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  1. Our flu jabs where booked for early Oct, on Wednesday the surgery rang to ask if we could go that day, apparently a fridge had broken down and they had to use up the vaccine. They were calling in all the oldies, so off we went and it was well organized.
  2. You could well be correct , I grew up and went to school near Chesterfield and I seem to remember being told it was the most central town in England. It is In East Midlands though, I think I do qualify has living in the north now, North Yorkshire
  3. Still very sore but happy to be home, he was missing his Cats, I am now released from my Cat feeding duties.
  4. You can't get much further away, I have heard it said that Chesterfield is in the geographical center of England. My Grandson was home from hospital yesterday, off to see him this afternoon, obviously keeping our distance
  5. Compared to Phil most people are inexperienced of Celebrity and Azamara.
  6. A Good few years ago they changed the box at the end of our road for a more modern one, that's also gone now. One of my neighbors asked what was happening to the old one, they said it was going for scrap. She slipped the workmen a few quid and it is now a feature in her garden.
  7. Relating to pegging rugs, my Wife remembers that she had a lovely woolen winter coat that she had outgrown. Her Mother gave it to the Mother of large family that lived down the road saying that it will surely fit one of your children. A few days later she was passing the house and sat in the garden pegging rugs was the Husband, guess what had been shredded to make the rug.
  8. The Rug making kits came along later, I remember having some myself, Readycut was one brand. They came with strips of coloured wool cut to size and patterns printed on a base. The peg rugs were made from scratch with old sacking and strips of old clothes has Avril has said.
  9. Yes he has a bad time, compounded by the loss of his Father a year ago. Hopefully better times are around the corner for us all, thanks for your concern. He was allowed out of hospital for short while today and all things going well could be home on Thursday.
  10. He has been suffering from Crohns (not sure of the spelling) disease for several years, the operation was to remove scaring from his bowel, they have tried less invasive treatment without any long term benefit. Fingers crossed that this will be successful but it could still flare up again in the future.
  11. My Grandson is recovering well and should be home in a few days, he is looking forward to getting back to school. He missed a lot of school time even before the shutdown due to his illness..
  12. Bernard Cornwall is great for historical novels, fiction but based on actual events. Also love Bill Bryson.
  13. We have done extensive land tours in Australia and South Africa which to be fair is the best way to see them, cruises can never do them justice. Closer to home we still have not done Norway, if we ever cruise again that would be top of my list.
  14. Thank you all for your kind thoughts, it is a very traumatic time at the moment. Our 13 year old Grandson is in Leeds hospital recovering from a serious Bowel operation.
  15. The reference to 9.11 always reminds me of when we were on holiday in Scotland. On the 10th September we were stood on the lockside on the Caledonian Canal at the bottom end of Loch Ness. A small cruise ship full of Americans was passing through the lock, the were having a great time on deck drinking whisky and a piper was playing. The following day we heard the news while driving home, we thought I wonder how they are feeling now. On a sad personal note today is the first anniversary of our Sons funeral.
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