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  1. Our cruise isn’t until September but I was really hoping for some feedback on speciality restaurants, bars, entertainment etc... swjumbo, as you are on board before us the baton is in your hands...
  2. Hi all on board! How is... the food the weather the service the drinks anything!!! Please let those of us who hope to cruise in the near future know how your cruise was/is... Thank you!
  3. Look out for buffet specials. A couple of years ago there were fresh sardines in Lisbon and in Norway on a few days there was a ‘catch of the day’. They also theme the days in the buffet on some cruises, our favourite is when the usually very good Indian selection is added to...really nice and lots of vegetarian options. Remember all the cakes and biscuits are free at cafe el bachio, you don’t need to purchase a coffee. Visit the buffet late afternoon and gather some cheese and biscuits. Transfer into a plastic container/plastic bag in your room and put in your fridge to enjoy later on the balcony with a last drink...
  4. Sincere best wishes for a wonderful cruise! Please keep posting!
  5. If you do a Celebrity tour how full are the coaches? Are guests spread out or is it the more usual every seat is taken? Has anyone booked a private Celebrity tour? Are they even offering them?
  6. I guess one of the better things about the staycations and needing to do Celebrity only tours is that many people will do something that would normally not be on their agenda...A distillery tour sounds good! There are so many things in the British Isles we always plan to do someday but never actually get around to...
  7. It may help people respond if you add a bit more information re your family, categories of rooms booked, are you traveling with children/older generation...CC responders can then comment on the restaurants you will spend most of your time in, what your rooms are like, features that may appeal to some of your party... We have cruised a few times on Solstice and loved her! Generally the focus on Celebrity is Rest and Relaxation....There are always some children on board with a well reviewed children’s club but the ships generally are not child focused. To us the strengths of Celebrity are the food and the laid back ambiance...
  8. Better still pass this back to your TA. If there genuinely is something important re your booking they should know about it and are the ones to engage with Celebrity. It seems unusual to me that the phone number is incorrect...However, given the present circumstances I would not ignore...
  9. Suite guests do not have access to Persian Gardens but Elite and above do on one port day.
  10. Some guests really enjoy the area and consequently book Aqua or buy the pass for the cruise. They will visit frequently and thoroughly enjoy. We like an occasional visit, once per cruise is enough for us and on a port day when the area is more likely to be quiet (hence the value to us of the Elite perk). On S class it is nice to relax on the tiled beds looking out to sea, we never bother going on M class. I suggest you look up reviews and pictures on the ship you are in to help you decide if the additional cost is worth it to you. Remember the other perk of Aqua is Blu, also a deciding factor for some.
  11. Thank you! An hour would be more than enough for us...
  12. Thanks, we really enjoy the Elite breakfast on days we don’t particularly want anything heavy. Tuscan is such a pleasant venue to start the day in! I would guess that galley tours will not happen for obvious hygiene reasons. With the helipad being outside maybe a possibility... Thanks again for your reply!
  13. Just a couple of questions re life on board, I am wondering if some things we often enjoy as E+ or suite guests are happening as usual. Have there been any helipad sailaways? Can E use Persian Gardens on port days? Is there a Captains Cocktail hour get together? Elite Breakfast? Galley tours? Bridge tours? Any other events? Less bothered for ourselves than a member of our party cruising with us for the first time. Not the end of the world but would be nice if some are available, especially as we may not even get off the ship...
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