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  1. For now, X says "The cocktail hour will no longer take place in the lounge. Now, you’ll be able to enjoy unlimited drinks from the Captain’s Club menu daily from 5pm to 7pm at bars and lounges throughout your ship."
  2. Not all bookings will necessarily include drinks. Celebrity says "Simply Sail will offer a cruise-only rate for select sailings within 90 days of departure." No one yet knows which sailings would be selected. So if you get book Simply Sail, this should apply: Elite members and above that do not sail with Always Included can continue to enjoy unlimited drinks from the Captain’s Club menu daily from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. at bars and lounges throughout the ship. As more and more members start to sail with Always Included which includes drinks, we’ll be introducing new events for
  3. Sorry, I was not very specific in my comment, but was specific in my search. The July sailings were not showing longer packages, except I think maybe one at the very end of July. The later sailings do show the 11- and 16-night packages.
  4. You have already seen that Celebrity says "Single guests will be charged double the per day amount for either the Elevate or Indulge package. Single guests will receive double the amount of corresponding Onboard Credit; however, the Beverage and Wi-Fi packages will not be doubled as these amenities are provided per person. There will not be a refund for the unused packages." Although this is technically for the upgrades, the part I underlined makes me think solo cruisers won't get double. But as you are not cruising until April, here's hoping I am wrong or it changes by then.
  5. The FAQ for AI says this: How can a guest upgrade from Surf Wi-Fi to Stream Wi-Fi when they book the Always Included package? If a guest books their cruise with Always Included package pricing and would like to upgrade their Surf Wi-Fi to Stream Wi-Fi, they may do so via our Cruise Planner platform once their booking is within final payment. The upgrade charge will be $20 per person per day. Guests may not purchase a Wi-Fi upgrade before final payment when they book Always Included. Alternatively, guests may also upgrade their Surf Wi-fi to Str
  6. Today the Celebrity site offers the 10-night package. 11- and 16-night options are not shown. From your TA comment, I assume it's really a 9-night now? Or maybe there was enough pushback that they are keeping the 10-night now?
  7. Well, you can book cruises with Marriott: https://cruise-with-points.marriott.com/ But that's probably further off topic.
  8. Good question on Il Bacio. My guess would be that anyone that wanted that coffee already NEEDED that coffee, so I wonder if there will be any change at all. I know in my house there was never any settling for lesser coffee.
  9. I think that is an excellent point, and having it provided whether you want it or not will probably result in some finding it to be a positive change. Not all, but some. COVID has changed how we do things at home and we will carry some of those changes aboard.
  10. I notice that much of the discussion (not all) regarding AI and paying for drinks one does not want centers on alcohol. Celebrity's response to this is basically that everyone drinks something so let's just charge up front: Can guests request a non-alcoholic drinks package if an individual guest does not drink alcohol or is under the legal drinking age? Our beverage packages include a wide variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic options including specialty coffee, fresh squeezed juices, bottled water, sports drinks and soda. All guests can choos
  11. Giving Celebrity the benefit of the doubt, they do suggest this is not permanent: "To adhere to elevated safety standards, Zenith access to the lounge at The Retreat® and Michael’s Club will be limited to members staying in The Retreat until further notice." All subject to change, of course.
  12. I don't think I want to be buffeted on any ship of the S & M class ... 🙃
  13. Some of the S-class ships are longer (1041 vs 1047 feet, for example) and Revolution has a different configuration on the top decks. The longer ones (Silhouette, for example) squeeze in another cabin or so with that extra length. Eclipse is 1041 feet and I think matches Solstice in most ways. Does that account for what you are seeing?
  14. I/we hope your cruise happens on schedule! We would be quite happy to hear from you on the trip. Has Celebrity told you anything at all about how they are adjusting to COVID or local conditions, other than what is on their web site? Or does it look like the standard program?
  15. Regarding FCC's, Celebrity says this: "All existing Future Cruise Certificates are now valid for use through April 30, 2022 on Celebrity Cruise sailings departing on or before September 30, 2022." I am not sure if that helps. These Galapagos cruises are so different from others that Celebrity has options not normally available. Maybe cover flight changes and have all passengers stay in some other city, or even country, rather than Quito. Or use Quito but keep everyone isolated, maybe scrapping some of the pre-cruise tours. If they get creative they can limit our exposure in Ecuador
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