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  1. "with PUP’s and a high value cruise" per the post you quoted ... With suites, double points, etc., there have been chances to get a lot of points from high value cruises.
  2. Celebrity is using amenities and perks almost interchangeably. Note they say "As a guest of The Retreat, you’ll also enjoy a long list of thoughtfully curated amenities, starting with five perks that are now Always Included—a shore excursion credit, premium drinks, streaming Wi-Fi, tips, and an onboard credit to spend any way you like.*" (https://www.celebritycruises.com/cruise-deals/celebrity-suites-offer) And to add to the fun, they call it "All-Inclusive" in the browser tab: But the Terms suggest you don't always get these amenities with the Retreat/suites: "The Retreat Amenities: All guests who book The Retreat® on or after November 17, 2020 will receive the IndulgePackage at no additional charge. The Indulge Package provides a Premium Beverage Package, prepaid tips, and an onboard credit (“OBC”), plus an Unlimited Stream Internet Package for all guests in the stateroom. ... Offer is not combinable with Exciting Deals, Interline, Loyalty, Net, Travel Partner or Employee Rates." And the Resident Rate is part of the Captain's Club loyalty program: https://www.celebritycruises.com/captains-club/exclusive-offers/offer-details where they say "Offer applies to standard pricing in USD and CAD only and is not combinable with interline, loyalty, net, travel agent, and employee rates, or Always Included and Simply Sail." So if you book with the Resident Rate, it does not come with Always Included and you don't get the perks. You just have to look in many different places to find this out.
  3. You may have time to watch the WWF webinar (again?). See post #3424 for a link and suggestion that you have until Oct 14. You could get screen captures for proof if needed.
  4. According to the deck plans, Edge will have AquaClass Sky Suites after April 2023. A decent description is here: https://www.celebritycruises.com/cruise-ships/celebrity-beyond/staterooms/aquaclass-sky-suites And they seem largely to be reclassified Sky Suites, based on a quick scan.
  5. This month's points are coming in. I had 4 show up today, probably from a 1-point activity then a 3-pointer.
  6. Check out this thread. It covers a lot of this.
  7. 2024 sailings for Edge are available now out into April. But when I look at the holiday 2023 cruise, I still see plenty of availability. Note that they reclassified some categories, so with fewer cabins in a given category, it might look like there are more bookings than there really are.
  8. Check out post #50 here: While the post does not quite call out Edge, I think that's the implication. And yes, through the Suez is the thought.
  9. I don't think they're gone, just not the default choice:
  10. Have you directed them to to upper right corner of the flier for drink packages? No price is shown but the option is identified: https://www.celebritycruises.com/content/dam/celebrity/pdf/05_07_SP_Beverage-Package-Flyer_051721.pdf
  11. Celebrity is adding itineraries for late 2023, perhaps even into 2024, to their web site. Many of these weren't here a short while ago. https://www.celebritycruises.com/2023-2024-cruises
  12. It is looking like Eclipse will not be heading down under for late 2023. Instead, Pacific Coastal and Mexican Riviera cruises are showing up in October and November 2023. https://www.celebritycruises.com/2023-2024-cruises/2023-mexican-riviera-cruises However, since Edge is getting such a late 2023 start in Australia, maybe Eclipse will also head south very late in the year?
  13. The six-month portion of your comment is off. There are sailings as far out as December 2022 (14 months) available for Simply Sail right now. Check the "Offers" menu at the top of the X web page. Currently showing 187 itineraries.
  14. Check the Celebrity site itself. This shows the start and end points: https://www.celebritycruises.com/2023-2024-cruises/2023-australia-new-zealand-cruises They do have a problem with the year shown for 2 of the January cruises, but that's clearly a typo.
  15. The January 2023 dates on the website (https://www.celebritycruises.com/2023-2024-cruises/2023-australia-new-zealand-cruises) are clearly an error and should show 2024. The first two January dates show 2023 but the next shows 2024. The dates line up with the cruise length, so they are all 2024. And per the Capt Club newsletter (https://www.celebritycruises.com/captains-club/newsletter/exclusive-captains-club-newsletter-september-2021), "as a Captain’s Club member we’ll tell you when these sailings are available for booking first so you can book early, beginning October 12." Since Australia is ahead of the US, that would seem to match the OP date for availability. In general, "These sailings are available for booking on October 14" per the site. Of course, change is a possibility,
  16. I found this link and it does not seem to pre-load any personal info. This is from the email newsletter, so it should be fair game to all Captain's Club members. They say "We celebrated World Tourism Day with our partners at World Wildlife Fund (WWF) with an exclusive webinar on sustainable tourism. In case you missed it, here’s a chance to watch it and learn how you can do your part to protect our planet. Plus, you’ll earn 30 Power Up Points just for doing so if you watch the entire presentation by October 14." https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/4654326596894568463?allowMobile=y&ecid=em_23553203&rid=282401546&mes=Celebrity Loyalty Enewsletter SEP 2021 EM&emsc=CCC_SEL_OUR_NAN_H_USA_CA_3_CVP&empf=Y&emct=S&lnkid=TILE5_CTA
  17. Do you get the monthly Captain's Club Newsletter email? It's that, not the email specific to the webinar, that has the link for later viewing. I've been getting those for years but I have no idea if I signed up for them or if they are automatic.
  18. I looked back at the September Captain's Club Newsletter email that came in on 9/30 and there is a link there that allows you to enter your CC number for PUPs. When I do it, my info gets entered automatically. Whether from cookies or the link info, I am hesitant to post the link. I do NOT find away to get PUPs looking at the link to the video on the CC website, just in the email newsletter.
  19. Perhaps you can watch the video, take screen captures showing that you watched it, then use the statement from the email that says you should get points for watching?
  20. It looks like you can use the link in post #3230 from @alibaba1 https://pages.email.celebritycruises.com/EarnPointsSurvey
  21. Do you mean this one? Or are you looking for the one in 2024?
  22. I propose that we have been using the wrong definition of "always". I think Celebrity meant "as a last resort," as in "if you don't like it, you can always leave". So it's always included if you don't book something else.
  23. A slight correction to the two underlined statements - Simply Sail was baked into the program from the beginning. Prices were not available for some time as they initially said this would apply to select cruises within 90 days of departure. They have greatly expanded that window. See Question 27 of the FAQ (attached) that came out when this program was launched in November 2020. Note that other information changed after this, such as the cost to upgrade the drinks package, but the Simply Sail aspect was clearly there from the start. CEL_Always_Inlcuded_FAQs.pdf
  24. Also when you look at the excursions listed in the cruise planner, the ones you purchased should have some indicator on those specific excursions indicating you have purchased or reserved them. A glitch might remove those, too, but if they are present, that would be a good sign.
  25. How did you get the $100 OBC? Although taking advantage of a new promotion might mean converting to prevailing rates, Celebrity does say this: Will guests who booked onboard be allowed to convert their booking to Always Included and keep their onboard booking benefit? Yes, guests who book onboard will be permitted to convert to Always Included pricing at prevailing rates and continue to keep their onboard booking benefits. (https://www.celebritycruises.com/faqs/all-faqs#always-included)
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