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  1. No, we enjoy the suite experience where we have access to the big ship when we want it but then have our ‘Retreat’ when we feel we want something more intimate. We have in recent years looked at several smaller lines but each time we reflect on the choices on Celebrity and decide not for us... On Celebrity S class we find the ‘flow’ to be great even on sea days...just so many bars and places to sit and relax in. Smaller ships can sometimes be more compact...
  2. Agree! On one breezy cruise our wonderful butler insisted on the table cloth on the balcony held on by clips despite our willingness to just use mats. I think the tablecloth to many Butlers as well as guests is a ‘symbol’ of a higher level of service...
  3. In our experience PH and RS Butlers are usually experienced. Whilst this should ensure good service it doesn’t mean less experienced Butlers are not as good. Less experienced Butlers may be more keen to get good reviews and therefore be more willing to go above and beyond. Who you are assigned will probably be more dependent on location than anything else, Butlers usually service a group of suites together rather than a type of suite. Also in our experience service levels can drop if you have occasional ‘demanding’ guests. Guests who regularly entertain in suite, regularly dine in suite, regularly have special requests....Whilst all suite guests have the ‘right’ to all of these things most are reasonable in frequency of demands on the Butlers time. If we do want anything which we know will use a significant amount of the Butler’s time (like a sail away party) we try to give him at least 24 hours notice.
  4. So pleased my English is acceptable!!! I honest wasn’t sure if I had invented a new word.
  5. We also have experienced different levels of ‘butlering’ if there is such a word! Average Butlers will do everything asked. Good Butlers will do everything asked and a bit more (like the tablecloth). Very good Butlers will do a bit more than you ask and may add a suggestion or two. Excellent Butlers will almost predict what you want, surprising you with little treats or ideas.
  6. Communication is the key to getting the best from your butler. Some people don’t want anything so Butlers will leave you alone unless you make requests. They will usually pop in first afternoon to introduce themselves after that use the telephone number they give you, don’t just try to spot them on the corridor. The story of Patty 1955 is not that unusual. We have in Michael’s/Retreat mentioned we have enjoyed a shrimp platter on the balcony at night and had fellow guests comment they didn’t know they could ask for anything. Equally we have heard people complain (on the ship and on here) they never see their butler to which the obvious answer is well phone them then and tell them what you want! In years gone by Butlers used to knock on your door at 4pm with afternoon tea, this is now served in the Retreat. A good thing about this was it did give a ‘touch base’ opportunity between guest and butler on a daily basis. We still ask for afternoon tea to be delivered to our suite but often it is not brought by our own butler as they are on duty. Remember Butlers do service several rooms so be tolerant if you need to wait a few minutes for a coffee and if you want things like evening snacks it is much easier for Butlers to sort if you prearrange. If you have any issues during your cruise (you come back soaked from an excursion, you forgot to pack something, a button comes off a jacket..) just phone your butler and he/she will use the magical phrase “just leave it to me...”. It is often the little things a butler will do for you that make a cruise special. Hope you have a wonderful suite cruise.
  7. Your question has already been answered, just a further suggestion... We do find the Luminae menu fairly limited in choice. If you ask to see the evening menu at breakfast (or visit the Retreat lounge where they have a copy) you can then decide to dine there or choose to request one of the MDR restaurants or book a speciality.
  8. Don’t move on...just read and enjoy the flow of what so many of us enjoy and are now missing. Even if you only find one item on this post of something special that you may enjoy on a future cruise then the reading will have been worthwhile. We are E+ now but still find ideas/experiences related that are new to us. May every cruise you embark offer something new to you be it 10th or 30th...
  9. We have had some great cruises on M class but would now only cruise on them for an exceptional itinerary. I have tried to summarise our feelings below... We find the S class to be lighter and more airy. Somehow the ‘flow’ of the ship seems better. Even on sea days nowhere seems that busy, there always seems to be somewhere nice to sit. Also, although Millie and the Summit have had an upgrade the M class are older ships and it does show in areas. A negative on the M class for us is the lack of speciality restaurants. Although some S class have more speciality restaurants than others (Silhouette and Reflection) all have more than M class. There are some variations in room layouts/balcony sizes. You cannot assume a certain category on one class looks the same/has the same facilities as the the other... If you are a suite cruiser then you could be influenced by the addition of a suite deck. M class Millie and Summit have them and on S class the Silhouette does and Equinox has a limited one. Personally we would go for an S class without the refit than an M class with. No such thing as a bad Celebrity cruise but we definitely have a preference for S class. Whatever cruise you decide to take I hope you enjoy!
  10. We should be on Silhouette now...It was booked as a real rest and relaxation cruise, no intention of doing anything other than enjoy the ship. As an extra treat we had booked the PH as we celebrated our Ruby wedding this year. Just sitting on the balcony in the morning with a coffee or in the evening with a cognac sounds like heaven... So missing the restaurants. We would have dined in Tuscan first night and last night would have been Murano’s. We so love the atmosphere in the speciality restaurants on Celebrity S class ships. Each meal feels like an ‘event’ but never in a ‘stuffy’ way... Ah well, we have switched to next September, only 300+ days to go...
  11. On the S class upgrading to a RS does give you a wider range of ‘free’ speciality restaurants. If I was you I would do some calculations on SS/CS/RS costs and decide based on how much you would use/enjoy the perk upgrades rather than just focusing on the room...
  12. We only saw the tub on the M class, that was enough to put us off! We did do one S class Celebrity suite (Equinox) some years ago and to be honest we really didn’t like it. I am quite small and found the tub not too bad to get in but difficult to get out of. When you are wet and slippy I think you are less confident.... We also found the whole suite had a very ‘cramped’ feeling. Whilst the Jack and Jill two doors of the bathroom can suit a party of 3/4 we found it left the bathroom lacking space. The bedroom was small and obviously basically an inside cabin with a window you couldn’t see through. The lounge had an oversized sofa bed with a coffee table. The balcony was OK. If we were a party of two guests we would prefer a rear SS 1. If we want the two rooms when traveling with family we much prefer to pay extra for a RS or PH. Add on the fact that basically the CS only has the same perks as a SS whereas the RS has unlimited speciality dining, bar set up etc then we find it hard to justify the cost of a CS. I do think the CS is a bit of a ‘marmite’ suite. - either you love it or you hate it! Many do like the separate room set up so don’t base your decision on our opinion only. Whatever room you choose have a fantastic cruise!
  13. Must say that we find the S class ‘not too big, not too small but just right’ However... Agree! We always do our homework first so when we cruised Carnival (many years ago) we did have realistic expectations. We did not expect luxury or relaxation we expected a short family cruise experience which was what we got. We never repeated the experience because we realised we wanted something ‘more’ but that was our choice rather than Carnival’s error. We also cruised Star cruises in SE Asia and enjoyed the difference from anything else we had experienced. We regularly look at a range of cruise lines (plenty of free time at present!) and it is all about finding the ‘ambience’ that suits you...not too stiff but not too casual, not too formal but not too relaxed....
  14. OP, so sorry your plans will change. In recent years we have also had ‘milestone’ celebrations moved by things beyond our control. Sincere best wishes for a fantastic birthday!
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