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  1. Yes , sorry that I posted in caps but wanted it to stand out. Truly am sorry it apparently offended you Oh and as I stated I searched the site itself and CC to no avail.
  2. Does anyone know when is the earliest flight I can book to use the valet service ? I 'very check their site and on CC but can't find the answer. I believe the latest is 6:00 pm .
  3. That's what I told my friend to do but it was too long of a drive 6 hrs. When is your cruise and what ship ? Mine is Aug 20 on Ovation.
  4. To use Seattle luggage valet does anyone know the earliest your flight can be ?
  5. I know what you mean , I have a friend in Rochester and it cost her quite a bit when she flew to Seattle. Hopefully Southwest will have another good sale.
  6. Southwest and Alaska had some good prices. Just try and go in day before .
  7. Are you going to Seattle ? Where are you located ?
  8. Does anyone know what is the earliest flight you can schedule to participate in Seattle luggage valet ? I have read just about everything about it but can't find that. Can get a great price right now on Southwest but not sure if it is too early.
  9. If anyone is going on the July 11th cruise can you tell me what the prices are for Thrill Park cabana ? Haven't received cabin assignments yet . Daughter really wants to get one for the family.
  10. I got my other Oct 17th cabin but i'll be on the phone tomorrow. We had 3 cabins on the hump and down a few cabins from our b2b cabin. We are now in the back of the ship both weeks on deck 13 then deck 10. Oh well hope the hold times are less than last week.
  11. I didn't know you could use Starbucks card on board good to know . I leave in a few weeks so I'll be packing those too 😊
  12. Ours was the same itinerary changes. Our July 11th cruise had the whole thing changed. We had Labadee, Cayman and Jamaica, now Cozumel, Costa Maya, Coco Cay . I wouldn't have know but I called and asked.
  13. Well I have 3 booking and finally got 1 new assignment. It's the last one Oct 23 now waiting Oct 17 and most of all July 11. Beginning to think maybe they are not going to sail in July .
  14. It's crazy looks like the July cruises are waiting for cabin assignments, like I said before frustrating.. 😠 Has anyone received protocols for the first sailing ? Not sure if we are going to have to get tested now. Things are changing daily.
  15. I always get great deals around Thanksgiving.
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