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  1. 2 days in SPB, we don't want to spend the one night back on the ship but we are probably not interested in sitting through a show of any sort (I'm afraid that after a full day of touring I might fall asleep), but I am looking for something to do that isn't too strenuous or late (we do have a full day the next day too) but is still a bit lively. I will be contacting our daytime tour company (Alla) to see what they suggest but wanted to see what ideas you all have done so I can make more educated request. Any suggestions? Kelly
  2. We got the call that our Dec 2020 out of Dubai is cancelled as well so it's probably not $$ but uncertainly?
  3. Did you end up setting up some diving in Costa Maya? We will be there in Dec and wondering the same, and if you've already done the research you could save me the trouble! Thanks.
  4. Booked directly through NCL. I've read they usual ticket 40 days out. We called the number from the website (866-625-1163). Can't hurt to call and try. All we did was ask to fly another airline, so I'd look on a site like Kayak and see what options are and then maybe ask to switch to the airline with what you hope will give you the best flights. As someone else said I also thought it was a one stop max deal so you could even just ask if they have anything with only one layover. Worst they can say is no.
  5. We are cruising out of New Orleans. We got the free air (which by the way we called NCL prior to it being actually ticketed and were able to change our flights, we wanted a different carrier and they obliged, so doesn't hurt to ask so long as it's before you are actually ticketed she said). Flight lands at 0850, how will the NCL transport work? And more importantly the return flight is 6pm, will they be planning to take us to the airport at 8-9am and have us just hang out there all day? I mean, it's NOLA, I want that time to explore. If I could get an early (maybe 8-9 ride to the airport
  6. We actually called today, and had no problems changing our flight; it is prior to them issuing the tickets which is a must. We do fly out of a major airport, LAX, that is not a hub but has lots of options. We called and asked if we could be switched at AA flights since 1) that's our preferred carried and 2) they were routing us from LAX to Minneapolis to New Orleans which is WAY outta the way. They didn't let us pick flights but we are happy with what we have,and we have a record locator number so we even know what flights they are rather the the vagueness on the NCL website. BUT if they h
  7. Cheri, I'm wondering what your husband decided to do about diving in Grand Cayman. We have the same quandary on an NCL this Dec. I generally hate cruise ship trips, but this one is only $10 more per person (than posted rates for Lobster Pot as recommended several time on CC) and since it's a tender port it seems like it might be a good time to make an exception to my general hate, in the interest of ease. For others weighing in, since we have to rent gear anyways (we are opting not to bring it due to space and weight) I think we'd prefer a boat to shore diving, although it's no
  8. When are you going? We are on the Dec 13 cruise and would also be interested in a non ship dive. Also advanced and Nitrox divers. 2 ppl.
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