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  1. Yes, thoroughly enjoyable...I love the fact you never see her aboard any ship without a glass in her hand!
  2. We were regular RC cruisers and vaguely knew about Celebrity as a ‘partner’ cruise line. One day we were moored on an RC ship next to an M class in Athens. From our balcony we could see the PH balcony....We dreamed of one day cruising in one of them... We have seen the odd Celebrity ad on U.K. TV but no where near as many as P and O or Fred Olsen...Celebrity ads are a bit like those car ads where the car is driving through a flaming forest....tell you nothing about the product whatsoever.
  3. Celebrity is more about rest and relaxation whereas Royal Caribbean is about action and activity...We have cruised both. We find food better on Celebrity and enjoy the live music in the bars and lounges. Variety and quality of shows is better on RC. There are things to do on Celebrity but there aren’t the constant announcements you get on RC, you need to look at your daily sheet. Re ports of call, what part of the world are you considering? We prefer the S class ships. There are 3 classes of ships on Celebrity, like RC, depending on which class you book will determine the layout, restaurants etc. Hope you find a fantastic cruise.
  4. We never used to care about who was on board what ship until we did a few cruises in close succession on the same ships where we did meet up with the same staff. It did make a difference to our experience having a butler who knew our ways, a M’D in Murano’s who greeted our first arrival with ‘Welcome home, your favourite table is ready for you!’ To say nothing for a Captain who came over to us first night in Tuscan and gave us a personal welcome... It is several years now since we cruised on Equinox so we are not expecting to know anyone. It certainly doesn’t determine our booking patterns but it is nice to meet up with staff who have previously looked after you and made your cruise special... Yet to meet any Celebrity staff member that ‘I didn’t care for’ just some that do go above and beyond...
  5. We find the best prices for flights from the U.K. are at about 5/6 months out and if a ship is to be chartered it tends to be at about 10+ months out... I am sure many regulars will offer examples that prove me wrong but from the U.K. flight perspective this is our experience. In addition to alternative cruises from Fort Lauderdale both Port of Miami and Port Canaveral are an easy drive and could offer additional cruise options. Also in addition to Orlando attractions the Keys, Tampa area and the Gulf Coast are all holiday destinations in their own right. When we Cruise from Florida we tend to attach a land based holiday to it and are yet to run out of things to do... Strongly suggest you fly in a few days early and really research prices. If you are flying via a local airport it can be cheaper to book via Amsterdam or Dublin than Heathrow.
  6. We have mixed feelings on Reflection...Whilst we found the deck area on sea days very busy (much busier than on our 7 other S class cruises) we did enjoy the extra dining options. Need to book on the Silhouette...Best of both worlds?
  7. Our son also has the cardboard cutout photo. It seems that your family like ours has a wide range of cultural interests, the stadium tour was our first stop in Barcelona. Wearing a crown with my posh frock on chic night might add to the credibility too.
  8. Our football mad son was really upset to have missed him although took some satisfaction sitting on the sofa Messi had sat on the week before watching him play on the TV! Our next celebrity cruise had some amusement as I was asked if I was related to the queen....Couldn’t really understand why but we did have a butler who had come to Michael’s to see us about a change we had made to a dining reservation who always called me ‘My Lady’ or it could have been the quantity of gin I was enjoying....
  9. Footballer (soccer star) Lionel Messi was in the RS on Freedom of the Seas the week before us.
  10. Suite choice is definitely all about ‘what suits you’! CS seem to be loved or really disliked! We tried a CS (S class) once and just didn’t like the layout, especially the ‘inside’ bedroom. Even if you got all the RS perks with a CS we still wouldn’t book it, we would prefer a wake view S1 if we couldn’t get a RS... Agree with groryjm about that perceptible increase in service level too...
  11. It really does depend on how much you enjoy the Luminae menu...We find it quite limited, as usual all about personal taste. However, agree service is always very good. The other RS perks are also worth having and we do much prefer the RS room layout on S class compared to the CS... Go for it! Enjoy life to the full....
  12. The Edge does seem to be a ‘Marmite’ ship...you either love it or hate it! At present we have not cruised or booked on Edge so no opinions. Our decision not to cruise on it yet is based simply on cost. We will try it one day and board with an open mind. Did X ever ask anyone (questionnaires) pre Edge what they wanted from a new ship? I can’t recall ever receiving one although over the years we have received several additional questionnaires re destinations, cruise patterns etc....
  13. I can see us making use of this in September....We often dine early then enjoy a snack left by the butler late at night on the balcony, this offers another option. We have only ever visited Sushi for an odd lunch. Thanks for the advice!
  14. We loved sea day lunches in the Porch... I wish you hadn’t mentioned the Gelato....another venue we haven’t made use of! Too many temptations....
  15. Just to confirm, this is included with RS/PH? After all our cruises just always something new to find out!
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