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  1. Hello, You are making two slightly different arguments: (1) Anthem replaces Independence even though it was already planned to come to the UK; (2) Anthem 'replaces' Independence on some itineraries even though it was already doing them. For as long as there has been two ships sailing from Southampton they have shared the same itineraries just dropping or adding a different port along the way in order to claim it's a 'New Itinerary'. There are very few possible itineraries out of the UK with a maximum 14 day duration on which any ship could (but none does) claim a monopoly: Canaries with or without Africa, Madeira or Azores; Mediterranean (West or Italian); Baltic; Fjords; Iceland with Eire or Northern Ireland - a quick scan of the 'Europe' brochure tell you that. Cublet
  2. Hello, Not so really. Anthem has always been coming to the UK - or at least has been since November 2018 when I made my bookings. I have also not seen any mention of changes to the original itineraries - my three are as booked in November. Regards, Cublet
  3. Hello, Are you sure? There are no reports I have seen of RCI moving another ship to the UK to replace the Independence - it's Anthem or nothing. Regards, Cublet
  4. Hello, I think the whole RCL pricing model is seriously suspect as Celebrity is dearer than Cunard. OK, it's a value judgement over which of the two you prefer but I would say Cunard has the edge on service. I find P&O claustrophobic as the ceilings are lower. I'm glad I've already booked for Anthem but I think the chance of seeing a price reduction is less than zero. Regards, Cublet
  5. Hello, The MDR Hash Browns are 'home made'. They are flat and about the same size and shape as a beer mat. You usually don't have to ask for them as they come as dressing along with half a grilled tomato. To my mind, or stomach, they are too thin to have any taste. The Windjammer Hash Browns are as you buy in a supermarket's freezer section. I have seen two types - round and triangular(ish). I prefer the triangular ones as the corners get nice and crunchy. Regards, Cublet
  6. Hello, 'English' bacon is available in both MDR and Windjammer but NOT room service. The problem is that it is cooked either under a grill or in the oven and the rashers are overlapped and become 'welded' to one another during cooking so a self-serve single slice in the Windjammer is an impossibility. Sausages vary in quality dramatically. Post Indy refurb the 'English Bangers' were sourced from Germany and had a taste hitherto unknown to man. What's more they are just pointed in the general direction of the grill and never spend any time under it. Fried bread is not always available in the Windjammer - it seems to alternate with French Toast. The finish varies - it is not usually fried but 'deep fried'. When available it is better than P&O's whose fried bread is over an inch thick. Avoid Corned Beef Hash. Needless to say mine is best, but there seems to be no set recipe on RCI as I've unearthed any mixture of vegetables in it, and it comes in a variety of colours! Regards, Cublet
  7. Hello, I think the itinerary (including arrival/departure times) more than anything determines bars' opening hours. Oh - and the weather. Regards, Cublet
  8. Hello, Thank you for your helpful response. I presume this is not using a package but a sort of 'PAYG' over the ship's maritime satellite system? Do you know what the time gap is between person #1 sending a text and person #2 receiving it? Regards, Cublet
  9. Hello, I think I'll try again. Ship is at sea, not in port nor anywhere near land so unable to use ordinary mobile 'roaming'. Cheapest / easiest / quickest way for party #1 to contact party #2 both of whom are somewhere on the ship. I understand that the three criteria above may be mutually exclusive but in this particular case time will be of the essence. Buy a package or use PAYG over the ship's maritime signal? I'm guessing from some of the responses that there isn't an 'intra-ship' package (ie restricted to the confines of the ship). Regards, Cublet
  10. Hello, My brother, sister-in-law and niece are booked on the Iona. My brother is a wheelchair user and has other problems. My sister-in-law and niece will be acting as his carers. If my niece is off somewhere by herself but is needed urgently, is there a limited mobile/phone package just for intra ship communications on which she may be called? Buying a package to call the shore only for the message to be relayed back to the ship strikes me as a terrible waste - and could include inherent delays. Reading previous threads with suggestions like 'use the shore based wifi' or 'leave post-it notes on cabin doors' don't help us that much when the time and location of the need cannot be planned or foreseen. Regards, Cublet
  11. Hello, You are making (incorrect) assumptions about my "interest", not in the actualité of making a bid but the underlying pricing methodology behind it. Speaking as a retired accountant, pricing (anything) is neither exclusively an art nor a science. Can't I be interested in it just for interest's sake? Cublet
  12. Hello, Cheap is indeed a relative term. However you have missed the concept. I was not suggesting a price relative to my spending pattern/income/expectations, but relative to the 'rack-rate' for the room. Regards, Cublet
  13. Hello, I have been invited to bid for Explorer on 14th & 24th May starting @ £205 & £150 respectively to up from Balcony to JS. I wanted to compare this to the going rate for the stateroom but both were showing as 'Sold Out'. Reading the full blurb, the bid price range is based on your original booking price. Now what I don't know is whether that means if you booked 'cheap' you get a cheap upgrade or (to make up for their losses) a cheap original booking means a dear upgrade. I booked when the offer was second pax pays 60% and $300 OBC. What I did not like was that even singletons like me that (usually) pay only a 50% single supplement on the original booking would still have to pay 2 x the bid *and* only get the original C&A points from the original booking. So stuff that - other vernacular expressions are available. Perhaps this is where the RCI IT department has been noon-lighting instead of getting the website to work! Regards, Cublet
  14. Hello, I forgot to mention the sweets/desserts - simple things in a tub about the size of a shots glass. You could effectively have a full three course meal there, the only thing missing being the vegetables - a bit like the MDR actually. Regards, Cublet
  15. Hello, On Indy ex Soton as well as pizza they had: Sandwiches (cold - also made with rolls and croissants); soup; a hot roast that was sliced for sandwiches; and hot pies (fillings changing daily) and sausage rolls. If ever the MDR menu failed to 'float my boat' I would take a pie from Sorrento's and ask for a plate of chips/vegetables and construct my own main course. Regards, Cublet
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