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  1. Well, we've requested a specific butler for our Alaska cruise next week. We'll see. (Hope you didn't "steal" our butler from us! 😁 )
  2. Never really pay attention much to the CD - whoever is there, is there. Didn't think a CD could make much of a difference in light of all the other aspects of a cruise - UNTIL - we took a Celebrity cruise. The CD there was just plain awful. Post-cruise there were so many complaints about this guy doing the things he wanted, and not what the guests wanted. It really distracted from the cruise.
  3. I didn't realize there was such a site - thank for mentioning this. We are staying at the Hyatt 3 nights precruise, so maybe we can swing something with that hotel for the postcruise dayroom. Have an 11 PM flight. I see that the Pan Pacific allows for luggage storage - that might be a way for us to go also. Can someone tell us what kind of walk it is - we'll have two large suitcases and probably a backpack & a carryon or two. Is there a shuttle from where we disembark to that hotel? philliesfan - I am another one who is now in SW Fl. Still haven't gotten over 1964 collapse.
  4. If you look at the rules for this category, much too restrictive to allow for cruise passengers to visit. For example, a schedule of meetings must be provided, and fre time is not allowed. This is nuts!
  5. Going to open up a restaurant back home.
  6. Haven't been on the Veendam since about 15 years ago. Have done many cruises on Crystal, so I am not expecting Crystal level on this ship. In looking on the HAL site, so many of the music venues on the HAL ships do not seem to be on the Veendam. I cannot find anything on the HAL website showing who is performing, lecturing, etc. Is there such a link somewhere? Also, what are the dining options? Did I understand correctly that Neptune suite gets a gratis drink card? Thanks
  7. Look what's hanging out at our local airport: https://www.heraldtribune.com/photogallery/LK/20190508/NEWS/508009968/PH/1?utm_source=SFMC&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Sarasota%20Herald-Tribune%20daily%202019-05-09&utm_content=INKA_SHT&utm_term=050919
  8. Have a great cruise!
  9. For a company that runs a great cruise, they sure do not know how to run a website! I am trying to log on to the site to get to PCPC for an upcoming cruise. But there is no longer a link for "already booked" (or a similar phrase - don't recall exactly). If I click on the figure on the upper right, it flashes a screen that says in large letters ACCOUNT, then has a space for email & PW - But that screen disappears after a second or two, going back to the generic crystal screen. I can find no way to get to PCPC. THey really need to go to some High School and hire a couple kids to get their site working properly. FOUND IT - well hidden - had to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to an area where things like Terms & COnditions, Security, etc are located. WHy do they make it so difficult? If I recall correctly, only a few days ago there was a link to Already Booked at the top of the page.
  10. I am sure the ship gets a better forecast than I get on online sites, but I checked 3 sites and did nit see any evidence of bad weather at Cooktown. Also looked at a nautical site and seas did not seem rough. And as we are cruising, I can’t feel much in the way of rough seas. But that’s why I am not a huge fan of tendering - a little swell and they often have to stop tendering. Disappointed in missing Cooktown - had a private bird watching tour planned. Instead, we have to “suffer” onboard for another day, eating good food, hearing interesting speakers and seeing a beautiful coastline. And now it is off the Prego. Yes it’s tough, but somebody has to do it. And great Kudos to Crystal for arranging the charter to the reef last minute out of Cairns. Swimming on the GBR was at the top of my bucket list, and for a while there it seemed like we were not going to make it.
  11. I ran into Maestro Hector Olivera today (we live in same county). He told me he'll be performing near the end of the World Cruise this year. Lucky people! ENJOY!
  12. I've been advised to Not book a flight from Vancouver before noon, and the flights in the afternoon are lousy. I understand we have to go through US Customs in Vancouver at the cruise terminal, so that makes a for a delay for departure for the airport. Or is customs done at YVR airport? I think I need to plan 3 1/2 hours from the time we leave the ship to catch a flight at YVR - and 7 hours to catch one out of Seattle? It's not the cost - it is the timing & availability that is giving me trouble. Don't want to spend the day in Vancouver & then take a redeye back. What surprises me is that all the car rental agencies I contacted say they have no available cars that day. Weird.
  13. Haven't noticed anything too recent about disembarking in Vancouver & trying to get to Seattle. I looked into renting a car - and searched on the Canada Place website for car rental agencies at the pier. It showed Avis, National & Alamo. I went to all their website, and they are showing no cars available at that location. I've gone to other car rental agencies as well, and all show no cars. We disembark on July 30. There is one other relatively smallish ship in port. Haven't booked air back to NY yet, but hoping to catch a 1:30 flight from seattle - next choice is 3:30 from seattle. But not looking good. THe flights back to NY from Vancouver are awful - no directs in the afternoon, and we don't want to wait around until late at night. One member of our party wants to be back at work the next day. Although it appears to be a 3 hour drive, the bus is over 5 hours. It Aint Easy!
  14. Looking forward to meeting him next month! Maybe I'll get him to sign my iPad case! 🙂
  15. DUH! I am shocked that I never thought of this! Will now do regularly. THANK YOU.
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