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  1. We're now over 100 days! I see some have waited longer, but this IS ridiculous. Crystal needs to take some of the wonderful staff who know how to run things off the ships and put them in the office. Maybe things will get done right that way. I'm only repeating what's already been said, but this is not acceptable service. I am sure this will come back to bite them.
  2. CORRECT. The potential liability is too great. Let alone the TIME issue.
  3. Where is this the case? I have not experienced this in either NY or FL?
  4. This last photo makes me want to cry. 😞 Similar to what we saw in Bali. https://washedashore.org/
  5. You are so fortunate to be cruising with Jim & Steve. Seeing Jim's performance is like eating potato chips - you can't see it just once!!! A great performance - as are all of Jim's. And if you're lucky, Steve will treat you to "Vacationing in Syria!"
  6. Picture on blog too small to see what color or make out our faces. And the tie was red 🙂
  7. Later known as Connie Mack Stadium. Saw my first game there -an A’s game, and I thunk Bobby Schantz was the pitcher. Then often paid “protection” to park my car there. I found this shirt online - cant recall exactly where, but can probably find on google.
  8. I left out one item. Before any food, we were offered champagne. 🙂
  9. Oh My! Arlene received a note that she could schedule a special birthday breakfast at Waterside. “Special?” Wow! What a spread!
  10. Sipping champagne, watching sunset, and listening to the Crystal Quartet. Ahhhhhhh!
  11. We can’t take credit for the Trivia. We just were lucky to have Graham & Jane join us. He’s like Einstein! And Debbie knows her movies. I have sports & some science, and Arlene Art & entertainment. A really good mix. But, we can take credit for some of the White Night dancing. 🙂
  12. First Trivia of the Crossing - and we were lucky enough to win - on the 4th tiebreaker. Nice prize, too - Crystal baseball caps
  13. Thank you - hoping for many more. We are really rockin' & rolling now - a good precursor to the Crossing. Great sleeping weather. Crystal seems to have taken it up a notch re food & entertainment! Great stuff here!
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