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  1. MANY, MANY THANKS to those who have responded to my original post. We've decided that we're, definitely, going to extend our trip beyond the original 3-4 days post-cruise. With your suggestions, we'll dig out the maps and put our itinerary together, so we can book our flights. Some folks hate planning, but I get almost as much excitement in that as I do on the trip, itself. I hope all of you enjoy whatever travels you have coming up!
  2. We just booked a RT cruise from Boston, Sept 23-Oct 5, and are thinking of a road trip after the cruise, for. maybe 6-7 days. Very confused about car rental options. Considering traffic, convenience, and cost, would it be best to take a taxi (or cruise shuttle, if available) from cruise terminal to airport to pick up and return car, or taxi/Uber to another location and take taxi from there to airport? I understand that Uber use at the airport may not be practical for us. We are seniors and, while mobile, are unable to walk a long distance with luggage. We are unfamiliar with the area, and your
  3. We could stretch our time for a week or so.
  4. We will be on the Celebrity Summit.
  5. We would start the road trip on October 5, and have decided we could extend our trip for up to a week, the itinerary entices us enough, and I think it will.
  6. Thank you, Nitemare, for responding. Our cruise will be 9/23-10/5, and the road trip, about 10/5-1/8 or 9, depending on flight pricing.
  7. We will cruise Boston RT in early fall, sailing as far as Quebec City. Afterwards, we’d like to take a short (3-4 day) road trip, wanting to get “the feel” and history of New England, and, hopefully, see some fall colors that we might not experience in our cruise ports. I’m looking for suggestions for a leisurely trip for a late 70s couple, who won’t want to hike or engage in strenuous activities. We’ve considered going back toward Canada, perhaps to Montreal, versus staying in the States, but still going inland. Or, go to well-known coastal cities. We’ve been to Newport and Boston, previously
  8. Rats!!!! But, thank you, Dave OKC, for the clarification.
  9. I really don’t know. I’m pretty sure that a free upgrade doesn’t earn extra points. In our case, since it was an up sell, and a paid upgrade, I don’t know what rules apply. Hopefully, someone more knowledgeable will let us all know.
  10. My understanding is that, after final payment date, you’ll never get a price adjustment, but may get some degree of upgrade. A friend called about an adjustment, was denied, but was moved from a standard balcony to a Signature Suite, as was the couple traveling with them.
  11. MANY thanks to all of you who replied with encouragement and information! That Neptune suite really made the trip for us. We had already planned for low-key times in port, as we’d visited them before, and our most recent cruise, prior to this one, was very intense. As it turned out, the Oosterdam’s Hawaii trip had the most uninspired activity program we’ve ever experienced. We spent wonderful hours in our suite, on our huge balcony, and in the Neptune Lounge. The perks of Pinnacle breakfasts, priority anytime dining, and free laundry were constant joys. With the help of the terrific concierge
  12. We had aft cabins twice before - but nothing like this one! Both were RCCL, and we loved the first one. The second was on Freedom and was SOOOO far from everything, and the balcony was weirdly configured, and that was 7 years ago. This upcoming corner Neptune looks like the best of ALL worlds!
  13. I just printed our new luggage tags, and see that they have "Priority" written on them. Oh, I feel like a country bumpkin on her first journey to the big city! 😀
  14. Well, call us Mr. and Mrs. Neptune! We decided, with a little help from "our friends," to go for the Neptune if we could get it; but we'd opt out of the upsell to a Signature. (Kind of a compromise with ourselves.) Called the TA as soon as they opened (actually, before they opened and kept redialing 😀). They were only taking names at that point; said they'd call with the yay or nay. Called with the good news of the Neptune, but there was no cabin assignment, yet. Just got home from errands and looked online. Well, DaveOKC, we will be living in #5191 for our round-trip Hawaii cruise, leaving
  15. For those who have experienced the various stateroom types, please offer your opinion: We’re booked in a standard verandah on the Oosterdam for 17 nights, and just got an upgrade offer. For $599 each, we can go to a Signature Suite; for $699 each, we can go to a Neptune Suite. (We’ve never stayed in a suite.) We’re pretty practical folks, so adding $1400 plus the tip increase is tough to swallow. BUT, we know this is an opportunity of a lifetime. We didn’t see the offer until about an hour after it was sent, and the TA’s office had just closed. We can call ASAP in the m
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