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  1. We were on Long Island in late September and the beach had an almost-Caribbean look. Just a little cooler. 😉 Beautiful. Best to you all!
  2. You are right. I will post you another one when it snows! 🙂
  3. Northern New Jersey this evening. Train station area photos. Getting cold and windy.
  4. I hope not, maggieq. We have been dining regularly in restaurants (mostly in adjacent Rockland County NY) since the day in June it was allowed. No issues. Knock on wood. ☘️ We went on a 10 day vacation (south of us in US) and have done a couple relatively local weekends away as well. So, multiple hotel experiences. Again without issue. Double knock on wood. ☘️☘️ Luckily we have been able to see our two sons.... and two grandchildren aged 3 and 1. Again without issue. Triple knock on wood. ☘️ ☘️☘️ We do miss seeing many other members of our family. Th
  5. Thanks for mentioning Veterans Day. I have been on a few cruises that fell on that day and it was typically beautifully celebrated. The vets in my family include: My uncle, killed-in-action, Battle of the Bulge, WW2. Another uncle, Navy, WW2 Another uncle, Korean War. My father, served in the Army, but on a ship as a cryptographer, WW2. My father-in-law, served in the Army, WW2. Bronze Star, Purple Heart with cluster. My grandfather, served in the Army in WW1. My great-great-grandfather, Union soldier, US Civil War. Thanks to all
  6. Went to Saratoga Springs, New York for a couple days. Here is some Fall color to cheer you all up.
  7. Yes, my recollection is we went on a snorkeling excursion in the morning and in the afternoon took a water taxi to Klein Bonaire, a small, pretty, uninhabited island off Bonaire.
  8. Tappan Zee Bridge, New York. Orange for Halloween. Taken from Piermont, New York. Wishing you all the best.
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    mets07 pics

  10. Yikes. Well they were made to order for us, at request. But you could take as-is. Anyway, they were delicious and all food is subjective. Enjoy your future cruising. 🍹🍔
  11. OK. I have only been on Carnival once (Horizon) but this is where they win hands-down. Guy's Burger Joint. (Guy Fieri). Freshly made-to-order, outside on pool deck. I still love Johnny Rocket's for outdoor breakfast!
  12. I am a fan of some of the simpler things. Made-to-order omelettes and pasta. Some of the breads and rolls. Carrot cake. 🥕
  13. Agree. I am a fan of the French Toast. But just the outside breakfast on Harmony made it an enjoyable experience.
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