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  1. You do know that there are many strains of the flu? Every year, the medical community tries to cover strains they think might be prevalent. However, the flu shot cannot cover all strains. So people can still get the flu, after they have had a flu shot.
  2. When I first started cruising in 1980 with friends, it was definitely for the party factor and new Caribbean places. Into the 90’s and 2000’s, it was introducing my daughters to cruising, but still sticking pretty close to home (Caribbean and Mexico)....after I retired in 2010 and started cruising solo, I was all about longer cruises to different continents. I love the fact that I can jump on a ship for 20-30 days, see so many new countries and only have to unpack once.
  3. Seriously, which one do you believe, especially if you are asymptomatic. At least if you have symptoms, you could probably lean towards positive. 😉
  4. My daughter had a friend, went to one clinic and tested positive and another clinic and tested negative (2 different labs). Went back a week later and same results from each clinic...things that make you go hmmmmmm. Also a poster on Carnival board had 2 fellow employees who were supposed to go to Walgreens/CVS for testing and didn’t show up....both received a call they were positive. I think I would definitely get 2 tests from different places, just to verify.
  5. I think most people are OK with funny, if they know the poster is kidding. You are right with an emoji. It’s hard to know, just from a typed message if a person is serious or not. I’ve been around long on these boards, to know some people are dead serious with some of their questions.
  6. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/MS_Island_Escape A little history
  7. I was also on one of the Sept/2017 sailing on Explorer. I loved being able to leave and come back to my home town. The pic I found was Sept 15 2017. I would do that again.
  8. It won’t happen...Chengkp75 is always great explaining, so I finally took a screenshot of one of his posts. I don’t think anyone would want this.
  9. Viking Serenade was my first Royal ship, along with my 2 daughters. We only did the 4 night in Apr/1996.
  10. I also have purely selfish reasons for wanting a ship on the west coast. Since I’m a solo cruiser, we get double points on our cruises. Once we hit 340 points (days), solo supplement becomes 150% instead of 200%.....I would definitely sail Royal on Hawaii or Pacific Coast cruises.Those double days add up on longer cruises. And flights are a lot quicker and cheaper from Seattle. Even better if they sail some from San Diego, I have a place to stay there, so no hotel. I don’t really have interest in Mexico or Caribbean, but since I’m here on the West Coast, I would definitely choose Mexico first, if Royal brought a ship here. I was just on the Voyager in November, and rumors were going around then about her coming to West Coast. Would love to see her here. She’s a beautiful ship, and I would sail her in a heartbeat, just for the ship itself.
  11. They would have to hit Ensenada or Victoria one day to make the Pacific Coastal sailing legal under the PVSA.
  12. Cabo is the only tender port. PV and Mazatlan dock. I wish they would have some 10/11 day sailings that included Zihuatanejo. And a lot of people might just want to sail for the ship. People will sail the Caribbean over and over, which others might find boring after a while too. They could also do West Coast cruises, as long as they stop in Ensenada.
  13. My daughter, who is a Nurse Practitioner in San Diego sent me this article. It’s long, but very interesting. In the 3 offices they have in their group, there has only been 2 cases, out of the hundreds of patients they see. She has a patient now, who tested positive a month ago, and still keeps testing positive. Neither her husband, child, or elderly person she was a caregiver for, has ever tested positive. My daughter has a friend who tested positive at one clinic (lab), went to another one and tested negative. Went back to same 2 labs 2 weeks later and got same results. https://www.cnn.com/2020/08/02/health/gupta-coronavirus-t-cell-cross-reactivity-immunity-wellness/index.html
  14. I just had a 1A with portholes on the Splendor to Singapore last year. 24 days and 18 sea days. I was expecting crossing the Pacific, the waves would constantly be slapping, which as previous poster mentioned is loud. However, it was very quiet and only heard a couple of wave slaps. I personally love these cabins and would not hesitate to book them again.
  15. I agree. I think numbers are skewed. My daughter, who works in medical field has read articles that people dying of heart attacks, strokes, etc, are being listed as dying from Covid, if they had a positive test after they passed. A poster on Cruise Critic ( another cruise line) said he had two fellow employees not show up for Covid tests at Walgreens, yet then received calls they were both positive. And yes, I have heard same thing....positive tests makes money for whoever is testing. But maybe it all evens out with those not getting tested. Not everybody will go get tested if they feel symptoms.
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