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  1. Very fair review. We have sailed Carnival Horizon and Venezia (and many more Royal). Agree that the complimentary food options on Carnival far outshine Royal's. And on our recent 12-night Venezia, there were probably six different comedians and sometimes 4 shows a day. We did not go all the time, but enjoyed that experience and the variety of times of day available. My (Your) time dining was great. You checked in on the app, it gave you the time estimate for the current wait and then you could decide when to check-in. So we could do that from our favorite bar and then walk into the dining room when we were notified our table was ready. It is always going to be difficult for us to miss our included loyalty program drinks on Royal. So, we always have to take that into consideration. And some of the entertainment on larger Royal ships is hard to beat. Finally, we have had not had any issue with Carnival guests. Friendly and fun. I'm sure there are some exceptions on every ship. Thanks for the feedback.
  2. We were able to get the last slot online for an excursion for 1 person and the other person on a waiting list. Additional spots never opened online or on the ship.
  3. Saturday Night Fever. Great dancing. Very enjoyable and kept our interest vs. many other shows.
  4. Hello all! You might recall I posted many months ago a photo of the Carnival Venezia as we saw her departing from Manhattan. It got us interested and we just completed a 12 night cruise on the Venezia that went to Antigua, Dominica, Grenada, St. Lucia, and St. Maarten. The ship is beautiful and we enjoyed Carnival's complimentary food options. If you are big on pools, it is probably not the ship for you.... they are small in number and size. Here are some photos, primarily from the various ports of call. Antigua: Dominica: Grenada: St. Lucia: St. Maarten:
  5. Just wanted to add our experience with Aurea and dining on Meraviglia in November. We had absolutely no problem getting a 2-top and we never had a line. We always had a table in a nice spot. I think we typically went between 6:45 and 7:15pm. Have a great time!
  6. @island lady Thank you and safe home and may you have fun travels ahead.
  7. We enjoyed 12th deck Boardwalk balconies on Oasis. We liked being high up and not too far to one end or the other. Staterooms above and below. We had connecting balconies. Our son and 3 of his little children were in the connecting room to us. It was not too noisy. If by ourselves, we would choose Central Park or ocean view balcony, but had no issue with Boardwalk. Have fun whatever you decide.
  8. Enjoyed your experience summary, @RCCL Fan Here is to more happy cruising days ahead. ☘️
  9. OK, I pay for internet on cruise and watch in my case Mets games on SNY app. Works fine. Not sure if that is what you mean.....
  10. Enjoy the cruises and happy running! πŸ›³οΈ πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ πŸ‘Ÿ Both are topics I enjoy.
  11. So pretty. Hard to believe we were on same ship in Greenland in September 2023. Enjoy!!
  12. Well if you have not done it before and the weather is good, walk the walk/bike path down the West side. You can go all the way down to the Battery if you want. Little Island Park (built in recent years) is at Pier 55. Same comment for the Highline, urban elevated park on old railroad path. If looking for good burger etc. restaurant, check out Kings of Kobe on 42nd Street
  13. Hi @grapau27Graham, I would be interested in knowing if you did excursions in Cadiz and Lisbon or walked around on your own. Thank you.
  14. The soap provided at the bathroom sink was liquid soap.
  15. We did not have evening turndown service on Meraviglia in November. Our stateroom attendant left the next day "schedule" either at our door or on the bed. He asked us at the beginning of the cruise if we would prefer morning or evening service. We chose morning. We did not have do not disturb on....
  16. I had a runny nose last year sometime after a cruise. I only tested myself because my daughter-in-law was pregnant. I was positive so stayed away from her until I was negative. About 5 days. I otherwise was able to do my normal morning run right through this experience and live pretty much as usual. If it was not for her, I would not have tested myself. It was my only experience with Covid and my husband and I did everything we were "allowed" to throughout .... went to restaurants the day they re-opened, etc. Happy and healthy cruising, all.
  17. Pirate ship (galleon) right where you enter CoCo Cay. Splashaway Bay area with slides etc. Pools, sea, most food, etc. Enjoy!
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