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  1. DARN YOU, KEITH!!!! You posted that UmiUma Menu, and now my mouth cannot stop watering, my stomach churning, and my brain telling me "SOON!" But not soon enough!!! We ate at a restaurant here last night that had Miso Black Cod on the menu. I was HOPING it would be close to Umi's. Nope - very disappointed. "SOON!"
  2. Whoa! THis is fantastic. We may have to rethink some of our cruise time coming up. I love the time I spend volunteering in our Aquarium, and I am sure I would love being involved in this. For those who love our Oceans, don't miss the latest issue of Nat Geo Magazine. Great article on Whales, and a story about Coral Restoration, featuring the work being done by our Aquarium's facility in the Florida Keys. And photos by David Doubilet, a fantastic (understatement) underwater photographer. THis is a MUST issue (5/21) for anyone interested in the Ocean.
  3. Thanks for informing of this. We're now booked to swim with the pigs (I sure hope Miss Piggy is there!)
  4. https://www.bahamas.gov.bs/wps/wcm/connect/69f9c314-9985-4752-ada3-33cde2874a63/Update+%23388+-+Ministry+of+Health+-+COVID-19+Report+(55).pdf?MOD=AJPERES
  5. I'm somewhat surprised that people in FLorida are having an issue finding a place to get tested with the adequate turnaround time. I thought every COunty was doing the same tests. I got tested a month ago - went to the County run site, had both the rapid and the RT-PCR done. Although they said it could take up to 3 days, the RT-PCR test results were sent to me 27 hours after I was swabbed. Others I know had similar experience. The Rapid, of course, within 15 minutes.
  6. That's what I'd expect as well. Wherever he goes he'll do a great job.
  7. That is great news for those on those two cruises. We sure wish you were booked on the first 2 sailings in July though.
  8. Well, that all depends on your house! 🙂 Our puppy can be pretty entertaining. I've only experienced Dr Wolff - don't know the others.
  9. A good group on the ship. I posted the list on the Roll Call for July 3rd - lots of laughs with John Joseph & Steve Stevens, and a terrific singer in James Fox. Have heard Jay WOlff lectures many times - always interesting. And the other two look as though they'll be interesting as well. Don't know much about Joel SPire in the Avenue.
  10. But Crystal is LIKE HOME, isn't it? 🙂
  11. We are going on the first two segments with an expectation that things will certainly be different than we are used to. But we are hoping that things won't be TOO different, and that Crystal will manage the new protocols efficiently. We are also hoping that before July, the CDC will come out with guidance that says vaccinated people can dine with other vaccinated people (Or have they already said that?) and that Crystal will follow suit. It's a great way to meet people. And with respect to enrichment, we know there will be lecturers on the cruise, as a past lecturer we've been in cont
  12. You are NOT missing anything. He;s saying that he is not going to allow Florida residents to get a Vaccine Passport, and if other States, or businesses require it, too bad if you live in FL. He can stop the Health Dept from providing the info needed to get a passport. If the US requires Vaccine Passports to travel(which they haven't yet), there is no way this Order can be upheld in Court, as it severely restricts Interstate travel. He can enforce it only within the State for travel solely within the State. But even then I think there'd be some question as to its validity.
  13. But there is no problem with the State of Fl issuing Driver's Licenses that show a requirement to wear corrective lenses, or hand controls, or various other accommodations? That seems to be a greater invasion of one's health related privacy than something that merely says "I''ve been vaccinated."
  14. Don't think we asked to be added: July 3 & July 10 Nassau R/T, GWESQ & ATA, Gil & Arlene
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