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  1. Apologize in advance for barging into this conversation... I've been lurking on the Seabourn forum, trying to decide if Seabourn might be a good fit for our next cruise (have been on Silversea). I have a couple of questions on this thread: 1. Do independent travel agencies obtain better rates for you than booking directly with Seabourn? 2. What is OB, a cabin category? : "In addition, the OB is now $2999 pp. " Thanks much.
  2. Terry, thanks for telling us exactly what you'll be bringing on that cruise. Good to have your experience and wisdom as someone with many SS cruises. This will just be our second, and we are taking the same cruise on a different date. Given that we need to bring so much cold-weather gear on this trip, and that we are doing an independent land tour in the week before our cruise, it is VERY good to know that my husband won't need to bring a suit! Just a nice blazer or sportcoat and a few ties. An a few cocktail length dresses for me that will be suitable on both formal and informal nights. (And for the formal-optional night, I believe we are going to La Terraza or Blue Note.) We are casual native southern Californians, and although we are in our Medicare years, we have little personal experience with very dressy expectations, outside of business occasions and the rare black tie wedding. An attractive short sleeve sport shirt is sufficient to be appropriate for the nicest LA area restaurants we can think of...though my husband often will wear a sport coat and a tieless shirt. So we do appreciate your advice.
  3. Thanks! I assumed there would be a place on My Silversea Preferences, based on what our butler said. It was no problem last time ... he asked our preferences and had most of them there within a few hours. In fact, he amazed us: My husband asked if the ship stocked his favorite soda, Diet Dr. Pepper. It did not. Fine, don't worry about it, Diet Coke will do. But our butler passed on the request, and someone, somehow, located Diet Dr. Pepper somewhere in Thessaloniki and delivered it to our minibar. Way beyond the call of duty, but awfully nice.
  4. Thanks, everyone. Looking more carefully at the excursion descriptions, they do spell out when part of the excursion (ferry, for example) will not be exclusive to Silversea clients. Hopefully this suggests that all OTHER parts of the excursion will be for Silversea passengers only.
  5. On our only previous Silversea cruise, our butler was a bit surprised that we hadn't pre-ordered our favorite drinks to be stocked in the minibar. This time, we want to make sure our minibar is stocked with a few of our favorites. I'm not seeing anyplace on My Silversea to indicate these preferences. A phone rep at Silversea had no idea. Can you Silversea experts fill me in on how to do this? Thanks so much!
  6. Hello to all you Silversea experts-- We will be joining family members on a 7 day Alaska cruise on the Muse this August. Our only previous Silversea cruise was a couple of years ago on the Wind in the eastern Med. On that cruise, which mostly went to ports off the beaten track, all the ship excursions were for Silversea passengers only. And in all but one port, the Wind was the only cruise ship. This Alaska itinerary will be to the major ports (excepting Sitka) and there will be many thousands of other cruise passengers in the ports, mostly from huge mass-market ships. I'm a bit concerned about the excursions that are listed, and that the excursions we have chosen may be shared with mass-market ships. It's not the other passengers that concern me-- it is the nature of the excursions. We don't want to be treated like part of a herd, in a huge group, with time-wasting stops for "special shopping opportunities" etc. Right now, we are booked for river-rafting in Juneau (Mendenhall Glacier Float Trip) and Inside Passage Sea Kayaking in Haines (Skagway). I've asked Silversea about the excursions, and they were vague about the details (numbers, etc). The helicopter and float plane outings would be smaller groups, but we don't like small aircraft. Do any of you have experience with the outings on the 7 day Alaska cruises? Do you have any recommendations on excursions-- and how to enjoy the ports while sharing them with 1000s of others? Thanks for any advice.
  7. Luxury cruise lines try to go the extra mile for their passengers-- this was one of the things that blew us away on our only previous cruise with Silversea. It might be worth asking, given the size of your group, if there isn't some "special" area that could be carved out and made private for your group dinners? Some cafe or lounge space? Where your meals could be delivered and the kids could be kids, a bit louder and more rambunctious, perhaps at a slightly earlier time, excursions permitting ? I don't know if such a space is available, but the kids might be happier with their experience if they didn't have to endure a fine-dining experience every night. I would make this request well in advance of boarding, to give Silversea a chance to evaluate their available spaces (maybe even an unsold suite). Win win for you, and for other guests. BTW, this sounds like a rare and amazing trip for you, your friends, and all the kids.
  8. Sorry to hear about your dear pup, Davey. Is she the sweet greybeard resting her head against the family cat? We once returned from a vacation to a dying pup-- so hard. Take care, and thanks for your wonderful post. I also am wondering what brought you back to Silversea...I read your thread about the disastrous Spirit relaunch, and what seemed like dreadful non-responses from Silversea. I'm glad you came back and enjoyed your trip, and hopefully the line redeemed themselves. But I was wondering what the outcome of the dispute was, unless you were requested not to discuss it by the line. You do seem to have enviable consumer protection laws in the UK/EU, along with enviable and humane public services, public protections, and public life in general. Some things are worth paying tax for, IMHO, even for those of us who are well off enough to indulge in lovely things such as Silversea cruises.
  9. We'll be sailing on Seward-Vancouver in August, so this thread has been very helpful as well as fun to read. Thanks so much to Davey for starting it, and to all who contributed! I've been surprised at all the photos of people outside in shirtsleeves. Great to know that we may be able to enjoy the pool deck if we are lucky with the weather! And to know about the heat lamps...we hadn't scheduled any dinners at Hot Rocks but may do so after all. I do have some questions about excursions, for all of you. Our only other Silversea cruise was in the eastern Med, where all excursions were for Silversea passengers only. In Alaska, where the ports will be jammed with other, huge ships, I understand that excursions booked through Silversea might be shared with passengers from mass market ships. I'm hoping the excursions won't be typical mass-market excursions, with jammed buses, being treated as a herd, and time wasted on "shopping opportunities" etc. Any experience with this? We are not going flight-seeing or on helicopters (one of us is a bit of a claustrophobe so that's out); just on float trips and kayaking trips, etc.
  10. Thanks, Terry, for that information. Our cruise (August 15) doesn't list a formal night; I called Silversea and the rep said that Alaska cruises are a bit more informal. He said that normally the formal night would be the second night, but not to worry about attire-- a sport coat and dress shirt would be sufficient for all nights on that cruise. Very happy to hear that, personally, as it will lighten the luggage a bit (already bound to be heavy with parkas, binoculars, hiking poles, etc). Terry, you seem to have lots of experience with Silversea, so I have one other question. We will be going it alone in a couple of ports (Ketchikan and Sitka), with sightseeing and day hikes. Do you know if Silversea will pack lunches for us, if we don't want to return to the ship to eat? (On our previous cruise with Silversea, in Turkey and Greece, eating lunch in local restaurants was a real treat...but, in Alaska, I think I'd generally prefer a bag lunch on a trail somewhere.) Phil, this is our second Silversea cruise-- our first was also Istanbul to Istanbul, on the Wind. Fantastic, especially since we are very interested in ancient history-- so many fabulous archeological sites and museums! Our only other cruise was on Stella Australis, a small expedition ship run by a small Chilean line-- four days in the Tierra Del Fuego, complete spectacular wilderness. Highly recommended (not luxury though).
  11. We will be sailing on the August 15 Alaska trip with Phil (hi, Phil!). I have a question for TLC Ohio...How do you know who your lecturer and cruise director will be, and that there will be no formal night? This is just our second Silversea cruise (and only our 3rd cruise in all), so I don't know how to find that information. Dining/excursion/spa reservations just opened up last night. Thanks!
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