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  1. We ask our butler to vary snack options, our favourite balcony late at night snack being a shrimp platter... If you are entertaining fellow guests the butler will reorganise your suite, arrange some cold snacks etc. Great if you are meeting old cruise friends and want to enjoy a sail away together. We did this in Sydney. As our friends left the butler reappeared, as if by magic, to tidy up. He would not let us help and suggested we needed a sit down on the balcony with our remaining champagne... As someone else has said butler’s are busy. We try to let them know in advance if we want anything special. For example, if we are planning a full in suite meal rather than a couple of items from room service or we are going to entertain. If you let them know at least 24 hours in advance they can arrange service to others around your request. Listen to the advice of the butler too, he can often make suggestions that work really well. Butlers really can come to strength if things things go wrong...you return to the ship soaking wet, you loose a button, your suitcase is damaged....Just give the butler a ring, if he can’t sort it he will know someone who can. Remember the Concierge in the Retreat lounge is there to help too. If you experience an overcharge, a problem with an excursion, difficulties getting speciality dining just pop in or give them a call. They also organise bridge tours, galley tours etc so speak to them early in the cruise if you fancy any of these. Some butler’s seem to know instinctively what you may like but communication is important. If you don’t let your butler know you want something he will not know to deliver...Some guests do not want butler service at all. Sometimes on CC we will read that someone towards the end of their cruise is disgruntled that their butler has been poor, lazy or invisible. Usually this scenario follows the guest finding out that another suite guest has had Cappuccino coffee delivered by their butler each morning and afternoon. If you want something ask for it! Butler’s are not mind readers.
  2. OP, thank you for starting this post, we all need breaks of thought from the present cruising situation.... I love the Captain’s 10 O’clock announcements! Captain Leo has my shout for the funniest. Every morning he would say something that made me smile or chuckle...Not jokes just comments like “.....we are 8 metres from the nearest land which is directly below us...” or “...if you are planning on going ashore today I would not recommend as we are at sea...”. If you didn’t listen carefully you would miss the fun. Re the ‘on five’ restaurant. Totally agree a rotating menu is the way to go. How hard can it be to design a 7 night rotation. Indian, Mexican, Asian, Caribbean? I cannot see why there would need to be any issues with food supply or wastage as the buffet has similar offerings, you would be paying extra for the food cooked to order and location. It would also be a great evening venue at least once a cruise for real local dining using food brought fresh on board. I would like to bet that lots of guests would be willing to pay extra for food really from the places visited, we certainly would. Whilst on the topic of Sushi on Five and how busy Cafe al Bacio can be on sea days...Why not open it up in the morning (free) simply for coffee and pastry? It would not only take pressure off the cafe it would take pressure off the buffet too. Re on board cosmetics we were very disappointed with the Bigelow products in the Suites last cruise. Not only were the dispensers clumsy they didn’t have fittings so you needed two hands to operate. Also another set of surfaces to clean before using... Re live music on board...I am all for variety, even if some of it is not to my taste. What I hate is venues having the same old thump, thump daily. Have a Caribbean band by the pool some days but not everyday, have loud music near the Martini bar for a short while each evening but not for all of the evening....Give everyone a bit of what they enjoy, give people a taste of something different but don’t feel venues need to be defined by the music played there. In addition a comment on the looped music tapes...really awful on the Retreat Deck on Equinox. Not only did each track have the same background beat the loop was less than an hour so even if you could cope with the sun and wind the music would send you packing! I do wish Celebrity would send more consultation questionnaires out prior to changes. The present end of cruise ones allow you to review present offerings but don’t really allow you to offer that ‘even better if....’ type feedback. At the moment I would happily eat Sushi on Five, get deafened at the Martini bar, juggle with cosmetic bottles and even listen to the looped music just to be back on board... Thanks again OP for the subject change!
  3. Phone X or get your TA to. If there is a comparable cruise next year they will allow you to swap at your present price or reprice you if the option is cheaper. Note re perks you have/don’t have can make a difference to overall holiday price so a slightly more expensive new price may be better. I am fairly sure in the U.K. the usual £75 per first two guests is being waived but ask to confirm as we don’t pay this anyway as we are above Elite level... Hope, like us, you manage to sort.
  4. As more guests use lift and shift the less room choice for next year. We moved our October cruise this year to September next year. It was actually slightly cheaper so L and S didn’t apply...However, we book RS and PH and very little choice left. If you are ‘room faddy’ L and S offers a great option to ensure the room you want in (hopefully) a more secure future. Another bonus of using L and S rather than getting your money back is that you still have something to look forward to!
  5. ....and Michael’s Club was named after Anthony Chandris’s son, Michael. For us X marks the spot X gets our vote Xiting Xemplary Xtra special!
  6. I have to be honest and say it would have to be a great itinerary to get us back on an M class ship. We always book the PH on M class and it is a fantastic room but we do like dining choices. Whilst we know the Luminae staff will (by arrangement) sort off menu food and that the butler will arrange a few special in room meals it isn’t the same as varying location and restaurant styles... Strongly suggest on boarding that you chat to the M’D of Luminae and Tuscan to see if they can add variety by sorting a few off menu items. Have a great cruise!
  7. I think I am missing the planning more than the cruising itself. On CC I am really happy to give looooong answers about normal cruising...Questions about ports, restaurants, the rooms....anything. As I write about dining in Murano’s or Tuscan or cruising from Southampton I indulge in remembering all the wonderful times we have had on board. Sort of therapeutic, I guess. We recently moved our October 2020 cruise to September 2021.... Just knowing I have a cruise booked is so important. As for TV watching, as an alternative I keep looking at holiday photos on my iPad.... Try mixing cocktails after dinner instead.... .....not quite that desperate yet but I have started YouTube searching all the ships we have been on....If this goes on much longer a ferry trip may seem like an adventure.
  8. So pleased you agree with my comments....Hard sometimes on CC to get the balance between giving ‘facts’ and ‘opinions’ and sometimes with things like speciality dining there is an overlap... Wish I was in Murano’s now.....
  9. Let’s be honest Celebrity’s administration/ICT can be quirky at the best of times. With understaffing and overload of work I am sure some errors will come through. As omeinv said, give them a call...
  10. Just an added bit of advice for the OP...Depending on your cruise itinerary plan where/when you are going to dine at each venue to make the most of your itinerary. Tuscan is great just as you leave a port (6pm ish) you can see the port slowly disappear and watch day turn to night. Murano’s is a long meal best enjoyed if you have had a lazy day rather than after a busy port excursion. Lawn Club we did enjoy after dark but it can be cooler so even in the Caribbean you may want a fleecy. They will get you a blanket. We booked in when we were overnighting in St. Martaan, still, warm and with views. Our second night was at sea, still pleasant but definitely cooler. LPC has two seatings 6pm and 8pm so choose your booking after checking other activities going on to choose which will suit you better. The Porch, we never found it that busy either at lunch or when we passed in the evening...could be a nice option if the weather is nice. As it is cheaper than the other restaurants probably worth paying for individually rather than as part of your package. Nice sometimes to do something spontaneously. Sushi doesn’t always need a booking, it can be fairly quiet so it can be great if you have perhaps had a heavy lunch, don’t want a full sit down experience but you want service rather than a buffet. Don’t forget all rooms have access to room service. There is a standard menu but you can book from the MDR menu when it is open. The most special meal of your cruise could be on your balcony!
  11. We really loved the additional dining options too...Dining is our main evening entertainment really (along with a few relaxing drinks in nice bars making new friends)...We were also lucky that when were on Reflection we had a RS so unlimited dining options. The Porch at lunchtime was a really nice option just so nice to relax with a light meal and a Sangria. We had booked Silhouette this year looking forward again to the additional dining options but unfortunately it isn’t going to happen but never mind, role on 2021!
  12. Greetings! We loved our speciality dining on Reflection.... Choices are... Murano’s, classic French. Choose items that are flambéed tableside. A more formal meal that will take a few hours, excellent for a special occasion. Our favourites include the filet mignon and sole for mains and the ballon rouge and the Gran Marnier soufflé for dessert. Tuscan Grill, steak with an Italian twist. Great views from the wake of the ship, nice and relaxing. Favourite for me is the bean soup starter and the rib eye steak. Somehow we are always really full by the time we get to dessert but the pistachio creme brûlée is very nice. Le Petit Chef. In our experience it is fun rather than fine dining. Worth experiencing once. It is a set menu, we preferred the food and presentation with the original Le Petit Chef rather than the Le Petit Chef and Friends so check which nights each are on. Lawn Grill. Al Fresco dining. Salad and flatbread starters followed by steaks, Kebabs, fish cooked on the grill. If you want to be hands on you can be and help to make your own. Very relaxed dining, no need to dress up, can be a nice venue when dining as a group although fine just for two. We loved the lamb and vegetable kebabs....by the time we got to the cookie and ice cream dessert we were past eating! The Porch. Lighter food choices, our favourite was the seafood tower. We only dined here at lunch, hopefully others will comment more on the menu choices. Sushi on Five. Does have more options than just Sushi, we enjoyed the hot noodle pots. You can pay per item so it can be quite a cheap option for lunch on a sea day when the buffet is busy. The first 4 restaurants are (I think) $45 each with The Porch At $30 and Sushi a la carte. If you choose a package prices fall significantly. Alternatively you can negotiate on board and pick up some good deals although you may have less choice on time/day. Some guests enjoy the haggle, others prefer the package. On some cruises you can book an ‘Unlimited Package’ with the option to dine in all restaurants as many times as you want. This can be a great option for foodies, especially if you are not planning lots of excursions...Also Top Suites (Signiture and above) have this included, worth considering if any upgrades become available.... If we were to only pick one it would be Murano’s, a real fine dining experience. We really enjoyed our Reflection cruise. Remember if you have a drinks package you can ask the sommelier to match your wines to your courses, obviously a better selection on the premium package than the classic. Hope you enjoy!
  13. From the article I read (Independent) people from outside the EU will need to isolate for 7 days on entering Slovenia...So the ship could cruise there, keep people on board for 7days, give them one day of excursions then cruise back.... Nice to see some positive thoughts, though, ghstudio!
  14. You never know, BA may be generous.... Ironically after many years we have just got enough Virgin airmiles for an Upper Class flight to the US....Lets hope they are still in business when we are able to fly again!!!
  15. Being really distant from a port is a difficulty at present...You have the dilemma of booking flights in advance at a reasonable price, paying a premium for flights you can cancel or waiting until near to the time and then possibly paying a high price and not getting the best option. In this his situation I would still be tempted to book a cruise to have something to look forward to and worry about flights later...If things didn’t work out again I would switch the cruise to a later date.
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