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  1. would we make reservations at each restaurant? or is there a central reservation area?
  2. Back on Breakaway.....first NCL cruise since Dawn in 2003. We were only able to make reservations on line for 2 of our 5 meals on our dining package. Will we have difficulties with reserving the other 3 once we board? I just want to make sure we are able to go to the restaurants we want to go to, not the ones that are left overs. Thanks
  3. sorry rusty, I will not name VRS....no sense in getting that person in trouble. Let me just say VRS is in a position to know all about DL and is likely in communication with corp. several times a day. That's all I got for ya
  4. sorry, yes there was no Harmony DL initially there. I was referring to the other Oasis class ships. If RCL hasn't already, I would venture to say all Oasis ships will convert that prime location to a money maker specialty rest. rather than keeping that location DL. By the way, Wonderland was fabulous. Give it a try.
  5. yes, I agree it is very fuzzy. My point is not what their cost of booze is, but the excessive profit RCL can make if the new rule is in place and diamonds start purchasing drinks beyond the 3 sea pass limits or better still for RCL diamonds purchase the BP..
  6. Harmony Wonderland Restaurant (old diamond lounge).......money maker Harmony old diamond lounge.............not money maker
  7. On the first night at 4:30 there were probably 150 people in line for the DL (by the way, there were well over 800 diamonds on board). At 4:35 all seats (maybe 50 or 60) were occupied. Fortunately, right around the corner was the overflow room (jazz club)....so everyone was happy during HH. If no overflow.....I wouldn't want to be the DL host that had to tell hundreds of diamonds to move elsewhere. And I agree this is a profit driven decision. Lets say, average 3-4 drinks at $10 plus 20% service charge in the DL and average 1-2 sea pass drinks elsewhere, we have $40 to $60 bucks plus the
  8. no, not dead set....just relaying the info I got to others....hope that helps.
  9. Just back from Harmony. Found out from very reliable source that all RCL cruises after 11/1/19 will have no overflow areas for the Diamond clubs. I was told that management is forcing diamonds to use their 3 drink vouchers elsewhere. Now diamonds know how quickly the Oasis class (as well as other ships) diamond clubs fill up. So, once that happens, do they allow people in as others leave? The next day my source emailed his concerns to Miami and he did say the new rule might be adjusted if the number of diamonds and above reaches a certain level on a cruise....but no guarantee. This is another
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