maybe a bit longer if appropriate. I then became aware of the new P&O policy and emailed the TA asking them if they knew about it. They confirmed that they did and have now indicated the balance date is now 22nd March (40 days before departure). We have had a long and excellent relationship with them so I will give t
  13. Was that 23 in Norway or 23 worldwide?
  14. Yes I've just checked the local hub listing in the Nottinghamshire locality and of the 6 hubs, 5 are showing availability for jab appointments on variously 19th, 20th and 21st January. Only one hub (Kingsmill Hospital) has no availability currently. Despite my earlier misgivings it seem that we are motoring in the East Midlands. There is alsoi talk of more local sites being up and running in the next week or so.
  15. I have mentioned this in another thread but the requirement for a "vaccine passport" has reared its ugly head in this morning's press. Several EU countries have already drawn up their own plans (Greece, Cyprus, Poland and Denmark). The EU leaders are due to discuss the issue next week apparently, to ensure that there is a harmonised system throughout the EU to facilitate free movement for those who have been jabbed. Since Brexit, we are out of the loop and will be barred from entry, I suppose, until we introduce something similar that meets the requirements of the EU. M
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