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  1. Does anyone know where are all the Holland ships located now? Originally several were near the Bahamas.
  2. The unusual email was sent in my name (I make all the bookings). We prefer balcony cabins & chose to pay upgrade to verandah -- both of us have the same fare. None of our cruising companions got this email, some 3-star (as we are) and 1 is 4-star!! Last 2 HA cruises were on Maasdam and Veendam, and we avoided the casino because smoking is allowed. If smoking was not allowed, we would use the casino. I chose a 14 day cruise -- the upgrade verandah price is 1/4 of the regular verandah guarantee booking price, plus the normal taxes & port fees -- we are still much better off.....
  3. I don't have any interior photos of the cabin. Our bed was by the closet and space between the bed & closet is quick small. Our couch was next to the balcony door. I recall not a great deal of storage in the cabin. You can see what a CP cabin looks like on Youtube and on Royal Caribbean's website. To the left side of our balcony was a wall of green plants and I could see where a staff person can go to water the plants. I liked being next to that wall. We really enjoyed sitting out there.....chirping bird sounds, music in evenings, but nothing loud. It was very pleasant with a gentle breeze. In the morning, people would go to Park Cafe (which is more like a deli) and many sat at tables in Central Park to eat the food they got at Park Cafe, even sitting at tables in front of the entrances to the 3 specialty restaurants in CP. We could see the Trellis Bar which is near the middle of CP, but we could not watch the Rising Tide Bar (which goes moves up to CP from Deck 6 & back down) located at the back end of CP. At the time of our Allure cruise we had been on 55 cruises, of which 48 were in balcony cabins facing the ocean! So for the cruise on this unique ship, I purposely chose a CP balcony and we did not miss seeing the ocean every morning & evening. It felt slightly odd on port days not seeing sail in & sail away from our own balcony. We will choose a CP balcony again on our next Oasis-class cruise.
  4. We were on Deck 12 Central Park #12617 on Allure OS in Feb 2019 & LOVED that location....trying to get my cruise friends to agree to book Allure or Harmony in Nov 2020. MY Question: Does the Central Park Balcony cabin still get the perks of bottle of red wine and free lunch at Giovanni's/Jamie's?? That was a big plus for us!!
  5. He was on our Veendam cruise Feb.5 - 19, 2020!! LOVE reading all entries in his blog, especially the latest. I had checked daily for past 3+ weeks, waiting eagerly to hear his view of the Rotterdam+Zaandam struggle to get the passengers, crew and ships back to a port. Watched livecams the night the 2 ships passed through the new locks of the Panama Canal. Watched livecams the day the Zaandam finally was able to enter Port Everglades. Captain Albert, enjoy your time at home!!!
  6. The writer(s) of that USA article certainly slanted the wording of certain sentences against the cruise lines. The writer(s)' personal opinion shows through.... Again, where is the criticism of airlines that turn planes around so fast there is no cleaning of the interior? Again, my opinion is that the 60 cruises that we have been on have been far cleaner than any airplane -- we have been on small ships of 450 passengers up to large ships of 5000, and NEVER have been sick on one and NEVER have personally known/met passengers who got sick on one. Our last cruise was 2/5 - 2/19 on Holland Veendam. The cruise lines have been brutally blamed for this whole crazy mess! JUST MY OWN OPINION! (and don't crucify me for saying that!)
  7. I completely agree with the original post here by Cruise Raider!! I have observed from the beginning of this particular disease situation that too many people, organizations & especially the competitive national new media were placing undue blame on the cruise lines!! And I have been very upset and sad when I hear and read most of the negative publicity about cruises, which we have loved! In our experience taking 60 cruises, we have observed that the cruise lines have ALWAYS exercised far more cleanliness than airlines! The spread of this virus around the world cannot be blamed so heavily on cruise lines, and it appears to me by this CDC pronouncement that the blame continues. The cruise lines are victims in this cruel situation, like the rest of us and our economy. My husband & I also travel on road trips in our car, stopping at rest areas, truck stops for gas and bathroom stops, restaurants, and staying at hotels or timeshares. And we also travel often on packed airplanes! And we can be exposed to various viruses and bacteria ANYWHERE on our travels!! You can even pick up something from our own family in their homes and in our own home!!
  8. DONE!!! Appalled that the local, county & state government are even considering NOT accepting these ships!!!
  9. Thank you "nowornever" for posting your terrible experience!! Hopefully all of those on this thread will take time to read & ponder what you experienced. Do you think that sick person who boarded in Rio didn't know he/she was sick or do you suspect he/she was sick and knew it then....?? How long exactly were you stuck on the ship in that port before transfer back to USA??
  10. None of us (except maybe Copper) will ever know what negotiations were going on betw HA, Panama and various involved countries, but YES, the ships were admitted to the Canal & got through in record time! Only a few hours before the transit, word through media, etc. was "ships are NOT going thru Canal"....(but I never thought they would NOT get through the Canal)....then suddenly late last night they transitted through the new locks. This should serve as a lesson to us: the powers were working hard on this all along and a deal was worked out!! None of us (except maybe Copper) has ANY IDEA what sort of negotiations or plans are being made for the ships, as to where they are going, what will happen to people, etc......everyone here is just speculating....but I am sure the various heads involved are working on something!! (And I do NOT think that includes the idea of Z & R riding around the Atlantic Ocean dropping off people here & there!) As I read the many pages of comments since the transit, I thought of so many points I wanted to make now, none of which I can now remember.... I do think the media and some in the government have blamed the cruise ships in the beginning too much in this crisis, some going practically as far as hinting/trying to blame cruise ships for the crisis here....
  11. 1:06 (CDT) Z coming into view of the New Atlantic locks: https://multimedia.panama-canal.com/Webcams/aguaclara.html
  12. Been missing Captain Albert's daily posting the past few days or else I lost the connection to him.....Anyone read anything from him since his comments about 3/23?
  13. Z has been running through the lake areas in record time as high as 17k and no other ships in her path! update: Oops, see the the very large container ship Ever Living that is around the corner from Z. Slowing down to 14K
  14. I am watching LIVE. Zaandam is past Gamboa, nearly through the narrow part and about to be in the Gatun Lake!! Moving rather fast, it seems to me.... Wonder if any people who were moved onto R from Z are able to watch this transit? Having been to & through the canal 4 times, it has been my dream to go through the new locks.....been hoping to take another cruise into the canal. With all that has happened to ships recently, not sure if our adult children will "allow" us another cruise!! (Got to update my signature!! 60 cruises completed!)
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