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  1. Has we left the crematorium after my Sons funeral 2 years ago we had Pink Floyd's We Wish You Were Here played. It was the sort of music playing in our home has he was growling up in the 1970s and he would have loved it..
  2. I believe this problem goes back to the privatization of the Industry, there has been very little forward planning since then, just short term profit taking.
  3. Exactly, we have been relying on old infrastructure and past investments for years. Most of our newer plants are Gas Fired and now very expensive to run, last week they ran some old Coal Stations because of the Gas prices. Wind and Solar have a part to play but can never be used for base load. We urgently need new Nuclear Stations has the remaining Coal ones will soon be closing.
  4. The energy situation is only going to get worse this winter, The cross channel link has had to be shut down due a fire and even when back on it will only operate at half capacity this winter. The link was supposed to be to allow power to flow both ways but we are importing French Nuclear Energy constantly because we no longer have enough of our own generation capacity.
  5. One or our favourites are Bodnant Gardens a National Trust property in the Conwy Valley North Wales.
  6. It's the same in the hospitality section, in York most Restaurants and Hotels are struggling to recruit staff.
  7. That can be a problem on all the ship's but only when traveling at full speed for some reason. It's never been a problem for us at normal cruising speed and we prefer cabins at the stern.
  8. We must have been lucky I went on a waiting list for John Lewis garden furniture in April. I receive a email one evening that it was back in stock. I ordered it straight away and it was out of stock the next day, it was delivered a few days later.
  9. The the Specialities are one floor above Windows but Phil is probably correct about the combined menus.
  10. Probably down to staffing problems and reduced passenger levels, have you tried Prime C?, Aqualina is next door on the opposite side of the ship.
  11. Reading the dining options it would seem that the only speciality open is Prime C with no mention of Aqualina
  12. Journey did few years ago but it is not a regular call for Azamara.
  13. I don't really think Liverpool is idea for a day visit to Yorkshire other than the western part of the Dales. Newcastle is on the east coast mainline with regular trains to York which is only about a one hour journey, that would be a good day trip. You really need to spend a few days rather than a visit when on a cruise.
  14. Hull is a ferry port but is very rarely used by cruise ships, the nearest are Newcastle and Liverpool, the are sometimes used by lines like Fred Alson and Saga. Azamara has sometimes called into both of them for the day on round Britain cruises. It has been mentioned that Hull could build a cruise terminal in the future but it's unlikely IMO. Grey Squirrels are classed has vermin in the UK and have taken over most habitats of the native reds which are most common in Scotland. Some areas where Reds survive are now protected, if Grey's are seen you are asked to report it.
  15. Coincidentally only yesterday we were driving over the Yorkshire Wolds after visiting Beverley (Grandma country) with great vistas over the Hunber.
  16. Humber were top notch bikes, we also had Humber high end cars many years ago.
  17. Most of the Rivers in the north and midlands end up in the Humber, it drains approximately one third of the land mass of England.
  18. Really surprised at you Grandma, see my reply to Nordski post 813.
  19. I would also like to thank everyone, it's something that you never dream would happen to you but unfortunately when it does we have to learn to live with it. We have a holiday planned for next month on Anglesey which is where we lived when our Son was born 50 years ago, that is going to be very emotionally for us.
  20. Today has been a sad one for us has it is the second anniversary of our Sons sudden death.
  21. Congratulations Graham and Pauline, have a lovely day whatever you do, Eric
  22. We did a transatlantic crossing on Celebrity Century in 2006, lovely ship at the time, not sure about Marella though.
  23. Very interesting and informative, we may give Saga a try has seems that it would be a good fit for us. Our favourite line Azamara rarely sails round trip UK and our flying days are probably over.
  24. Great writer, I have also been reading his books for years.
  25. If you are interested look up the book series, The Last Kingdom by Bernard Corrnwall, fictional characters but based on factual events,. Brilliant books set in the period of Alfred the Great through to Athelstan, the uniting of the kingdom's of England
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