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  1. Thank you for your wonderful review! Oh how it makes me miss cruising!
  2. Thanks so much Miaminice! The last week or so has me looking forward to every evening to follow you along on your journey. I feel so much better about the possibility of cruising maybe sooner than later. Again, heartfelt thanks!
  3. That was fun to watch. Nice living quarters!
  4. Thanks for posting. I like his practicality and reassurance. Great message!
  5. Yep, we are on that one as well. I keep wondering if anyone is on the ship! Quietest roll call ever!
  6. Loving this review! We leave on the same trip on Saturday. I have written down many of your suggestions so this has been wonderful to follow!
  7. I always used a TA, but got fed up when there was weekend specials and their agency was closed. So I started booking myself. I watch prices pretty carefully and call when there is a drop. Sometimes I have called for several drops. I think I have a ten booking drops on our upcoming cruise. Agents say they will watch for you, but will they? That said, if I have found a better deal with an agent, I simply transfer the booking. So I have done it both ways but only use an agent when it is well worth it. I like having control of my booking!
  8. We typically book without the perks. We too are non drinkers. We do use the internet so if it is cost effective we may book with a perk to cover the internet. As others have said, you need to look at it both ways.
  9. So on an upcoming cruise I am thinking that just one of us will get the unlimited surf and stream (which will be my husband). What I am wondering is if I can use both my 90 minutes and then his on my devise?
  10. You are right! But I didn't know that. I called my TA and yes, I can just cancel that part which is likely exactly what I will do! Thanks!
  11. You don't know when. I have been told the day before (no upgrade) and about four weeks early (yes upgrade). It just depends on the sailing.
  12. So I had opted for the 600.00 credit, but now am thinking of getting the 6 excursions instead. We actually do not drink, so not really sure what we would use the shipboard credit for? The excursions are pricey and likely would cost more if I booked them with the ship so maybe I should make the switch. Any thoughts? We have not been on Oceania for many years, so this is new to us. We have, however, cruised often on other lines. So I am not crazy about the excursion offerings since we have been to these islands so many times before (originally booked this cruise as it was going to Cuba).
  13. Thanks for all of this information. I also will be looking into it.
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