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  1. Cruisin Kay D

    Off the Ruby on Nov 10, 2018

    I just put a long commentary of various things on the Ruby last week (11/10-17) on another Ruby thread.... my biggest disappointment was the Slice....no pepperoni pizza all week!!! And no side chair (see pictures above) in balcony cabins any more; only a desk chair. To add: We found the "tapas" plate in Vines AWFUL -- Both Brucetta soggy bread, other was 1 piece of salami, 1 white onion & a tiny cracker -- good thing they don't charge for it! Wine shortage? After we consumed 2 bottles of Decoy chardonnay, they had no more....
  2. Cruisin Kay D

    Just back from the Ruby Princess

    We were on Ruby last week too. It was our 27th Princess cruise, having sailed on most all of the ships, in particular were on Royal & Regal in January & March, 2018. Slice: I was VERY disappointed in the whole new Slice area. NO Pepperoni pizza all week!!! In past, I LOVED getting 1 slice of pepperoni with a salad for lunch! The Calzone (or stromboli) was was cold & not too tasty, but had a few tiny pieces of pepperoni in it. Also I got a piece of the deep dish meatball thing, which was a bit more tasty, but the piece was way way too large (nearly the size of a plate), and again not hot. Slice/pizza place & the coffee/ice cream stand are all together in same area, and was chaotic at times with people in 1 long line. GRILL: Hubby disappointed there was no bratwurst sausage, and hamburger meat didn't seem to be same as past. MDR: Not too much new in the MDR, just a new re-arranged menu layout, plus a few of the Crown Grill steak items that you can purchase. Honestly the BEST meal all week was the MDR Lunch on Embarkation day! MDR DaVinci & Michaelangelo seemed much louder than in past. International Cafe: Went each morning for coffee, fruit bowl and muffin or donuts....their waldorf/chicken salad was good, as the tuna panini sandwich. Cabin Area: New light gray carpet in hallways already stained in places. (No more blue carpet on 1 side & mauve-pink carpet on the other side to help remind you of odd & even # cabins.) FINALLY, the beds are made up with a TOP sheet!!! Bed was comfortable. The side chair has been removed from balcony cabins, so we brought in a balcony chair for hubby to sit on...(and steward put it back outside each time he saw it inside our room.) Cabin was very quiet -- we were right across from elevator area, but were never disturbed by outside noise. We had to ask for robes. All papers are slid under the door since there is no "mailbox" outside your door as before. NO MORE PUNCHING OF ROOM CARD, so you need to bring a clear plastic case to be punched in order to carry your room card on a lanyard, or else buy a new lanyard at 9.95....(and of course they still sell the old hook lanyards at 3.95 to hold a punched card, if you could punch it!). Grapevine Wine Tasting: As Elite, it's always Free, and we received an invitation that we had to present at the door.....NO INVITATION now....just a teeny tiny notation in a corner of the Patter saying it was free for Elites, which I never saw!! As a result, we didn't get to go to a Wine Tasting. Elite Laundry now takes minimum 3 days! So if you want to have them do laundry when on a 7 day cruise, bring some dirty clothes with you! Movies shown on big screen outside by the pool ARE NOT available to view in your cabin! Quite a few movies you can choose to see on the room TV, but choices were pretty awful! The Captain came to our Meet & Greet, as well as the Entertainment manager. The Captain was just delightful!!! Very very smoky at San Fran last Monday (12th), so NO view of Alcatraz or across bay from north side of Golden Gate Bridge & NO view from Twin Peaks. Beautiful day at Monterey & San Diego!! Pacific Ocean was soooo flat & calm, simply amazing! Saw some dolphins, seals & whale in the water from the ship!
  3. Our Princess cruise from San Pedro ends on a Saturday morning. Our flight on Southwest leaves from LAX at 6 PM. The ship is offering an LA tour leaving about 8-8:30 AM & ending at LAX at 1 PM.....which means we have toooo much time to wait at LAX. (I am sure we are not the only ones having late flights, since there are so many red-eyes from LAX.) I would like to find us a tour that leaves ship more like 9 or 9:30 and drops us at LAX about 2:30 or 3 PM. Anyone have any ideas where I could find such a tour? OR anyone have any suggestions what to do at LAX Terminal 1 for 4 hours other than sit in a restaurant/bar or waiting area?
  4. Cruisin Kay D

    Double tree san pedro -question

    Is there a restaurant & bar in the hotel? How was the food? Am I correct, that they have a shuttle to take people to a store or restaurant in the area? Is wine sold in CVS or Walgreens in Calif? We want to carry on 1 or 2 bottles of wine.
  5. The reason the trolley's online tickets are not accepted on cruise ship days is because the cruise ships offer a trolley excursion that is NOT HoHo....PLUS vendors offering excursions through the cruise ships generally are not permitted to book cruise ship passengers privately or directly.
  6. Looking forward to using an Enterprise rental car at Monterey in November. Thinking I should call the office on DelMonte to communicate that we are on the cruise ship & inquire about pickup at the tender pier.
  7. Rented online a car in Monterey with Enterprise on DelMonte. I was hoping they would come to the tender location to pick us up. Did you call several days in advance to arrange that? Or did you call when you were tendering in? Were there many people from the ship using cars from Enterprise? We are using the Old Town Trolley in San Diego, and meeting friends. Booked a ship's tour in San Fran. but may cancel & use a HOHO or Vantogo.
  8. Cruisin Kay D

    Main Navigation Font Color

    That is my problem too.....too small & color too light!! I had to turn all the lights on in the room to read these!
  9. Cruisin Kay D

    Formatting and images

    I am having lots of trouble reading within various boards & topics: 1. Color of font much too light in color 2. Font size too small. 3. Signatures now show all the detail & thus are too long. How to condense or shorten?? 4. Too few posts per page. Where is the place to make adjustments.
  10. Cruisin Kay D

    cases of wine, Carried or checked.

    Really a shame that you are only allowed 1 bottle per person "free" on a 28-30 day cruise!! They should say 1 bottle per week per person free thus allowing you to bring 4 free per person!! Considering how much you pay for such a trip!! Same gripe I have with the Elite mini-bar -- no matter how long the cruise, one only gets 1 mini-bar.....should be 1 mini-bar per week, so if on a 28-30 day cruise, you would get 4 mini-bars free!!!
  11. Cruisin Kay D

    Craft beers

    My husband & I like Yuengling and Sam Adams Octoberfest or SA Seasonal...
  12. Cruisin Kay D

    Is St. Maarten/St. Martin ready?

    One of the many problems slowing the reconstruction of various buildings on Dutch & French sides is that some insurance companies have still NOT paid out claims, over 13 months after the storm!! Damaged islands have faced a shortage of contractors, workers and building materials to rebuild the many resorts, restaurants, homes, stores etc. There are some political issues too.
  13. And what's the maximum $$ per drink amount that counts? Being 3 star, would it be better for us to buy the bottles of wine for dinners than use the package for wine? What does the per-glass wine list have on it?
  14. Cruisin Kay D

    Coffee Coffee Coffee

    Specific question: I have a coffee card from Royal Prin cruise we did about 9 months ago with only 2 holes punched because we used it for daily morning brewed coffee -- SO, can we use this card on an upcoming Ruby cruise in Nov 2018??
  15. Cruisin Kay D

    Ruby's Dry Dock -- what's happening?

    Guess I was incorrect about Ruby leaving US mainland, Caribbean, Alaska etc.....Thanks for the info on that, plus the info about dry dock and Sabbatini's