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Rogueperson's **LIVE** Jewel of the Seas 9/14/2023 - 9/28/2023.

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Good Morning everyone.


I'm back after almost a year hiatus on cruising.  Well, it wasn't exactly a hiatus, a spring cruise did not present itself, so I ended up not doing anything until this one.  But this one is special.


As usual, I'm tagging @FionaMG as is my habit.


As of today, Our itinerary is


Halifax, NS,

Nuuk, Greenland,

Qaqortoq, Greenland,

Nanotorik, Greenland

St. John, NL


14 nights in all.


Also at this time, we have this monster of a hurricane, Lee coming up our way.  As some of you may know, Carnival Legend left last Saturday on a similar itinerary to Greenland from Baltimore.  They were forced to abandon that trek and they ended up with a 14 night Canada cruise.  To say people on that cruise was upset, is an understatement from what i hear, but it is what it is.  We are hoping that this will not happen to us as well.


Looking at the track, I'm suspecting at the minimum, Halifax is going to be cancelled.  I was looking forward to Halifax and getting a Beaver Tail because I failed last year and getting it.


For those of you joining me for the first time.  I like food.  You'll see a lot of food photos and I'll try to be as responsive as the internet allows.


This will be the first trip I've ever had to experience Starlink, but I worry a little because i'm going so far north and coverage maybe spotty up there.


So here we go...


The Princess Bride Vizzini "Unemployed? In Greenland?"  Refrigerator Magnet, NEW | eBay

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I should also add, that my plan that was concocted in September of 2021 to hop skip from Diamond to Diamond Plus through the double points system was a success.  Because of the 5 cruises I took under that promotion, I was able to earn 80 points in that span to jump from Diamond to Diamond Plus and THIS cruise is the first Diamond plus cruise.  Woot.  5 drinks a day.  Except, I don't drink.  I was hard pressed to use up the 4 drinks as Diamond.


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I will be there right with you. It looks like we may get ahead of Lee, so fingers crossed. I am cautiously optimistic, but will just be glad to get on the ship.


I rarely use my 5 vouchers, but have friends on this cruise just turning Diamond at end, so I will share. 😉

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1 minute ago, crzndeb said:

I will be there right with you. It looks like we may get ahead of Lee, so fingers crossed. I am cautiously optimistic, but will just be glad to get on the ship.

I'm thinking we can.  two full sea days will get us to St. John, as we have 2 full sea days coming back.  I'm fairly sure Halifax is a lost cause at this point.  Even if we do make it, it will be a rainy mess...like last time, probably worse.

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1 minute ago, ReneeFLL said:

@Rogueperson I’m on the Jewel Arctic Circle cruise now and the internet has been good for the most part. There was a time or two where there were issues, but that was it. 

Excellent.  I was a little worried about the lack of satellite coverage that far north as its not a very populated area.  But then again, I've had issues on a b2b where it was fine one leg, and the next I had issues.  Same room.

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Just now, Rogueperson said:

I just saw you on the other live thread and was thinking "man, too man Jimbos here"

Yes, couple people on there have me confused with someone else..........oh well!

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Just got this email about our cruise.


Compass header


About Your Upcoming Travels 

Dear Guest,

Before we set sail for our Jewel of the Seas September 14th, 2023 sailing, we have an update to share.

Along with our Chief Meteorologist and nautical experts, we’re closely monitoring the path of Hurricane Lee and any potential impact to our itinerary.

We’ll keep you updated every step of the way and will contact you and your travel partner directly by September 13th, 2023 once details are finalized.

Please know being onboard a ship is one of the safest places because we are faster and can move out of the way of any inclement weather. Your safety and well-being are always our highest priority.

We appreciate your patience and understanding.


Aurora Yera-Rodriguez
AVP | Guest Experience
Royal Caribbean International

Edited by Jimbo
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Just got the email too. Will be interesting (?!)


We had an excursion in Greenland cancelled as well, although I think unrelated to the weather situation as I am aware of nothing else being cancelled. 

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I read this as “we see the Hurricane just as you do.  We got nothing for you”




This is me being an amateur navigator and thinking that if we skip Halifax, we can make it to the furthest dot to the east by Saturday at 8am at an average of 23 knots.  At an average of 19 knots, we can make the second dot to the west.  The third dot is the approximate

longitude of where Lee’s eye will be.  Its forecast to be slightly south of that dot west of nova scotia on Saturday at 8am.  I did not know that Jewel’s max speed is 25 knots.


I’m still optimistic here.

Edited by Rogueperson
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6 hours ago, FionaMG said:

Hi @Rogueperson! Thanks for the tag. It's finally here. I am keeping everything crossed for you that it all goes off as planned. Looking forward to following along. Have an amazing time. 😊

I’ll chip in with comments too if I may! 

Having come rather a long way for this cruise; my thinking is they will skip Halifax and get to Greenland asap.., if time allows could we even get round to the east coast and Prinz Chtistian Sund 🤞 then rearrange the ports to get back. 
The wording of the email that was sent out today implies something is already in planning stages …”will contact you and your travel partner directly by September 13th, 2023once details are finalized.”.  

Additionally others have had their rib excursion in Nano already cancelled .. and as @Ourusualbeach posted earlier… having excursions cancelled is usually the first big clue!  Interestingly DH has that trip booked but not cancelled (yet!) 

Edited by little britain
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I'm  also on this cruise just got the email about 2 hours ago.  Funny thing is my son and daughter in law are at Disney World and I  was worried  about them.  I  thought we may have a bit of bad weather never imagined this hurricane would effect our cruise.

Fingers crossed not too much changes.  I have so looked forward to this cruise.

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4 minutes ago, SPacificbound said:

If you have a time I would really like to hear about ship related things, we get Jewel September 28.


Hope the storm doesn't affect your trip too much.

Ask away.  I’m here all week and then some.

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