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  1. Exactly the same can be said of Mustafa and Tekin on Pursuit, we have known them both since the very early days and followed their progress.
  2. This obviously on ongoing problem that needs a permanent solution with some sort of shock absorbing material between the glass and the metal brackets. Give me a free cruise on each ship and I will soon come up with a fix for them. On one occasion on boarding day I found the glass partition shattered with jagged edges in the brackets. I was amazed that the cabin attendants had not reported it and got it repaired before new people moved into the cabin. I reported it straight away and the partition was replaced later in the day but it still rattled.
  3. I have found exactly the same problem with a balcony dividers rattling and not just on Pursuit. It was reported but never fixed properly, it seems that small annoying things like that are just ignored or not considered important enough to fix.
  4. We also seem to have fallen off their email list in recent times. I am not that bothered anymore has I am sorry to say that they are rapidly falling off our favourites list.
  5. Looks like yet another cost cutting exercise to the detriment of the customer. Very sorry for Richard and the UK team.
  6. Correct has usual, That's what I thought I had written Phil, Dam that spellchecker.
  7. Bloodaxe


    I will also be waiting, the prices on the cruises I am watching are still very high.
  8. I have mentioned several times that you missed the best years of Azamara Phil, almost everything was better then and it was certainly much better value, even though drinks and gratuities were extra. I knew it could not last but it was great while it did.
  9. If they couldn't (or wouldn't) install it during last years long refit they are unlikely to do it now.
  10. Bloodaxe


    Only time will tell but in my opinion they are treading on very dangerous ground with current pricing.
  11. Yes, Journey and Quest have interactive TV, Pursuit does not.
  12. Bloodaxe


    I don't see that you need to say sorry for stating the truth, some of the future prices are just ridiculous.
  13. Bloodaxe


    I agree, even the May cruise on Pursuit from Lisbon to Southampton has lots of availability and that is more reasonably priced.
  14. Bloodaxe


    No, cruise only.
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