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  1. In the light of the U.K. government advising all over 70s not to Cruise I contacted my Travel Agent to cancel my cruise on Spirit for 31st May RT Athens. There was no problem and I have left it with TA who are applying for a full refund on my behalf. I am not obliged to accept the FCC as decision has been made Iine with U.K. Government guidelines. Did not really fancy taking FCC as do not want to be obliged to book with NCL if there is a better deal elsewhere when I opt to take another cruise. Might be worth checking with travel agents to see whether they can get you a better deal than having NCL dictate what you do with your money. Suron (Bristol UK)
  2. Was due to sail on Spirit on 31st May. As the government here in U.K. are advising people over 70 not to cruise decision really made for me. Contacted travel agent who are arranging the cancellation for me - will get a full refund in light of government directive and do not have to accept NCL’s FCC. Did not fancy latter as did not want to be committed to booking with NCL if there could be a better deal later on. Suggest anyone thinking about cancelling should check first with travel agent to get the best deal Suron(Bristol UK)
  3. Which ship are you on? I am sailing 31st May also. Am on Spirit on one of the newly created itineraries after the Asia cruises were cancelled. Just hope cruise goes ahead Suron (Bristol, UK)
  4. With sailings to Asia having been cancelled NCL have introduced a new itinerary for Spirit. Departing Athens and calling at Rhodes, Kusadasi,Patmos, Mykonos, Argostoli, Kefalonia, Corfu, Santorini and back to Athens. Just booked a balcony cabin at a great price considering I am a solo traveller. Sailing on 31st May. Have started a roll call so if anyone else has booked this cruise come and join. Suron (in Bristol, UK)
  5. I hope my review will be of help to any solo travellers due to travel on Epic and some of the content will be of interest to non solos. Suzanne
  6. I was on Epic from Rome on 15th May. We arrived back in Rome at 06.00 and EVERYONE who had an NCL transfer to the airport had to leave the ship at 06.30 irrespective of their flight times - this was awful for some, like myself who did not have return flights until late pm. If going ashore independently with your own onward arrangements then the latest time you were allowed to stay on board was, I think, 09.00. Suzanne
  7. On arrival at the port in Rome your luggage is taken by porters (no need to tip). Make sure you have your luggage labels attached so that baggage handlers know where to send them. Hang on to any hand luggage though. Cases were pretty quick in reaching cabin. Have a great time. Suzanne
  8. Thanks for that info. Will have to check out options. Suzanne
  9. Sorry I put I. An extra figure at end - it should read www.cruisecritic.co.uk/memberreviews/memberreview.cfm?EntryID=658594 Suzanne
  10. Have just travelled as a solo on Epic. You are correct in thinking that only those in Studio Cabins will have their cruise cards indicating they have access to the studio lounge at all times but anyone travelling solo is welcome to join the solo gathering in the Lounge each evening (5-7pm) and can link up with other solos to go to dinner/see shows etc. Of course you could always get friendly with one of the solo who have a studio cabin and they can let you into the lounge! i have written a review of my cruise which might give you some tips and it can be found at www.cruisecritic.co.uk/memberreviews/memberreview.cfm?EntryID=6585948 Good luck,with your plans Suzanne
  11. Thanks for taking time to read the review and thanks too for the info on Escape and Getaway
  12. I was on Epic 15th May from Rome and have posted a review which although written from a solo traveller's viewpoint I hope it will give others some insight as to what to expect on this itinerary. www.cruisecritic.co.uk/memberreviews/memberreview.cfm?EntryID=658594 Suzanne
  13. I was on Epic 15th May from Rome in a studio cabin. I have written a review of the cruise which can be found at: www.cruisecritic.co.uk/memberreviews/memberreview.cfm?EntryID=658594 which will, I hope, give you some tips. Suzanne
  14. I have a question for Olden. The ships tours (Princess Sapphire) all seem to have the glacier tour with the hike. I have mobility problems so wonder if I can get tickets for this tour to include the troll cars if I go to the Tourist Information Office once we dock or should I contact them and book in advance . We will be in Olden on July 9th and will not be tendering and are the only ship there that day. Can you tell me if I need to pay in local currency or if credit cards are accepted. Many thanks and congratulations on such an informative posting. Suzanne from UK
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