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  1. Our hairdresser is due at 15.00 today, will be able to give up my scarecrow job.
  2. Magpies are probably the worst for taking others birds young.
  3. Some years ago when we lived a Wales a neighbour came around in a panic. We had open fields around all us, she had left her back door open and a Cow was in her kitchen. Luckily it had not left a calling card when we removed it.
  4. At least in Australia many restaurants allowed you to bring your own wine to drink with your meal, BYO was displayed on the restaurant sign. There was usually a wine store close to the restaurant so it was easy to pick a bottle up on your way to eat.
  5. I had the same thought, I'm sure that some of them must be.
  6. I used to complain to my Wife about her always using the dryer. I put out washing line one fine day and told her to use it. The next day after my shower I said what's wrong with this towel it's very rough, she just smiled and said that's your fault. I have learned my lesson and don't complain about the dryer anymore.
  7. Sorry, just realized I was quoting from a advert for 7 day cruises round trip Portsmouth with some ports later in the Summer.
  8. I received a email from Virgin advertising them has 7 night cruises. I think the price was 1699 for a basic balcony, personally not booking anything until things are much more settled
  9. The best lecturer I ever saw on a ship was the Maritime Historian John Maxtone Graham, on a Atlantic crossing he gave a daily lecture on Ocean Liners through the years. It was on Celebrity but he worked for many lines including Cunard, I have several of his books including one on the Titanic.
  10. Happy Birthday, in 2 weeks time I will be the same age.
  11. Similar weather here but more hail than snow, the Garden is covered at the moment. I have spent the last few days repairing our 15 year old garden swing replacing some rotten wood, should be good for a few more years now.
  12. About has many who are willing to work in the fields to replace the Eastern Europeans who no longer work here.
  13. Adelaide is a lovely city Graham you need to spend time there, we have friends who live in the Barrossa Valley Wine Country not far away. I would respectfully suggest that a cruise can never do Australia justice unless combined with land tours.
  14. At the Lone Pine Sanctuary in Brisbane I saw one of the funniest things ever. A Japanese Gentleman was following a Kangaroo with his camera, he was jumping along in time with the Kangaroo.
  15. Loving your photos, we have visited Australia 3 times but never on a cruise. We did a major land tour in 1999 of all the highlights with several internal fights, we returned to Queensland in 2001 and 2003, also spending time in Sydney and Adelaide. Unfortunately all my photos are on film, could not face the long flights now.
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