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  1. Hello, I hope RCI follows the example set by X a couple of years ago. An 'Intensive Food and Wine' cruise (on Constellation) allowed us then to bring bottles of wine aboard from our various ports of call for consumption in the dining rooms without any corkage. Cheers! Cublet
  2. Hello, Yes they do - but not just the Canaries. Those that like the cold as well as the heat (or at least warmth) are catered for with cruises going north. But the Canaries are the most popular for Christmas. Regards, Cublet
  3. Hello, I would expect the lower decks, i.e. close to the medical facility, being kept clear to be used in case of quarantine. Regards, Cublet
  4. Hello, The Bailey's brand is now off the list. It is so 'off the list' that last time (sadly November 2019) the concierge would not even let the waiters finish serving from an already opened bottle. Regards, Cublet
  5. Hello, It certainly did, but now it's just like a 'knock-off' copy of the US one - i.e. with some things missing that they forgot to copy-over. Regards, Cublet
  6. Hello, Anthem is currently stationary is the Baie du Douarnenez. Regards, Cublet
  7. Hello, I know her destination is given as Southampton, but at the moment she is heading SSW. But then again, I don't know how big her turning circle is. Regards, Cublet
  8. Hello, My simple view is that you should never stop doing something you're good at. Regards, Cublet.
  9. Hello, When I was living in Australia 30 years ago, I was in a stationer's shop looking at greeting cards. It being February there was a stack of Valentines cards. One I remember not for the picture but the words in large type on the front saying: "Your my valentine". Oh dear. At least, Australia being a small country (by population), not too many of these had been printed. Regards, Cublet
  10. Hello, There is always the possibility that something longer than a 6 nighter on 26th Sept will be planned meaning the October departures will be up in the air. This has been the state of play for about two months now and I'm disappointed that RCI hasn't come clean. Regards, Cublet
  11. Hello, I'm afraid the abbreviation AMS is lost on me. What you, as passengers, have to do at the port is different in America and Europe. Your countrymen can tell you better than I what you have to do on your side of the pond, whereas if your destination is Europe then I can assist if required. Regards, Cublet
  12. Hello, I don't want to do this to death, but I cannot see such a company listed as 'MSC Cruises Group'. The parent company of MSC Cruises Ltd is listed as MSC in Switzerland. Perhaps a company registration number would clarify this? Regards, Cublet
  13. Hello, Which MSC is audited by KPMG? According to the accounts at Companies House, MSC Cruises Limited's auditors are White Hart Associates (London) Ltd. Regards, Cublet
  14. Hello, To my certain knowledge and experience, it's only Cunard and Celebrity that as LINES actively court LGBT passengers. When it comes to SHIPS, that then really depends on the Cruise Director on how far they go to host events. RCI has a 'Community Noticeboard' usually near Guest Relations on which a card advertising a 'Friends of Dorothy' meet-up can be found. But if it isn't, you are free to write a card of your own. Regards, Cublet
  15. Hello, I haven't sailed with Fred. Olsen. I was sat next to a lady on Ventura who had sailed with them and she said that whilst they were very friendly and tried hard, the operation was 'amateur' - I remember that word distinctly. Saying that, I would be interested in cruising on one of the former HAL ships with Fred. Moreover it would not surprise me if any of the current/former ships of CMV found their way to Fred. Olsen either. Regards, Cublet
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