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  1. In addition to the more general recommendations you are getting.... On Harmony, take advantage of the free breakfast at Johnny Rocket's ... you can sit outside on the Boardwalk. We really enjoyed this. Don't miss the Aqua and Ice Skating shows.... Have a great time. 🌞
  2. I am also a fan of the carrot cake, but somehow have managed to miss the night(s) it was served on my last couple cruises. I enjoy the good old made-to-order omelettes and made-to-order pasta station. Simple pleasures. 🍰
  3. Thank you for that info. I am used to Royal where such discounts are generally announced on their home page, so more widely communicated and generally available.
  4. Interesting, but we did not get any e-mails about this 10% either at time of deposit or final payment? Not a big deal, just wondering if consistently communicated.
  5. Don't know, but it is on one for a Miami departure (May 2019 cruise).
  6. Bingo. It was the zoom. Thanks, Shmoo. Thanks to all ☘️ Lucky to have your help.
  7. Thanks so much for the screen shot. That small search box does not show up for me in Google Chrome, however it does when I open CruiseCritic with MS Edge.
  8. Not sure if it is me, my browser, or what.... I see two search icons (magnifying glass). Even if I click on those and then within the search box/oval, I do not get a dropdown.
  9. Thank you, all. Appreciate the info.
  10. Hi, I know there were some search limitations/problems after the CruiseCritic changes. Can we now search within a particular forum e.g. Royal or Carnival? It seems my searches go against all CruiseCritic forums even if I am searching within a particular one. Thank you.
  11. Hi, Royal will occasionally have sales on excursions e.g. 20% (or whatever) off. Does Carnival do this? Thanks.
  12. We enjoyed 150 CP on Harmony in November. We had it at BOGO pricing for first two nights. It is of course subjective, but we enjoyed more than the other restaurants you mentioned. All the best to you....
  13. Unfortunately we had this identical experience once (one of us got booked and it would not let the second person/spouse book). We went to the Excursions people immediately upon boarding (and checked subsequently), but nothing opened up. We ended up getting refunded for the one person and had to do something else.
  14. Hi all, what are the other restaurants on Horizon for which you pay for dinner, but are no-charge for lunch? And, is this only on sea days? Thank you.
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