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  1. We have done many early flights from both Miami and Ft. Lauderdale after getting off cruises (without any problem), however you simply need to decide if you are OK with the risk. Enjoy your cruise!
  2. And I am sure she loves it. Sounds great to me. 🛳️🍹
  3. We have been on Breakaway, Harmony, and Horizon, in that order. Really enjoyed them all but at this point might suggest Harmony or Horizon as so much newer. Horizon was our first Carnival ship and we were pleasantly surprised by the complimentary food options, variety of live entertainment, and overall fun vibe. On Harmony, loved the ice skating shows and diving/aqua shows, and complimentary breakfasts at Johnny Rockets. Itinerary is important to us also. Whatever you decide, enjoy!
  4. Yes. I am from NY, live in NJ, and have never seen it. I was on the Greek Line ship Olympia in 1972 out of NYC if that counts for anything. Enjoy the Harmony, John.
  5. For the elevator question.... You go to a screen outside the elevators and click on the deck you want to go to. It tells you which elevator to take e.g. Elevator A, B, C, D, etc. Then on that same screen you click the deck you are going to again for each person in your party. It really is easy. I think people just don't like that it is different. There are no buttons inside the elevators to click deck numbers.
  6. We stayed in an interior on deck 8 of Horizon. We prefer to be a little higher up, however our bigger concern is ensuring there are only cabins above and below and the specific location of the cabin. In our case, we like mid-ship or at least somewhere near it and not near anything big/public e.g. IMAX. Enjoy!
  7. Also, I believe it was $8 per person each way for the cab....
  8. Yes, it was. We got dropped off at the Bohio Dive Resort. It was $10 per lounger and they are under a shaded tree area. No umbrellas (but were not necessary). The pool is only for hotel guests but there is a beach bar if you are interested. No fee for beach access. Enjoy.
  9. We took a cab to a beach beyond Governor's and loved it. Beautiful. Cab driver came back for us at requested time. We shared the cab with about 6 others from the ship. There were very few people there vs. the Margaritaville area.
  10. Also, if you will do a few trips a year (and are more concerned about medical/evac vs. cancellation), consider an annual travel policy.
  11. And excursions can definitely sell out pre-cruise. One of us got the last slot on an excursion and could not add the spouse. We got on a waiting list but to no avail. No spots were added and no one cancelled.
  12. I have no problem with anyone wearing flip=flops wherever they want. As someone, mentioned before, please be careful. I almost fell multiple times in the pool area of various ships while wearing flip-flops because of wet, slippery areas. And then I had to give them up completely. I was wearing flip-flops at home and one caught on a stair. I went flying down about six steps, smacked my head on the floor, cutting open a big slit above my eyebrow. Hello ER and plastic surgeon. So, just be cautious. Thanks and enjoy your cruise.
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