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  1. Nope, never seen it. I remember back in 2012, for a couple of months, they did try pricing depending on length of cruise. For cruises over 10 days, it was $35 plus 15% gratuity. It didn’t last long. But if you ever sail Europe, they turn a blind eye to bringing on alcohol.
  2. I don’t know if excited would be the word for me, but it’s nice to have a new ship on the WestCoast. I am going on the Splendor on her last cruise to Mexico, then staying on for Singapore, so if and when I book the Panorama, it will be down the road a bit. Might be fun for a family cruise with daughter and 2 grandkids.
  3. I’m sure you’re not the only one that does this. Down the road, they will lock the doors and nobody will be able to go to their cabin.
  4. It’s $5pp more a day if you wait to buy it onboard.
  5. I never had any issue with bringing on wine and alcohol on the Vista in 2016 either. In Barcelona, there is a store past security also, where you can pick up some wine or alcohol. Wine is very inexpensive in Barcelona. Make sure you check out prices at Carrefour store.
  6. I think the Mardi Gras is the first LNG powered ship. The Panorama is 3rd in the Vista class.
  7. Darn, that still would have been a fun trip, especially ending on a Westcoast.
  8. I loved the Allure. It was my first Oasis class ship. I’m excited to cruise my first Quantum class in 2021. And better yet, I get to disembark in my home city.
  9. I think you’re right....I would bet that most of the 7 day are lower in priority numbers. On Serenade TA last year, they had to have Diamond event in the Safari Lounge, because there were so many, and even then it was packed. I have had my luggage put in my cabin a few times on Carnival, but it’s not usually the norm. Usually, if I have met and talked to my room steward before it arrives, he or she will put in cabin, if they are still around.
  10. For those that get FTTF, do luggage tags say FTTF, or just Priority? I was wondering, because if there are a lot of Diamonds and Plats on board, and they all have Priority tags, I can see there being delays. Same with all the other enticements they offer with FTTF, except going to the cabin early. Hopefully there isn’t a line to go to your cabin..LOL But I can see things like guest services and priority tendering could also have lines depending on priority numbers. But, then again, I go on longer cruises, where half the ship is priority.
  11. Not all Royal ships...on the Allure, my grandsons was in an envelope outside, and my daughters and mine were inside the cabin. Did not get at check in.
  12. Yes, and it made a lot of people upset that it was sailing empty.
  13. I’m a solo cruiser. You pay for 2, but only 1 port fee and taxes. You only pay gratuity for one. I don’t worry about the single supplement. I look at daily rate, and if it’s in my wheelhouse, then I book it.
  14. It’s not important to me, but on the way there I have been to Australia twice, Europe twice (again next year) and headed to Asia this year. I will take these places over any perks. And I have gotten to Diamond on RCI visiting the Baltics, Iceland, Greenland and many more. So that’s the benefit to me.
  15. I guess it all depends...I am doing a B2B this year and turn Diamond on 2nd half. I show Diamond on both cruises.
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